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Linkedin is an oldie but goody in the social media space but as this arena becomes super-saturated with up-and-coming platforms it’s becoming increasing difficult to negotiate the lines between the rules of professional and personal engagement.

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  • We have been chatting a lot the last few weeks about the convergence of search and social. We have talked about how social is now impacting search and how this is important to the success of all businesses online. But I wanted to take this conversation a step further. One of the things I have been really hammering home about is the fact that what we do personally we will do professionally. I may just back step a bit here. I am finding it harder and harder lately to keep the professional and personal groups separated. The lines between professional and personal seem to be blurring. Quite frankly I am not sure I like that and just how far will that go. How do we manage that, what does it mean. Look I have my opinions on this but I am also asking you as much as I am telling you my thoughts. I have held some pretty strong guidelines around this conversation and I am starting to see them erode and the lines are blurring more and more.
  • When I started to really engage in social media (click) I started my Facebook page for family and friend (click) and my Linkedin profile for business associates.Now I have many business associates that have become Facebook friends. But my conversation on Linkedin is much different than it is on Facebook.As Facebook looks to completely dominate the social space we are starting to see the break down of these different communities. (click) Honestly, I am not big on it. I struggle to understand why my Facebook friends want to connect with me on Facebook with a different app? Plus if I bring in my whole professional community to Facebook, I now have to change my tone and conversation. No more letting my hair down.
  • Let’s do a quick over view of some of the personal-professional sites that have evolved. I am going to start with newest player. Brand new to the market is’s new is clearly trying to grab market share in the professional networking online arena. This application and website are geared at the job search market. What is also interesting is in it’s initial launch it does not allow recruiters to search the profiles for skills they are looking for. BeKnown is a brand new player early June of this year, so let’s see how that plays out.
  • Clearly is relying on it’s relationship with Facebook to help grow it’s audience and exposure base. But again blurring those lines between professional and personal.
  • Branchout (click)Launched July 2010Had a high of 200,000 DAU, but were being spammy so pulled back wall posts and newsfeed commentsNow average 6,000 DAUJust received second round of funding at 18millionI added this app and had people connect with me. But I didn’t get it. Why would I need a an app within Facebook to connect with the people I am already connected with? And again, not to beat a dead horse or anything. But too blurry for me. If I bring my professional community into my personal community fully, no more let my hair down, or whining about my kids or anything.
  • This is where I feel like we start to diminish the value of our professional community . . . Badges. . . Really?Early in the Facebook / Linkedin conversation I kept my professional and personal worlds very separate. I had people who were in both communities but still very separate worlds.Honestly I am having a hard time seeing the value of these newly created professional communities on Facebook. They have a very game community feel to them and don’t convey any level of professionalism. Now it does seem that BeKnown, Branchout, Simply Hired and Work 4 Us clearly have a more job seeker functionality to them. They seem to be excellent tools to help facilitate a job search as well as helping recruiters connect with potential candidates. But again, will you now communicate differently with your personal Facebook community knowing professional recruiters and potential employers are connecting so intimately with your personal life?
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  • Linkedin. Honestly I LOVE LinkedIn. This to me is one of the best business social tool out there. It is clean and concise. It is all about business and it allows me to build my authority, connect with prospects and clients and grow my market . . . PROFESSIONALLY. I do have friends that are business associates as well and we connect on Linkedin and some have connected with me on Facebook. Some cross over is okay but a complete break down of the barriers just doesn’t work for me.
  • This is why this tool is so powerful, the numbers of BUSINESS users.PERSONAL ANECDOTE??
  • …so now that you’ve built it out how do you leverage it’s potential?
  • Now this is where the rubber hits the road for me. The value of my community. This is another issue of blurring the lines that I have had. More and more now people I have never met, had a conversation with and often times we have no one in common are connecting with me. Until recently I have taken a very hard line. If we haven’t met then you are not a connection. For me my success is in the quality of my network. In order to reach out to someone’s second connection they have to be willing to vouch for me. If they don’t know me how can they vouch for me and then what value is there in connecting with me. But I hear it more and more from people – they connect with anyone,. Quantity over quality. I am struggling with that one.
  • The stronger your first connections are the more value there is in your ability to reach out to their connections through Linkedin inMail. A very powerful tool if used judiciously.
  • So here’s my perspective on this whole thing. I have been standing up my soap box talking about the merge of social media and search marketing. And the crux of that conversation has been about what we do personally eventually we engage with professionally. However, where do we draw the line? I think personal can be professional but can professional be personal?(click) I am curious how do you connect on Facebook and Linkedin? Anyone who asks or do you screen them – what are your guidelines? Am I being to dogmatic?
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  • Professional vs. Personal Social Communites; Jolt & Bolt 8_11_2011

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