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Social Media For Recruiting and HR Managers

Social Media For Recruiting and HR Managers



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    Cny shrm 05022012 b-wosn Cny shrm 05022012 b-wosn Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media 201: Tips to effectively use Social Media for your business!
    • What We Will Cover•  Overview  of  social  pla/orms  •  The  convergence  of  social  media  and  search   engine  marke7ng  •  Social  media  for  recrui7ng  •  How  the  pieces  fit  together  •  Developing  a  online  strategy  for  success   within  a  40  hour  work  week
    • How did we get here?
    • The Ins And Outs Of Website Traffic Vertical Websites Social Media Your Website
    • Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
    • Search Engine Market Share
    • The convergence of search and social.
    • Search Plus Your World
    • Google Plus Avatars Appear in Google Search Results
    • Google Plus Avatars Appear in Google Suggest
    • Facebook Avatars Appear in Bing Search Results
    • Search Traffic Is Steady
    • Social Traffic Is Event DrivenTwitter Traffic - Influenced by: •  Quality of content •  Number of followers •  Tweet volume LinkedIn Traffic - Influenced by: •  Number of connections •  Profile updates •  Discussions created •  Popularity of discussions (comments)
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook - Is it this confusing for everyone?
    • Facebook Page Promotion •  Invite friends, family and key customers •  Add a like button to your website •  Claim a web address •  Add website address to marketing materials. •  Ads and sponsored stories
    • Google+
    • Google+ Business Page – Example
    • Google+ for Recruiting: Circles Site-Seeker, Inc. © 2011
    • Google+ for Recruiting: Hangout
    • •  60 hours: video uploaded every minute•  3 billion hours of video watched each month•  500 years of YouTube video watched every day on Facebook•  700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter per minute•  100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week
    • Look & Feel
    • Uploading Video
    • Annotations
    • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn groups
    • Company Pages
    • LinkedIn Recruiter•  Expensive but powerful•  Access to all LinkedIn names and profiles•  Advanced search filters•  50 InMails per month•  Search alerts•  Folders•  Team access•  Corporate account•  Training
    • LinkedIn Recruiter 2 Referral Engine – Coming soon•  Expensive but powerful •  Informs employees about•  Access to all LinkedIn openings names and profiles •  Suggest matches from their•  Advanced search filters network•  50 InMails per month •  Simplified referral notification•  Search alerts•  Folders•  Team access•  Corporate account•  Training
    • Job Network 4 Jobs For You•  Candidates •  Ads sent throughout LI automatically notified network of websites – passive and active •  Ads sent ONLY to qualified•  Buy year-round job candidates even off LI slots •  Place JFY module on•  Send applicants to you employees profiles. Viewers ATS see appropriate openings.•  Ads follow candidates through LinkedIn
    • Careers Page•  Custom tab on company profile•  Add video banners…•  Message dynamically adapts to the viewer•  Delivers targeted openings•  Automatically notified about openings•  Connects directly to recruiters
    • Twitter: Community Search  TwiAer  for:   •  Brands   •  People   •  Keywords
    • 10% Push (about me) - 90% Pull (about you)
    • Blogging Yesterday                            Today                    Tomorrow   ???
    • #Establishing Credibility with Social Media Create Accounts (Name Claim) Grow Lead Networks Discussion Become the Participate Expert in Create Discussion Content Distribute Content
    • Twitter LinkedIn YouTube SM Platforms Published Print Social Media Tech Facebook Maximize Media Paper Opportunities Email Campaign Published Multi-purpose Online Website Media Content Blog Engaging: Post Market Conference Presentation - fans Sheet - markets White Intranet/ - customers Paper eLiterature Press Application Release Note
    • Platform Connections and Interactions Twitter: •  Instant results to Yahoo, Bing, Google •  Indexed by Bing and Yahoo •  Indexed by GoogleTwitter:•  Integrates with FB and LI via apps
    • Platform Connections and Interactions Bing provides •  FB search results •  Yahoo search results
    • Platform Connections and Interactions Facebook Provides •  FB likes on Bing SERPs
    • Platform Connections and Interactions Google+ Provides •  +1s on Google SERPs
    • Platform Connections and Interactions Index open FB and LI content
    • Social Media as a force multiplier
    • Step 1: Create Expert Content
    • Step 2: Push content to various social platforms
    • Step 3: Socialize content within social platforms Discussions Updates Tweets Retweets Share …
    • Step 4: Achieve wide-reaching Search Engine exposure
    • Step 5: Grow your social reach social capital
    • Step 6: Drive brand-favorable visitors to your expert content
    • Step 7: Gain visibility of your offering
    • Step 8: Grow your business $$$$$$$$$
    • Importance Of First Impressions •  Website visitors can •  Bounce - leave after viewing one page or session times out o  Bounce rate •  Stick - view more than on page o  Does not include time spent on last page – no time stamp o  Average visit duration o  Average pages per visit
    • Importance of First Impressions •  If your bounce rate is high, fix it: o  Related headline o  Related image o  Show visitors they are in the right spot by serving their needs •  If you are paying for traffic: o  Create landing pages o  Write better ads o  Deep link to specific content o  Revise program o  Stop paying for (some) traffic
    • Management By Bounce Rate Use bounce rate to increase ROI •  Organic traffic – improve landing page •  Pay Per Click – improve keyword selection, ad, and landing page •  Career Sites – buy/no- buy decision, program scope, landing page
    • Visit Duration & Pages Per Visit - Non Bounce•  When visitors stick o  Spend 3 to 5 minutes on your site o  View 4 to 5 pages•  Data from 22 B2B companies and 50,000 visits
    • Conversion Rates Should Be Understood How many conversion page visitors advance in the sales/ recruiting process? •  Click to get (29%) o  73 phone number o  51 address •  40 Sent an email (9.25%) o  Is this good? o  What is your conversion rate?
    • Conversion and Last Click Attribution Multi-Channel Funnels Old rule of thumb: It takes seven touches to close a deal New rule of thumb: people don’t buy/ contact on the first visit Latent conversion causes bad decisions
    • Buyer Persona – Understand What Users Expect
    • Website Elements Should Satisfy A Persona Need Sales Personas 1)  Engineer 2)  R&D 3)  Buyer 4)  Sales & Affiliates 5)  Manager 6)  Co-Supplier HR Personas 7) Employee 8) Applicant 9) Partner Corporate Personas 10) Community 11) Media
    • Ideal Internet Marketing ProgramCreate Engage ShareGOL:  Keep  visitors  on  your  site,  reading  content  and  viewing  pages     Get Measure Found Test Adjust
    • Building Your Team
    • Plan For Success•  Vision:  What  does  it  look  like   when  we  are  successful?  •  Key  Metrics:  What  can  we   measure  to  tell  us  we  are   successful?  •  Strategies:  How  will  we  achieve   these  metrics?  •  Ac7ons:  Who  will  do  what   when?
    • Thank You! Brian Bluff President & Co-Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. @brianbluff