Get Top Search Engine Rankings With Brute Force Seo


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How to get your sites to the top of the search engines, its easy using this amazing system. 7 day $1 trial

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Get Top Search Engine Rankings With Brute Force Seo

  1. 1. Mission Statement. To Massively leverage the effectiveness of Free web 2 Social sites across the internet for the purpose of gaining Branding, Backlinks and Traffic to our Money sites while providing an Automated Software Solution. Welcome to The Brute Force SEO Membership. Its Great to have you a part of our team. The purpose of this document is to provide you the Brute Force SEO Methods, Strategies and know how. The software is very easy to use. I have supplied all the video tutorials you need to get started straight away, just add your money site URL and RSS feed, related tags, video URL your article or html content. Create some accounts via the software and press start. Its really that simple.. The methods used in the software are so powerful they work by just entering the the above data and you can be up and running in no time. I suggest you view the videos right now Then jump in with two feet and get started. Why? So you get to see the results in real time in under 24 or 48 hours while taking the 7 day trial. Once you have experienced the awesome power of Brute Force SEO in the search engines you'll see how much time and energy it will safe you instantly. And how this product will pay for itself in a very short period of time. Come on over and say hi, in our SEO Fight Club Forum. Tough sounding name, I know but really we are all friendly like minded people over there, with similar goals of driving as much traffic as we can to our sites via the search engines. (Your forum details were sent to your paypal email address. Save this email address for save keeping.) © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 1
  2. 2. Brute Force SEO philosophy Brute Force SEO is about doing a lot of things fast, testing testing testing, why? Because our time is leveraged so much by automation, you have the freedom to test markets that you could not in the past due to lack of time. This gives you the ability to find that Killer Niche that will make you the money you want. In addition to testing and finding this Killer Niche you will then be able to totally Dominate this niche in the search engines. Using the software and strategies laid out to the Brute Force SEO members. Sharing working strategies with other BF members and moving forward as a group. The power of groups with similar goals can be phenomenal, one small tweak or new site to add to our arsenal supplied by just one member can make a huge difference to our membership of 1000 people. So please share your tips and tricks you learn along the way. As you will surely learn a lot from the other members. Before the product was launched, people found the forum and joined. There is already one Master Mind Group established before the product was released. This is the power of people working together. There goal is to generate $30k per month each. One of this group is doing this already via my previous reports and software. Brute Force SEO is also a mindset. Its about getting stuck into it and not worrying about the little things or, “do not sweat the small stuff” attitude. With the power of BF, even using only 30% of the avaiable modules you can still achieve fantastic results as proven through myself many times and the beta testers. Never ask me in the forum. Should I do this, or This? Because my answer will always be.. try both and let me know. :-) Test it! The reason I say this is to motivate people to get started and continually move forward. Never let one little thing stop your progression. There are Just so many niches to target, so many ways to improve traffic.. so many products to find to promote or create, its never ending, and will always keep us on our toes. Got Questions? You can Click on the Ask My QuestionButton right in the software with any questions, your question will be broadcast to all the online users, who can provide you with an answer , pretty much instantly. Called the “Champion Chat System” © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 2
  3. 3. How to install the software. Video tutorial link here.. Create Social Site Accounts. Create the Article and Video and RSS Accounts Now. The results will be saved on your hard drive in text files located:- C:Program FilesPeter DrewBrute Force SEOArticlelogs.txt C:Program FilesPeter DrewBrute Force SEORSSlogs.txt C:Program FilesPeter DrewBrute Force SEOVideologs.txt Preparing for the Brute Force SEO “30 Minute Challenge”. 1 Simple Choice. Choose whether to: 1. promote existing site. Or. 2. create a new site to promote. (Preferred method. as you see the results instantly from a new site in terms of traffic and backlinks and related sites dominating your niche) If choosing option 2. use my Online Gold Digger Niche Research Tool to find your niche niche to dominate.(If choosing option 1 and you need more Keyword Phrases to use to promote your existing site, find them via the tool below) Your username and password to access this tool is sent to your paypal email address upon taking the $1 trial. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 3
  4. 4. See the Video tutorials how to use this tool and find absolutely Fantastic Niches to profit from From the video tutorials you should be able to find a suitable niche and 8 additional “related” long tailed Keyowrd Phrases to use as tags in your promotion. A Long tailed keyword phrase is typically 3 to 5 words long. Recording your project information I use a simple method to record my information related to each site I create and promote. On my hard drive I have a folder called c:sites in this folder when ever I purchase a new domain I create a new folder based on the domain name. e.g. Inside this folder I create simple text files recording my data 1. info.txt this is where I place the ftp user/password 2. keywordniches.txt In this file I record the Main Long tailed keyword phrase I'm targeting. 8 long tailed keyword phrases to use as tags. Youtube URL of a related Video. I have another sub folder called articles I store my articles in this directory. I have each of my articles stored in txt and html format. I also have another file called authorsbio.html this is where I create my varying authors bios to use in the software, more about that in the Articles Section Below. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 4
  5. 5. Prepare for a project. You need 1. Your Money Site URL. 2. Your Money Site RSS Feed. (If you have one, if you do not have one, leave this blank for now. We will discuss this more later) 3. Main Niche Phrase to Target, typically 2 or 3 word phrase. 4. 8 Related Long tail keyword phrases to use as Tags. 5. Related Youtube Video URL. from this point there are 2 Options 1. to submit quality articles and use the Article Blaster Module. or 2. To use PLR content related to your Niche and do not use the Article Blaster Module. About these 2 options. If you have unique articles, you can submit these all all the free sites, plus the article directories via the Article Blaster module. Let me explain the modules at this point. With Brute Force SEO, you have the ability to choose which of the modules to use in one project. (1) Geocities (2) Tripod (3) Yahoo 360 (4) MSN Blogs (5) Blogger (6) (7) Article Blaster (8) RSS SEO These are the current Modules we have in Brute Force SEO, noting there will be more added over time. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 5
  6. 6. You can select all or just one of these modules per project. You can submit different content to each of these modules. (1) Geocities: Full html including aweber html forms, images, video embed code, full sales page html content. (2) Tripod: Full html including aweber html forms, images, video embed code, full sales page html content. (3) Yahoo 360: html including video content, images aweber html forms (4) MSN Blogs: html including video content, images aweber html forms (5) Blogger: html including video content, images aweber html forms (6) html including video content, images (7) Article Blaster: Pure original aritcles Only. Though you have the ability within the article blaster to select all or only one article directory. (8) RSS SEO: Submits your Rss feeds to the Rss Aggregators. Sounds confusing I know but its not. Simply put, if you have original articles you can submit to all the modules at once. If you have article or html content with images and such, not a great idea to try to submit these via the Article Blaster to the article directories. Most likely they will not get approved :) (See the instructions provided in the Forum for more information.) Honestly, to get started any related PLR content you have will be fine. Or if you already have articles related to this niche, feel free to use them. At this point, we are using the software to send massive amounts of links to your site. The acutal content for this exercise is secondary to the linking provided to the site being promoted. For your first run of the software I suggest adding only 3 related articles to the software. Use PLR Articles, use any content you can find in the format of an article for your first run and check the box beside all the modules except the Articles Blaster Module. If you use your own original articles, check all boxes beside the modules and including the Article Blaster Module. (making sure you have added the usernames and passwords created with the Social Site Creator Tool in the article settings window first and checking the boxes beside each of the aritcle directories) Later On I will explain the benefits of using the modules with the ability to post full html code to tripod and geocites etc. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 6
  7. 7. One Question I get asked a lot. Can I promote a free site as compared to a new domain? Answer yes. You can create a free site on or with your affiliate links on it and use this as a test. Though preferably I suggest using a new domain for this exercise. You will get a lot of links to this site, and its a pity to waste these quality links on a free site owned by a third party. Plus its easier to see the amazing results to a brand new domain as explained later in this document. So now you have: I. Your Niche and related long tailed keyword phrases to use as tags supplied by the gold digger tool. II. Article content III. Domain or free site URL to promote. Now you need a related Video from Youtube. I will explain this clearly, I have explained this to many people and they do not get how simple this is. My software works with This is such a great service, that it was just to easy to use instead of creating our own video distribution service. Why? Its very fast and VERY cheap. I use it extensively and spend no more than about $10 per month to distribute a LOT of videos to the 19 Video Directories it submits to. You do not need to create or upload your own video at all. Simply go to search for a video related to your niche. Choose one that has no web URL's in the video. Simply Add this Youtube URL of your chosen video in the Brute Force SEO General settings window in the YouTube URL field. Now you need to go to and create an account and purchase some credits. I suggest $10 at this stage. This will last you a long time. Then click on the Upload Tab, then the Destinations button. To see this below © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 7
  8. 8. By now you have already used the Social Site Creator Software supplied with Brute Force SEO software, to create the accounts for these Video directories. Referring to the above image, click on each of the video directories and enter the Login and password for each video directory and click on save each time. Thats it. The Brute Force SEO Software does the rest. Heyspread works like this. You provide it with a Youtube URL, it then downloads this video from youtube and then uploads it with the information you provide to the 19 Video directoires. Its very simple and a Very powerful way to gain traffic to your site and great backlinks from powerful video directories, plus high rankings in google for your chosen Niche. In the Brute Force SEO software general settings you enter the email address and password you used to create the heyspread account and select the category best related to your Niche. Then upon starting your project. The software will log in and:- Provide Heyspead with the Youtube Url to download. • Use your Niche as the title of the video to be distributed to the 19 video Directories. • Places your Money Sites URL in the first line of the description of the video. • © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 8
  9. 9. Uses your long tailed keyword Phrases as tags on the videos submitted. • This takes only seconds to accomplish. • Great, so now we have everything required to start a Your “30 Minute Challenge” Start the software, © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 9
  10. 10. Then click on the New Button Enter the title of your project based on your niche. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 10
  11. 11. Then Enter your information in the General Settings Window that appears You need to enter this information. Account Name: No longer than 15 characters, based on your main niche name • Main Keyword: Your Keyword Phrase • Default password: 8 characters letters and numbers only in lower case. • URL: To the site you are promoting. • RSS Feed: Of the site you are promoting. (If you do not have a feed. Leave this blank) • Youtube URL: From a Video. Can be yours or any listed. • Heyspread Email: Email used to create your heyspread account. • Heyspread Password: Password you used to create your Heyspread account. • © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 11
  12. 12. Heyspread Category: Select the most suitable category related to your Niche. • Tags: Enter up to 8 of your related long tailed keyword phrases. • Email Address: You can use your own email address. Or you can use the one provided • when creating a Google Account. (typically you can only use an email address once per project, so I suggest using the gmail account created when creating the Google Account. Now we need to create 4 accounts using the software. Yahoo Account: Simple click on the Create Yahoo button to create this account a • window will appear showing you the software operating and contacting You will be audibly prompted to enter capture text. In the field provided. Tripod Account: Click on the Create Tripod button to create a tripod account. This • brings up a window where you enter an address related to the location where you live. This does not need to be your real address though use something close to it, especially related to the zip or post code. Wordpress Account: Click on the Create WP button to create the wordpress account. • You will need to check the email address provided in the Email Address field above after creating the WordPress Account to verify the email sent to it via WordPress. Google Account: Click on the Create Gmail Button to create a Google Account. At the • date of drafting this report 7th Oct 2008 There is an error with the Google Account site itself. This software will create the Google Account, though you may need to enter up to 3 or 4 captures to create this account. Note: this is an error on the Google site itself and the same error can be seen when creating a new account via your browser at (so this is not a bug in the software) Now we have entered all the data required and created the accounts needed to create the free websites. Click on the Done Button. IMPORTANT. Now click on the Save Configuration Button You will be prompted to enter a name of these settings. Use a name related to your niche, do not put any extension on this, just the word will be fine. The software will add the correct extension. Now is time to enter your article content. Click on the Add Article Button. This will bring up this window © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 12
  13. 13. Select the most suitabl category for your Niche Enter your title of your article. Enter your tags, or long tailed keyword phrases, up to 100 characters. Enter your Article Summary. Right click go to paste, or copy your information and press Ctrl + V to paste. Then Click on the Article Tab you will see this window © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 13
  14. 14. This is where you paste your article. If submitting with the Article Blaster Module, this will be in plain text only. Right click and go to paste, or press Ctrl + V to paste your article in this window. Next click on the Authors Tab. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 14
  15. 15. Here you add 3 different Authors Bios. Each containing your Authors bio text including two links to your money site. Use your main niche plus 5 of your Related Long Tailed keyword phrases as anchor text in the links to your money site. You can additionally use link to the internal pages of your website. For deeper linking. When using links to internal pages of your money site, you should use Long tailed keyword phrases that are related to the theme of the internal page this link is pointing to. Now Click on Add Article Repeat these steps with each article you have prepard for your promotion. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 15
  16. 16. IMPORTANT. Now click on the Export Button to save these articles. These articles are stored on our database. You can recall these at any time by clicking on the Import Button. We are almost there. Now check the boxes beside the Modules you would like to use. If you are using new or unique articles check all the boxes including the Article Blaster Module. If you are using content not suitable for article directories, then leave the Article Blaster Module un checked. Typically the first time this will take some time, though we get faster each time we do it. Ok. weve added the data related to our niche, created accounts, added article content. Saved our project and articles. We are ready to go! Before clicking on the start button, please see the video tutorials showing how to use the software Sepcifically the Tripod Module video. When the software works with tripod. You are prompted to locate the html file the software has created to upload to the tripod site. This will be located here C:Program FilesPeter DrewBrute Force SEOdata Take note of the name of each article you are prompted for, and make note, not to select the same article twice. You can now click on the Start Button. You will be audibly prompted to enter captures when required. Sit back and watch the sites being created before your eyes. The software strategically links all the free sites created, together using your long tailed keyword phrases as anchor text. Of course these free sites link back to your money site as well. We make extensive use of rss feeds to promote your site via the free sites created and use RSS feeds to cross promote the free sites. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 16
  17. 17. After your sites have been created, If you checked the Article Blaster Module, your articles will then be distrubitued to the Article Directories listed in the Article Settings Window. Once the articles have been submitted, Your RSS feed, PLUS the new ones created at blogger, wordpress, msn blogs, yahoo 360 will be submitted automatically to the RSS Aggregators listed in the Feed Settings window. Providing you with very nice 2 way backlinks. Once this is completed. The software will popup a small window saying Work Complete. Click on this button then a new window will appear listing all the Sites you have created and their Usernames and URL and RSS URL's © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 17
  18. 18. Then You can click on the Show URLS and Show RSS buttons to show the list of URL's Noting that 1 blogger blog is created for each 2 articles you supply the software. So If you supply 10 aritcles, then 5 blogger blogs will be created. The URL of the blogger blogs. .e.g comes from the title of your articles. This is why we created the show URL's button, to list all the blogger blogs created in one location. Please save all this information to the info text file you created earlier. Now you have completed creating the sites, promoted via the different modules including the video directories. Last step is to submit these free sites created including your Own Money site to the Social bookmarking websites. Previously you created the Social Bookmarking Accounts using my Social Site Account creator tool. At the time of drafting this report, my Social Bookmarking submission software is not completed, though will be given to all Brute Force SEO members as soon as its available. For now you can use the semi automated solution at This website semi automates the process of sumitting your sites to the social bookmarking websites within it, the majority of which accounts have been created using the supplied Social Site Account creating tool. Promote your main money site first, then progress down the list and do as many of your new free sites as time permits. Once I release this Social Bookmarking Software you can import your account names and add the list of URL's from the software , your titles, tags, and descriptions and the software will fully automate the sending of these links and information to the 35 social bookmarking websites included in the software. Providing you with 1 way, 2 way and 3 way backlinks to your money site. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 18
  19. 19. You have now completed your first Project. Guess what, in lot of cases, by the time the software has finnished, Ive alrady got sites referring to my brand new domain :) And in other cases traffic! Here is some simple ways to check this, much easier it you have started with a brand new domain, which is why I suggested earlier that it is the preferred method. Go to enter to see your results now. Next enter to see your results.. typically your new site is listed in google in less than 24 hours.. Next. Put the main niche you are targetting In quotes, in google e.g. “my great niche” This is where you look for the web 2 sites you have just created and the videos and rss aggregator listings. Then do the same without the quotes. Repeat this every 2 hours to see the results for the above queries increase right before your eyes. I have one tab open for each of these in my browser and look forward to checking them first thing in the morning after creating the prodject. I make a lot of projects so I have a lot of browser windows open. And get a big smile every time I refresh the page. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 19
  20. 20. You have just created one massive linking network to your money site. The best part being the links to your sites arrive over time. You will be amazed at the amount of links provided in 1 and 2 months time from this one simple project! ;-) The success of this will be related to your original niche choice. So please pay attention to the suggestions in the Niche Research Tutorials Provided. See the video tutorials how to use the modules individually, e.g how to use the RSS module by itself and how to use the Article Blaster By itself. It gets better. What I have revealed at this point it just the bare minium. By doing nothing and becoming a Brute Force SEO Member once your payment comes through you will then get access to the Members Only forum where the Advanced Strategies for SEO and Traffic are revealed. One of the powerful strategies revealed is how to create a massive SEO BACKBONE, that will provide you massive linking power for every new project you do from this point onwards, that grows in power over time. Using this strategy is why my sites out rank my competitors using the same sites. My sites rank higher because I provide them stronger 1 way 2 way and 3 way links. The best part is, I created this a long time ago and everything I promote now benefits from it automatically. Very Important Information. Make Sure you Save the username and account names for All sites you create using this software. This mini network of Free Web 2 Social sites that are stategically linked together have VALUE. Not just now but over TIME. In under 1 hour you have created a Specific Niche Theme Based Network of sites hosted on authority sites. The power of this network grows over time. These will gain Niche Google Page Rank over time. Since you have the usernames and passwords to each of these sites. You can now come back to these at any time and update them, or simply put links in them to your newer sites. You Own these sites FOREVER! © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 20
  21. 21. I have litterally 100's of these mini nets all over the place, I started creating them 2 years ago. So can you imagine the linking power I have? Now you have exactly the same power BUT.. the automated solution to achieve many more than I created :-) Now you can have this exact same linking power in the search engines. The important part being, They Grow in Power Over Time. They are very effective right now of course. But just gain power in the search engines over time as the internal linking between them is recognised. This is why its vitally important to record the account names of the free sites created :) I know a lot of my customers are creating these mini networks and flipping them or selling them for profit. To me they are too valuable for this, though I would encourage anyone doing this to making one for themselves, and making one for customer then repeat :) but thats just me. I do understand we all have different business models and I encourage anyone to use this application to make the absolute most profits in as many varied ways as possible, which will be discussed on the Seo Fight Club Forum. My Brute Force SEO 2 Week Guarantee. As you can see from reading this report. The software interacts with a LOT of Web 2 sites, Social site, article sites, Rss Aggregating sites, Video sites, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Tripod etc. If all of these sites never changed anyting on their webpages, our software will never need updating and it would continue producing content on these sites forever, though this will not be the case. Sites change and update, some more than others. Its My Personal Guarantee, that If one of the major sites we use makes a change, within 2 weeks we will have the software updated to suit. That being said, if one of the smaller sites makes a change, most likely we will leave this, for a suitable time to update the software. No point annoying 1000 people with un needed requirements to update and install software over and over. So we take this into consideration prior to releasing an update of the software. So rest assured we are on top of this product and will update it as required. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 21
  22. 22. Future Releases for the Software. As mentioned previously the Social Bookmarking Submission tool is beind developed at the time of drafting this report. We have many plans for new modules to further improve Brute Force SEO. All which Brute Force SEO members get for free. We will be continually updating the Niche Research Software and have some very nice ways to provide you with the most popular searches on the web from many various sources in real time. With the ability to dig into each of these to find the niches to dominate in the search engines. We will be guided by requests by Brute Force SEO members in the forum, so its like you on our development team. Having Access to your own Pro Coders. Over the last 12 months I have released 10 software applications, in the lead up to Brute Force SEO. We will continue to develop new software for the purpose of automating the process of being successful in the Search engines. Now, with 1000 members, our focus on NEW software will be member driven. Our members will be telling us what is required to make us more money. Nothing beats 1000 minds working together to come up with an idea and improve on it. This will ensure longevity of the software and new modules arriving constantly over time. If you have received this document from a friend and am not already a Brute Force SEO user, feel free to take the $1 trial and do everyhing listed above as many times you like in the 7 day trial period. Since this membership is capped at 1000 members only. If there is not a spot avaible right now, make sure you get on the waiting list to be nofified when a spot becomes available. The price of this membership will increase over time, so make sure you lock in your spot at the current price Now. © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 22
  23. 23. Full Brute Force SEO members get access to a Site Creation Script I developed specifically for Brute Force SEO members only. This website creation script: install in 2 mins • comes default with 22 different themes. • Provides keyword phrase related anchor text links to your money site. • Provides LSI related keyword phrases as anchor text in the links pointing to your site. • Provides valuable niche research information via your server stats or awstats, supplied • via the search engines, to show you exactly what terms are working in REAL TIME. Provides you with the ability to grow a niche related list via aweber add on. • Ability to earn extra adsense income from your chosen niche. • Ability to earn extra ebay affiliate income from your chosen niche. • Ability to order custom and personalised themes at budget price. • No database required for install. • Provides you with 7 RSS feeds to use as an excellent promotional vehicle. • Ability to supply your own RSS feeds and aggregate them on this new site providing • you with instant backlinks every time the rss feed you supply is updated with content. Great for the purpose of testing a market prior to developing a product website. • Ability to add any links to affiliate sites within this site easily. • See the video of the Feeder site it will make a • lot more sense :) Resources Get your affiliate code here Affiliate Content Brute Force SEO Fight Club Forum Support Desk Take the $1 Trial Now! © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 23
  24. 24. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.:,;-_!quot;'#+~*@§$%&/ ´`^°|µ()=?[]123467890´`^°|µ()=?[]123467890 © 2008 Peter Drew Take the 7 Day $1 Trial Now! Page 24