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St Joseph's, Waitara
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St Joseph's, Waitara


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A powerpoint presentation by children trialling the science trolley.

A powerpoint presentation by children trialling the science trolley.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. St Joseph’s, Waitara Our Science Trolley Presentation Hope you enjoy!
  • 2. What does science mean to you?
    • “ To me science means that you look at all of the little things and that you do lots of experiments.”
    • “ Science means to me comparing different objects and using chemicals.”
    • “ It means discovering and understanding new things, and learning about things and experimenting.”
  • 3. Initial response to the science trolly.
    • The children were asked to rate the trolley on a scale from 1 to 5. These are some of our responses.
    • “ 4, because it doesn’t look very interesting from the outside.”
    • “ 3, because I haven’t used the science trolly before.”
    • “ 5, because I think it will be really fun and cool because I haven’t done science before and it looks really interesting.”
    • “ 5, because I love trying new things that look fun.”
  • 4. Before the children has even looked at the trolley they were asked, “$6,500 does that sound like a realistic price at this stage?”
    • “ Yes because it comes with heaps of equipment and a computer.”
    • “ I don’t think that this is a reasonable price but the chemicals would cost quite a bit.”
    • “ I think it should be $8000 because it has a lot of chemicals and expensive equipment in it.”
  • 5. After we had a look at the trolley we did the questions again to see if our opinions had changed.
    • “ 5, my opinion has changed because I did not know how much equipment was in there.”
    • “ 4, my opinion has changed because it is more exciting when you get up close to it.”
    • Some people stayed with their initial thoughts about the science trolley.
  • 6. We collected data from the tests we did this is what we got After we had a look at the science trolley our opinions changed because we had seen what was actually in the science trolley.
  • 7. These are some of the experiments we have done
  • 8. Nappy absorbency
  • 9. The acids and base team, they tested whether liquids were acids or base.
  • 10. Fire flame resistance
  • 11. Iron in cerials
  • 12.  
  • 13. Temperature
  • 14. Warmth