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New functions in the latest SITEFORUM version 6.1

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  1. 1. SITEFORUM Release v6.1 – now available … Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of SITEFORUM Group, commented "Online business is still the most dynamic with exciting new developments every week. SITEFORUM embraces as many new opportunities as possible and our unique platform continues to provide market leadership from iPhone applications to Google optimisation, Email Campaign effectiveness through to Media Management. We are committed to keeping our world-wide clients at the forefront of their industries.” SITEFORUM is the leading provider of social networking for business – no matter if you want to connect your company and teams, build a community around a given topic or if you want to network an entire industry.Highlights of the new release readable URLs for improved bookmarking and Google Adsense integration new Media Pool application enhanced iPhone application improved Campaign Bounce ManagementListing of all of the new items in this and previous releases can be found at
  2. 2. 1. Human-Readable URLsThere are no dynamic parameters in the url and users can simply copy and paste URLs or use Bookmarkingsites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. The readable URLs also improve support for Google AdSensedelivering highly-relevant, context dependent ads.2. New Application "Media Pool"This feature takes SITEFORUM Media Management to an even greater capability. It replaces the existingMedia Management function and makes it very easy to create galleries and libraries out of images, videos,documents, etc.3. Network Group FeedAllows Network Group Managers to create a Newsfeed showing activity in a groups or across all groups. Itallows users to quickly see all activities in one group or in all the groups they have joined.4. iPhone ApplicationThis SITEFORUM application, available at the App Store, has been enhanced so users can now read and postBlogs and News on their iPhone and also upload photos.5. Automated Bounce Management using VERPThis significant new feature improves support for mass emailing and uses the Variable Envelope Return Path(VERP) technique to enable automatic detection and removal of undeliverable email addresses. Emailaddresses which cannot be reached in three successive attempts are automatically blacklisted and no longerreceive emails. Next time they log into the portal they get a message prompting them to update their profileat which point they are removed from the blacklist.6. Improved Performance and Scalability OptionsSITEFORUM can now span portals over multiple machines for better performance, scalability, redundancyand fault-tolerance. SITEFORUM can now be installed and run on commercial cloud-computingarchitecture/infrastructures such as Amazon Webservices.7. Export Facility for InvoicesThis allows invoices to be exported into a CSV format for offline processing.8. New variable fields for EventsThese new fields make events more flexible and provide more information.9. Improved QuickStart AssistantMakes it easier for new users to get familiar with SITEFORUM and to configure their portal to their needswithin the first 10 minutes.10. Expanded DesignSets and MasterSetsThe DesignSets and MasterSets section include now additional designs, colour sets and header imageoptions. This provides a much greater variety of out-of-the-box designs for Portal Managers.Page 2/3 Date: 02.02.2010
  3. 3. About SITEFORUMSITEFORUM is an innovation leader in “Social Networking for Business”. The SITEFORUM platform deliverspowerful social networking, content management, online marketing and business capabilities as a fullycustomizable and scalable service. Ideally suited for enterprise solutions as well as commercial onlinecommunities, SITEFORUM enables clients to quickly and cost-effectively achieve risk-free implementationsand generate rapid return on investment.SITEFORUM delivers its unique platform via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and has many international clientsincluding with over 500,000 active users, AT&T, Ingenico, Microsoft, Arriva, VBL andOdgersBerndtson plus channel partners such as STRATO, the number 2 ISP in Europe with over 1.3 millionbusiness customers.With worldwide headquarters in Europe, the company provides regional presence, including offices inGermany, United Kingdom, USA and Canada (through partners). SITEFORUM services are delivered in 70countries, and are sold directly, as well as through value-added resellers and ISP/NSP service providers.Page 3/3 Date: 02.02.2010