The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know

The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know



Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating Webinar Presentation: ...

Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating Webinar Presentation:
Social media has complicated Internet marketing. Most B2B companies do not know how to begin or what to expect in return. This webinar will provide real‐world examples of how to best incorporate online marketing concepts.
- How the convergence of social media and search engine marketing is impacting the performance of your website.
- How to earn trust social media style.
- Social media ROI, what you can and
can’t measure.
- Understanding social media and search engine traffic patterns.
- Why waiting is failure.
- How to avoid being bedazzled by
social media jargon.
- Using social media as a force



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The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know Presentation Transcript

  • presents “The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know” Created for CIPH May 31, 2012 presented by Brian Bluff President and Co-Founder Site-Seeker, Inc.
  • About Today…Download This Presentation on SlideShare( re here to help…•  Consultations at your convenience•  Free audit of your Internet marketing efforts
  • What We Will Cover•  Internet Marketing Overview•  The convergence of Search and Social•  Social Platforms•  Search Engines and SEO•  Social Media as a System•  Measurement and ROI•  Doing it the right way
  • Internet Marketing Used To Be Easy!
  • Your Website As A Sales Funnel Vertical Websites Social Media 10,000   25%   12,500   12,500   Your Website 0.75%   0.75%   0.25%   1.0%   75   94   125   More  Money   25%   67%  
  • Website Traffic Sources•  Search o  Organic §  Not provided (10 to 20%) §  Branded (know you) §  Non-branded (prospects) o  Paid•  Referral o  Other sites o  Directories o  Smaller search engines o  Wikipedia o  Associations•  Direct (know you)•  Social
  • How Search and Social Converged
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Search Traffic Is Steady
  • Social Traffic Is Event DrivenTwitter Traffic - Influenced by: •  Quality of content •  Number of followers •  Tweet volume LinkedIn Traffic - Influenced by: •  Number of connections •  Profile updates •  Discussions created •  Popularity of discussions (comments)
  • Facebook For Business  
  • Google Plus For Business
  • Google Plus Business Page
  • YouTube – Why?
  • YouTube Best Practices
  • LinkedIn For Business
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Twitter: Community Search  Twi9er  for:   •  Brands   •  People   •  Keywords  
  • 10% Push (about me) - 90% Pull (about you)
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Social Media Content in Search Results Site-Seeker, Inc. © 2012
  • Keywords Identify What Your Content Is About •  Don t let website designers pick keywords •  Use words customers use •  Examine competitor s keywords •  Position content in the path of prospects looking for your offering •  Facilitates development of content important to potential customersRule of Thumb: If a company can only survive (or thrive)locally,  then  a  porDon  of  the  people  searching  for  the  company’s  products  or  services  will  use  geographic  modifiers.     Country,  State/Province,  City/Town/Village,  Zip/Postal  Code    
  • Search Engine OptimizationRelevance•  Title tag•  Keywords and description•  H tags•  Content•  Alt tags
  • Becoming An AuthorityCredibility•  Authority•  Incoming links are votes of confidence•  Links from related pages or sites•  Related anchor text•  Social Signals
  • Our Experience – Linking Is Powerful • New domain “Blah blah” = 1.7M • New site 1. • New brand • Six months after launch we out 2. ranked these brands: 3. –  Dell –  Geeks –  Tigerdirect –  Apple –  Amazon for our clients most important keyword phrase
  • Visit Duration & Pages Per Visit•  When visitors stick o  Spend 3 to 5 minutes on your site o  View 4 to 5 pages•  Data from 22 B2B companies and 50,000 visits
  • Importance of First Impressions •  If your bounce rate is high, fix it: o  Related headline o  Related image o  Show visitors they are in the right spot by serving their needs •  If you are paying for traffic:GOAL: Keep visitors on your site, reading content and viewingpages o  Create landing pages o  Write better ads o  Deep link to specific content o  Revise program o  Stop paying for (some) traffic GOAL: Keep visitors on your site, reading content and viewing pages
  • B2B Mobile Visits on the Increase •  19 B2B Website •  Mostly manufacturers, some national distributors •  Date: •  1/20/12 – 2/19/12 •  1/20/11 – 2/19/11 •  Visits o  2012: 42,594 o  2011: 42,913 138% increase in mobile traffic from 2011 to 2012 across all sites
  • B2B Mobile Visitors… bounce at a 8% higher rate Visit 0.85 less pages Spend 29 seconds lessClearly the experience is not as good…
  • Blogs Are Critical to Social and Search Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Google + Multi-purpose Content Facebook •  Engaging: Published Print Social •  Fans Tech Media Email Media Paper •  Markets Campaign •  Customers Published Online Website Media Blog Market Post Conference Presentation Sheet White Intranet/ eLiterature Paper Press Application Release Note
  • Step 1: Create Expert Content
  • Step 2: Push Content To Social Platforms
  • Step 3: Socialize Content Discussions   Updates   Tweets   Retweets   Share  
  • Step 4: Search Engine exposure
  • Step 5: Grow Your Reach and Social Capital
  • Step 6: Drive Brand-Favorable Visitors To Your Content
  • Step 7: Gain Visibility Of Your Offering
  • Step 8: Grow Your Business $$$$$$$$$  
  • Google Analytics. . . •  What is it? o  Website Traffic Measurement & Analysis Tool •  Where do you get it? o  Free o  Webmaster to install
  • Not All Traffic Is Equal
  • Conversion Rates Should Be Understood How many contact us page visitors advanced in the sales process? •  Click to get (29%) o  73 phone number o  51 address •  40 Sent an email (9.25%) o  Is this good? o  What is your conversion rate? Two questions •  When bidding what are your chances of closing the deal? •  What are the chances a visitors they will become a lead?
  • Conversion and Last Click Attribution Multi-Channel Funnels Old rule of thumb: It takes seven touches to close a deal New rule of thumb: people don’t buy/ contact on the first visit Latent conversion causes bad decisions
  • Facebook Insights" People Talking About This True Reach Virality Friends of Fans
  • Seeing It In Action . . .
  • The Proof Is In The Pudding . . . •  Facebook referrals jumped 50% •  The value of those referrals? •  Average time on site went from 1:30 to 7:10 •  Bounce rate dropped by 20%
  • YouTube Views Reports
  • Comparing Traffic Sources The benefit of Experience  Website   Cost  Per  Visit   Cost  Per  SDcky  Visit   Bounce  Rate    Contact  Page   Online  Directories   Cost  Per  Contact   Pay  Per  Click  (PPC)   Page  Visit   Organic  (SEO)  
  • Comparing Traffic Sources Cost  Per   Visit   $0.70   $2.06   $10.37   Organic  traffic  was  the  least   expensive  at  the  point  closest  to   our  goal   Cost  Per   •   37%  less  than  PPC   SDcky   $1.49   $3.98   $15.37   •     83%  less  than  Directories     Visit  Cost  Per  Contact   $9.50   $14.99   $57.03  Page  Visit   Dollars  ($)   Online  Directory   Pay  Per  Click  (PPC)   Organic  (SEO)   (bounce  =  33.3%)   (bounce  =  53.2%)   (bounce  =  48.2%)  
  • Plan – Reduce Expensive/Under Performing Programs28% Decrease in Online Spending"• Refocused  pay  per   click  costs  • Decreased  or  stopped   directory  spending    
  • The Plan: Targeted Search Engine Initiatives August  2009  –  July  2010   August  2008  –  July  2009   208%  Increase  in  traffic  for     gear  manufacturers  
  • Result: 32% Increase in Conversions" •  New  business   –  Increased     does  not   –  50%  first-­‐Dme  customers     consider   –  100%  of  new  customers   originated  online   phone  calls   •  1500  leads/yr  -­‐  phone,  forms,   &  email  from  website   •  3x  increase  online  inquires   since  started  search  markeDng  
  • Powerful Simple Changes Short Form Submission 120 Long Forms Submitted 142 Short Forms Submitted 262 Total 114.75% Site-Seeker, Inc. © 2012
  • Our Experience – Eliminate Friction – Forms Matter The power of conversion
  • Our Experience – Buyer Persona""What Users Need?
  • Website Elements Support A Persona Need Sales Personas 1)  Engineer 2)  R&D 3)  Buyer 4)  Sales & Affiliates 5)  Manager 6)  Co-Supplier HR PersonasGOAL: Keep visitors on your site, reading content and viewing 7)  Employeepages 8)  Applicant 9)  Partner Corporate Personas 10)  Community 11)  Media
  • Ideal Internet Marketing Program
  • Plan For Success•  Vision:  What  does  it  look  like   when  we  are  successful?  •  Key  Metrics:  What  can  we   measure  to  tell  us  we  are   successful?  •  Strategies:  How  will  we   achieve  these  metrics?  •  AcIons:  Who  will  do  what   when?  
  • presents “The Convergence of Search Marketing and Social Media – What You Need to Know” Created for CIPH May 31, 2012 presented by Brian Bluff President and Co-Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. x 11