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This week we discussed updates on Google+, Google+ Business Pages, YouTube & Netflix, Page Speed and last year's caffeine update and just for fun . . . Spotify.

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  • -Google+ is growing quickly and it hasn’tbeen completely opened up. It is still by invitation only but there seems to be a wide open number of invitations to give. I have sent out at least a dozen invitations and the invitation button still appears on my google+ profile page. Currently google+ is already at 10 milliion users and reports indicate that Google expects to be at 20 million by the weekend. To put that into perspective for you facebook reached 20 million users in March of 2007 and grew to 40 million in September of 2007. 6 months to add the same number of users that Google added in 3 weeks. Does anyone want an invite? My email is on the screen here. Email me your Google Account email login address and I will invite you!-The privacy issue with respect to gender popped up quickly and now Google+ has made the option to make gender private. The privacy issue continues to dominate the conversation for both Facebook and google+.-Google is asking SMB to hold off on trying to attempt to use Google+ for business pages. There was a bit of “faux paux” when Ford Motor Company was required to indicate a gender when they tried to create a page. Ford is very active in social media and was quickly on the google+ conversation. They seem to work closely with google and are one of the early beta testers now of the Google+ Business pages. Google has said it will roll out the business pages later this year. “They are coding as fast as they can” according to sources at Google.
  • Here’s an example of Ford’s Google+ pages. Ford has been an earlier adopter of social media and has utilized it smart and aggressively. The Ford Fiesta is almost exclusively promoted through social media. Ford and google work together well and now Google is Beta testing a few limited sites as it works on it’s business platform for the Google+ for business.
  • In April 2010 Google announced that page load speed would be a part of the ranking algorithm. It was called the “Caffeine” upate. On the heels of that Forrester research released a study that said users remembered slow loading sites and tried to NOT return to them. You should check your website and see how fast it loads and if it meets user needs with respect to page speed load. Not only user needs but it could impact your websites ability to position well for those terms you want it to. I have provided a link on this slide where you can go and test your websites page speed. So many companies focus only on position in the SERP or traffic volume. But what is the point of bringing anyone to your website if there is friction and frustration. Page speed is just one of the many friction points that can a potential prospect from moving through your site to important content that could help them become a client. Also import
  • Per research by Forrester the following info graphic was created. Just one second separate success from failure. Whether you are local consumer website to a detailed engineered oriented website. Page speed can make or break you. Don’t believe me? Just think about your searching habits and what frustrates you. Page load speed is a biggie. Google has been including the page load speed as part of it’s algorithm for over a year now. Have you checked your page load speed??
  • I saw an article about the beta test of fee based downloads being beta tested on YouTube. When I started digging in to find more what I discovered was very interesting. This really isn’t that new. They have been working and testing fee based services for several years. I read close to an hour to and hour half a day on what is new and relevant in the world of search and social. I had never heard this before. But I found blogs dated back to 2009 discussing it. Clearly monetization of YouTube is a goal for Google. Promoted videos was a step in that direction. Another interesting rumor that popped up was that YouTube was primed to buy . . . Netflix. Maybe that has something to do with the highly unpopular announcement this week of Netflix more than doubling it’s monthly subscription rate.
  • What is interesting is that search is still continuing to grow, explicit search was up 8% - a huge 16.7 billion searches occurred in June 2011. While Bing saw some growth it didn’t come from Google as Google’s numbers stayed consistent. With such a heavy focus on google for position, traffic etc it is important to notice these numbers. Bing / Yahoo! together now represent 30% of search – that can’t be ignored.It is interesting these numbers for bing are growing as marketing and awareness are gaining momentum for the Bing / Facebook interface. Again – another example of social and search coming together.
  • Spotify goes live in the US later today. It is a digital music site that has a limited free service and several levels of paid service. It is extremely popular in Europe and the UK and has been long awaited in the US. I registered today to get a login but am awaiting my invite! Looks like fun and could be interesting.
  • So we have discussed Google+ a lot in the last few weeks. But it is relevant and important to you because if Google gains traction with the their new social platform, it will transform search. Already when we meet with our clients social is a part of what we do for ongoing success. All businesses need to be aware of the changes and platforms in social. What becomes easy and comfortable in our personal lives impacts our professional lives. Social will change how we look at the Search Engine Results Page, how content is presented to us and how we use the content. The integration of facebook to Bing searches has helped Bing gain some momentum and clearly Google is nervous about that. The importance being place on value of social platforms to search is growing significantly. Again, don’t panic but have your eyes wide open. For more traditional B2B, industrial and manufacturing type companies they need to be fully aware of this impact and how to best utilize to drive leads.
  • Google+ Business Pages and More; Jolt & Bolt 7_14_2011

    1. 1. Thursday <br />July 14, 2011<br />Kathy Hokunson<br />
    2. 2. What’s new and hot today?<br />Google+Project Update<br />Google+ for business pages<br />Google to delete private profile<br />Page Speed<br />YouTube testing fee-based downloads<br />Bing usage up<br />And just for fun, Spotify<br />
    3. 3. Google+ Update<br />Expected to reach 20 million by the weekend<br />Google makes gender private<br />Google+ Business pages to roll out later<br />Google private profiles will be eliminated<br />Want a Google+ invite? Email me your Google email login and I will invite you!<br /><br />
    4. 4. Ford on Google+<br />
    5. 5. Page Load Speed<br />Caffeine – google update to algorithm<br />Important for both user experience<br />Impacts ranking<br />Impacts engagement<br />Check yours here: <br /><br />
    6. 6. Page Speed – so what?<br />
    7. 7. YouTube fee based downloads?<br />YouTube looking to monetize<br />Promoted videos<br />Fee based downloads<br />Buying Netflix?<br />
    8. 8. YouTube Rentals - Beta<br />
    9. 9. By the numbers . . .<br />Data provided by<br />Explicit Search: does not include image, contextual or google instant searches<br />
    10. 10. Just for fun . . .<br />
    11. 11. So what??<br />Social is changing search . . .<br />Bing is gaining momentum – through social<br />YouTube’s monetization may actually make it a stronger tool for businesses <br />Spotify – is pandora nervous?<br />
    12. 12. QUESTIONS?<br />
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