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Getting Started on YouTube; BizBuzz Session 2011


Published on

Does video belong in your marketing mix? …

Does video belong in your marketing mix?

YouTube 101: Video is more accessible than ever. Armed with a smartphone and a message, taking video and watching video is possible for beginners and experts alike. But how does an organization capitalize on this platform in an effective way that supports their core business objectives? This session will cover how to get your business channel up and running – and ready to go viral!

Get weekly tips on maximizing to your online presence. Visit and be sure to sign up for our 15 minute search and social webinar series that broadcasts every Thursday at 10am EST. Go to to reserve your spot today!

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  • Jolt & Bolt is about brining you what is hot and new in search and social. And if it is relevant to you. I realize YouTube is not new, but it is hot and getting hotter. I see a lot of people trying to jump on the video band wagon but not doing it very well. So I wanted to share with you some tips on how to do it well.First let’s talk about the basics. Why is video important to building your online presence? Will it help you drive business? Why is video even relevant to this conversation?It’s all in the numbers. I will tell you personally, I will watch a video how-to or vlog before I will READ a blog or article. Yes I know, I just announced to the world that I am lazy, but it’s true. But it really isn’t all about being lazy. The truth is watching and hearing someone tell you something usually gives you the full story better than reading the a transcript of exactly what they said. The intonations, hand gestures, where they emphasize things help to tell the complete story in a much better way.I must not be the only one who feels that way, here are some numbers for you::(CLICK)In 2007 we were uploading 8 hours of video every minute, (CLICK) today we are uploading 48 hours of video every minute.
  • There are choices out there, sort of . . . (CLICK) The top players are Vimeo, Dailymotion, MySpace and YouTube.However, in the arena YouTube really is your only choice. did their annual YouTube report and what they found (CLICK) is that for video engagement in the “blogosphere” that (CLICK) YouTube was dominant with 81.9% of embedded or linked videos utilized in blog content. (CLICK) Vimeo was next with 8.8%, (CLICK) DailyMotion with 4% and (CLICK) MySpace with 1.1%.So really there aren’t any choices – YouTube is where its at.
  • Build out your profile completely. (CLICK) Add your logo as your avatar. Link to your website and your social media platforms.
  • File Name – Admittedly, this is merely a hunch. There’s no specific evidence to prove that the original file name of an uploaded video has an effect on how the video ranks. However, it only takes a couple seconds to change the video file name so it contains the primary keyword phrase.Title – The recommended rules for video titles are similar to the known SEO rules for website page titles. Try to keep it less than 70 characters and try to include the primary keyword phrase in the beginning of the title. Also, always try to include the word “Video” in the title for those people specifically looking for videos on Google.Description – This area is similar to the meta description of a website page. When possible, keep this area less than 150 characters and always include the primary keyword phrase. Also, it’s ok to include a link to additional content relevant to the video. The link is a no-follow, but the traffic it can drive may help the website it links to overtime and helps build a brand’s social media infrastructure.Tags– Similar to meta keywords, try to keep the keyword list at 10 or less. Include variations of the primary keyword phrase.
  • It isn’t enough just to create a great video. (CLICK) You need to tell the world about that video and more importantly you need to tell Google what that video is about. Don’t get clever with your titles. Tell the world what the video is about.
  • (CLICK) then make sure you repeat that in the tags and add solid detailed description, tags and category.(CLICK) This information displays below the video on the player page.
  • (CLICK TO START THE VIDEO)Annotations can be done right in YouTube. They are simple and easy to do and can add a lot of engagement to your videos. Under your video click on edit infoAt the top of the video click AnnotationsChoose the type of annotation you wish to do: Speech bubble, note, title, spotlight or pauseBE SURE TO MENTION THIS VID IS AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR REFERENCE.
  • (CLICK) You can see in the video we utilized a Title Annotation at the top which appears for 10 seconds. We utilized a note annotation on the left to identify our guest, this also appears for approximately 10 seconds. Then we added note annotations with links in the lower right hand corner to link to part one and part 3 of this video series on international SEO. Linked annotations can only link to videos within YouTube but it is a great way to drive traffic to your other videos.
  • Playlists help to organize your content so your users can find similar content in one area. (CLICK) You can embed playlists and you can also create playlist of from other YouTube users videos. Which is a great way to build engagement and drive traffic to your channel.
  • One thing I think a lot of people forget in the YouTube world is the social engagement part I know I did. You have to build community. The stronger the community the more engagement you will get for videos. Subscribers and friends are really important. REALLY important. Make sure you subscribe to all of your clients channels, and other relevant channels. Also, if you don’t want to subscribe then friend them. But start to build community.
  • Now that you are building your community, keep them engaged and coming to your channel. Post bulletins and events. Bulletins can be new videos that you upload, other videos that you think add value to your community or just something funny to keep them checking back in. Just like your other social platforms, engage and keep them interested.(CLICK) A bulletin can also be posted below your player view under “Recent Activity”.
  • Events are another way to keep your community engaged. The form is a bit limiting and is clearly geared more at music type events but you can fill it out to work for you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. presents Getting Started with YouTube presented by Vince Bryant & Kevin Schaffner
    • 2. Getting Started Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 3. Why YouTube? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 4. What are the choices? 81.9%1.1% blogosphere 8.8% 4% Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 5. The best thing about YouTube? It’s Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 6. YouTube Goals and Objectives 1. What do you want your YouTube channel to do for your business? 2. YouTube 101: • Watch videos at • View competitive channels • Get Equipment (e.g. Flip camcorder, web cam, etc.) 3. Ideal content is <2 minutes; engage right away 4. Expand your reach: • Upload videos on your website, blog, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, all social media Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 7. Goals of Every Video• Inform - about your business, what you do, events, etc.• Educate - how to’s, demos• Entertain - connect with your target audience• Promote – testimonials, etc. Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 8. Inform (ENGAGE) Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 9. Educate (ENGAGE) Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 10. Entertain (ENGAGE) Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 11. Promote (ENGAGE) 8A14B5B/0/seo3la5GRXU Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 12. Setting up your account. Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 13. Create a Google Account. Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 14. Get a YouTube AccountClick on “Create Account” Input your information. Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 15. Setting up your channel: Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 16. Setting up your profile: Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 17. Select Privacy Settings Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 18. Adjust Settings Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 19. Add Channel Tags (Settings) * * Tags are keywords used to help people find your channel Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 20. Reminder: Keep Saving! Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 21. Themes and Colors Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 22. Look and Feel
    • 23. Look and Feel Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 24. How to Upload: Step 1Click on “Upload” Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 25. Free Editing Software Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 26. How to Upload Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 27. Your Video is UploadedFill in as much informationas possible! This is crucialto how you will be found! Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 28. Uploaded Videos Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 29. Uploaded Videos Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 30. Annotations Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 31. Annotations Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 32. Playlist Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 33. Friends and Subscribers Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 34. Engagement Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 35. Engagement Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 36. Remember to Save! Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 37. YouTube Action Plan EXPAND YOUR REACH! Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 38. Social Media Sharing Click on “Share”Click on“Embed”for websitecode Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 39. Upload Your Videos to Your Website Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 40. Why it’s crucial to optimize: Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 41. YouTube Analytics Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 42. YouTube Analytics Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 43. Closing ThoughtsFAQ – Offer answers to questions your customers may askSocial Media– vlogs!Interviews – Executives and employeesVideo Tours– Show off your factory and place of workTestimonials – Let your satisfied customers be heardPromotional – New product announcement or service Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 44. Questions? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011