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To conduct educational traveling exhibits while providing training for a Life Course in Ecology, Agriculture and Trade (E.A.T.) for the benefit of young entrepreneurs and youth in inner cities and rural development communities; using empowering multimedia and special events, we publish this unique opportunity to create sustainable development communities for the enjoyment, education and appreciation of the general public.

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Project E.A.T. Tour

  1. 1. Project E.A.T. ECO-AGRO-TRADE Go Green Tour INSPIRE GREEN LIFE We Will Help You Stop Hunger! Tel: (954) 673.6823 Our Purpose is to educate and inform world citizens with lesser exposure to the Green Movement, typi- Toll Free: (888) 308.6616 cally urban and rural communities domestically and Fax: (305) 407.1727 abroad, of the dire need for a global commitment to more sustainable and green lifestyle practices. E-mail:
  2. 2. No limits. E.A.T.
  3. 3. Raise morals and encourage change galore! The Vision Environmental Economics Our Mission is to conduct 100 years ago, 90% of people educational traveling exhibits worked for themselves. Today, while providing training for a 90% of people work for someone Life Change in Ecology, Agri- else. By encouraging bartering culture and Trade (E.A.T.) for and free trade we partner with the benefit of young entre- organic farmers and unleash the preneurs and youth in inner power of self sufficiency. Commit cities and rural development communities. We use to being socially responsible and look forward to a empowering multimedia and special events to pub- confident future! lish this unique opportunity to create sustainable de- velopment communities for the enjoyment, education and appreciation of the general public. Yes We Can! A Hunger Free Community Project E.A.T. is committed to being a driving and creative force that contributes to a hunger-free nation. More than 1.02 billion people in the world Natural Balance. Harmony in Performing Arts are hungry and every day, 16,000 children die from hunger related Our Go Green Public Service Announcement (PSA), causes. To help them, we must and Exhibits display Organic Life through Positive fight hunger at its root causes. Imagery and interaction with Project E.A.T. supports innovative the Performing Arts habitat- programs to help children and ing in harmony with Nature. families who are battling prob- We encourage schools to par- lems such as poverty, unemploy- ticipate by educating their ment, lack of education, and food students to environmental insecurity. From organic food programs and child hazards of certain products care for children to job training for adults and afford- and practices and discuss cre- able eco-housing for families, our Mission supports ative preventative measures hunger-related initiatives on local, national and in- to transform our communities. ternational levels. This Life Change allows you to share the stage with local tal- ents and Native performers. We broadcast in multimedia Home Cooked Organic School Lunches and initiate recycling projects to reduce use. Campaign with us to serve organic school lunches in every school. Rally to change the way students think about food. Help create edible school yards where Help The Children of Planet Earth we plant seeds and raise crops. maintain their primary vehicles in top performance by providing the finest natural and organic foods. Our Menus are designed to suit students’ picky palates, and feed the needs of their growing cells. Student achievement starts with nutrition. Well-nourished students perform better in the classroom. Ensure our stu- dents enjoy fresh, delicious, • Staff and Volunteers cook delicious home made and nutritious meals. food providing optimum nutrition for our youth.
  4. 4. Children love to explore in nature.
  5. 5. E.A.T. Community, Grow Community: Green Kick Off We help to unveil your community going green and broadcast in multimedia, your make overs, experiences and transformations. As our community unify to promote agricultural education through the Performing Arts, we share resources, knowledge and the joy of renewal. Eco-Agro-Trade! The Green Kick-Off The Winners Circle Jan., Feb., March Launch this Green Movement Students are rewarded with incen- Watch a 3D Film about the through the Performing Arts and tives to finish assignments, proj- beauty and mystery of our frag- Exhibit eco services by sponsors. ects and maintain great grades. ile planet. Play instruments. Performing Arts, Exhibit Ongoing Rewards, Raffles, Gifts Planetarium Theme - 3D Film April, May, June Go Green June Event July, Aug., Sept. Take lessons in survival skills, go Shining light on our hidden stars, Summer is here! Become an en- camping and plant seeds in our we invite you to experience live vironmental ambassador. Clean organic community garden. music, vendors, displays, more... up rivers and oceans. Eco-tour. Organic Garden, Survival Skills Instruments, Bands, Designs Beaches, Oceanography Octoberfest Fall Festival November Green Expo December Celebrations Harvest time is here. Join in our Taste whole foods, enjoy guests Discover Holidays around the community event and share good & Artists. Support vendors & Ar- world and celebrate with our food, music and company. tisans with hand made arts & crafts. one world family. Grow! Harvest Share Festival Whole Foods, Music, Vendors Holidays Around The World
  6. 6. Agriculture has always created communal wealth.
  7. 7. New! Social Entrepreneurs • Make a social change by creating solutions. • Organize, work, create and manage a venture. • Grass roots and non-profit business join forces Green Economics • Academic research addressing interde- pendence Eco-Creations and Designs by Our Youth Showcase Our City • Evolve with hu- Our country and our people have always become self sufficient by the development man economies and of agriculture. Those of who do can look forward with confidence to the future. natural eco systems The fruits of education is applied to good as it is evident in the large posters, bill • Preserve capital boards and art that grace our city. Agriculture has always been the main source of wealth for our community. Keep in mind, this is a Life Change promoting the way our life is supposed to be. Transform your life. Develop and utilize basic resources to supply our basic needs. Share. Eco Art, Design and Technology • Create environ- mental art Orange So. Orange W. Orange East Orange Schools Churches • Sustainable design eliminating nega- Large Posters Designed By Students tive environmental impact • Clean tech con- serving natural sci- ence and resources. Green Buildings • Focuses on in- creasing the effi- ciency of resource use — energy, water, and materials. • Reduce building impacts on human health and the envi- ronment. • Clean energy, air and water systems
  8. 8. Dance! Maintain good health.
  9. 9. Instruments Galore! Spoken Word, Dance and more! Learn to play instruments taught by experts and volunteers. Keep fit at our eco-themed events dancing to live music. Learn marital arts and performance acrobatics. Laughing while dancing works the abs, rids the body of toxins and promote great health. If you are not going to dance, don’t come to these events! Woodwinds Brass Flute Horn Oboe Trumpet Clarinet Saxophone Bassoon Cornet Recorder Trombone Tuba Percussions Strings Snare, Tenor, Bass Drum Harp Cymbal, tuned gong Violin I Triangle Violin II Tambourine Viola Xylophone Cello Chimes Guitar, acoustic, bass Keyboards Voice Celesta “Lift every voice and Organ sing, till earth and heav- en ring. Ring with the Piano harmonies of Liberty...” Words: James W. Johnson, 1899 Music: John R. Johnson
  10. 10. Next stop...Jamaica. Come, E.A.T.
  11. 11. Recent Events 2008: City of East Orange, Green Kick-off • Organized youth from East Orange YMCA into clean-ip crews • Partnered with City of East Orange as they go green • Cleaned up City Hall and surrounding areas • Created environmental murals, posters and art • Received the “Golden Broom” award from the Mayor • Students art displayed in City Hall in Green Exhibit 2007: Free Film & Events at the African American Research Library Our movie showcase this year was Stephanie Black’s Documentary, “Life and Debt”. Most developing countries end up as casualties when one examines the travesties inflicted upon them by huge corporations and ruthless organi- zations such as the IMF, IADB, and WTO. However, Jamaica is a country that has an international voice and is routinely visited by tourists, making it the perfect paradigm to show the disparity between the “haves and have-nots.” Stepha- nie Black’s incredible documentary, “Life and Debt,” initially is seen through the eyes of a tourist in Jamaica, to show audiences that Western perceptions about the Land of Wood and Water differ from its harsh realities. 2006: City of Lauderhill, Grass roots organizations at “OUTRCY!” • Taking a stand to cry out against gang violence in our community, we partner with the City of Lauderhill, Florida, community leaders and non profit organizations to produce “OUTCRY!” a roots and culture musical event. Local talents performed alongside renowned Reggae veter- ans at this free event, hosted at Samuel Delvoe Park, Fort Lauderdale. Sponsors donated foods, coupons and free give aways. Families en- joyed a day of togetherness. Donations of school supplies collected. 2005: Grand Palms Resort: 3 Day Eco Weekend • Hosted a 3-day Eco Roots Organic Event at the luxurious 500 acre Grand Palms Resort in Pembroke Pines, FL. • Guests booked rooms and suites with country club amenities • Kimetic Yoga Classes, Luxury Cars on Display, Vendors, Speakers • Various bands played outdoors on stage under beautiful palm trees in front of an Olympic sized swimming pool. Local and international art- ists performed and businesses displayed their clothing in a fashion and hair show. Donations of school supplies were collected for the children of Walkerswood, St. Ann, Jamaica.