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  • 1.  
  • 2. SiteLock - Company Intro
    • SiteLock was founded in 2008 to provide website security to under-served SMB customers
    • Heritage in providing IT solutions for small business
    • First product launched in 2009
    • 400,000 customers currently protected
    • Focus on the hosting and re-seller channel, flexibility, and customer care
    • 30 Full-Time Employees (16 involved in customer care/support function)
  • 3. What is SiteLock?
    • SiteLock is a website security monitoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses
    • SiteLock monitors websites for the following issues and vulnerabilities and alerts their owners:
      • Search Engine/Browser Blacklisting
      • Spam Blacklisting
      • Application vulnerabilities
      • SQL Injection vulnerabilities
      • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
      • Virus Scanning
      • Network vulnerabilities*
    • SiteLock also verifies a business’s reputation:
      • Domain ownership
      • Phone verification
      • Postal address verification
      • SSL certificate validity
      • Third-party trust seal
    • *May be templatized for shared hosting environments of partner re-sellers
  • 4. Customer Value Proposition
    • Security
    • Website attacks are on the rise, coming from many new sources each day
    • Small businesses are increasingly being targeted, as they are less likely to be secured
    • Loss of search engine traffic or ranking can be devastating
    • A customer data breach could literally shut down these businesses
    • SiteLock provides security scanning and remediation services for small businesses
      • Reputation monitoring
      • Proactive security vulnerability scanning
      • 3 rd -party security validation
      • Easy-to-use dashboard
      • Expert Services issue remediation
    • 3rd-party verification
    • With security now top-of-mind for consumers, over 70% of online customers look for a security seal before providing data to a website
    • SiteLock’s security shield has been shown to increase conversion by 15% in A/B tests
  • 5. Why SiteLock?
  • 6. Reseller Value Proposition
    • Increase revenues
    • Security is top-of-mind for many website owners
    • Provide a solution your customers are looking for and differentiate yourself from competition
    • SiteLock has been proven with re-sellers to drive attach rates of over 30%
    • Compared to other 3 rd -party products, SiteLock sells at 2.5x the next-closest offering
    • Solution tailored for hosting partners
    • SiteLock’s heritage is in shared hosting – we understand the environment & challenges
    • Scans and dashboard can be configured for a specific host’s environment & preferences
    • Lightweight scan won’t impact performance of network or customers’ websites
    • OpenSRS integration creates simple integration for quick, easy integration and a seamless customer experience, maximizing conversion and satisfaction
    • Reduce customer support costs
    • Customers contact SiteLock with security issues, rather than the hosting company
    • SiteLock can remediate sites to improve overall network security
    • Overall customer security awareness/attention increases with daily scans and alerts
  • 7. SiteLock – Key Differentiators
    • 1.) Simplicity and targeting
    • Keep messages brief and clear
    • Offer real help when issues arise
    • 2.) Type and Frequency of Scanning
    • Daily scans for malware and application-level vulnerabilities
    • Scans examine exactly what is on your website, not generic application-level issues
    • Scan is lightweight and won’t bog down website or shared hosting environment (patent pending)
    • 3.) Expertise in hosting channel
    • Management heritage in shared hosting
    • Over 350,000 customers from hosting partnerships
    • Flexible re-seller options and preferences for support and other functions
    • Partner with our hosts to achieve 30+% attach rates (2.5x the nearest 3 rd -party product)
    • Reduced support call volume and cost
  • 8. SiteLock Dashboard - Preview
  • 9. SiteLock in OpenSRS
    • Launched last week
    • Available via API, new control panel
    • Located in Trust Service
    October 19, 2011
  • 10. End user access
    • SiteLock control panel available in a number of ways:
      • Generate a dynamic control panel URL into your environment
      • Allow users to visit directly
      • Direct users to to manage their account
    October 19, 2011
  • 11. October 19, 2011