Vs2 review, 2008[1]

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SOL VS.2 updated for 2008

SOL VS.2 updated for 2008

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  • http://gradschool.unc.edu/programs/royster/explorenc/northeast/northeast/dismalswamp.html http://www.dpughphoto.com/images/white-tailed%20deer%20great%20dismal%20swamp%20sp%20121908%201.JPG
  • http://www.vr3.co.uk/vr3/images/world_map.jpg
  • http://www.fotosearch.com/thumb/IMP/IMP161/INGPCYHE0167.jpg http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/roadshow/tips/images/indian_art/2_lg.jpg http://www.bcgov.net/oystershells.jpg
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  • http://www.virginiaplaces.org/vacities/graphics/purtanbay.gif
  • http://media.hamptonroads.com/media/content/pilotonline/2006/11/dtburials1a.jpg http://magazine.clas.virginia.edu/images/FieldSchool0610.jpg


  • 1. Virginia Studies Review VS.2a-g Created by Sarah Duncan, Social Studies Specialist Portsmouth Public Schools 2008
  • 2. What large bodies of water border Virginia? Chesapeake Bay The Chesapeake Bay: Provided a safe harbor for the settlers Was a source of food and transportation for the settlers Flows into the Atlantic Ocean
  • 3. What large bodies of water border Virginia? The Atlantic Ocean: Provided transportation links between Virginia and other places (Europe, Africa, Caribbean) The Atlantic Ocean
  • 4. What states border Virginia? Maryland West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee North Carolina Virginia
  • 5. What are the five geographic regions in Virginia?
    • Coastal Plain/Tidewater
    • Flat Land
    • Located near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay
    • East of the Fall Line
    • Jamestown located in this region
  • 6. What are the five geographic regions in Virginia?
    • Piedmont
    • Means land at the foot of the mountains
    • Characterized by rolling hills
    • West of the Fall Line
  • 7. What are the five geographic regions in Virginia?
    • Blue Ridge Mountains
    • Old, Rounded Mountains
    • Part of the Appalachian Mountain system
    • Located between the Piedmont (east) and Valley and Ridge (west) regions
    • Source of many rivers
  • 8.
    • Valley and Ridge
    • Includes the Great Valley of Virginia
    • Valleys are separated by ridges
    • Part of the Appalachian Mountain system
    • Located west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of the Appalachian Plateau
    What are the five geographic regions in Virginia?
  • 9.
    • Appalachian Plateau
    • Area of elevated land that is flat on top
    • Located in Southwest Virginia
    • Only a small part of the plateau is located in Virginia
    What are the five geographic regions in Virginia?
  • 10. Virginia’s River Features
    • James River
    • Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
    • Richmond and Jamestown located along the James River
  • 11. Virginia’s River Features
    • York River
    • Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
    • Yorktown is located along the York River
  • 12. Virginia’s River Features
    • Rappahannock River
    • Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
    • Fredericksburg is located along the river
  • 13. Virginia’s River Features
    • Potomac River
    • Flows into the Chesapeake Bay
    • Alexandria is located along the river
  • 14.
    • Each river was a source of food and provided a pathway for exploration and settlement of Virginia.
    Virginia’s River Features All rivers flow east into the Chesapeake Bay.
  • 15. Lake Drummond
    • Located in the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) region
    • Lake Drummond is a shallow lake surrounded by the Dismal Swamp
  • 16. Dismal Swamp
    • Located in the Coastal Plain/Tidewater Region
    • Has a Variety of Wildlife
    • George Washington explored and surveyed the Dismal Swamp
  • 17. Major Native American Indian Languages
    • Coastal Plain/Tidewater – Algonquian was spoken
    • Piedmont – Siouan was spoken
    • Appalachian Plateau – Iroquoian was spoken
  • 18. Virginia’s Native Americans
    • Christopher Columbus called the people he found “Indians” because he thought he was in the Indies!!
    Spain San Salvador Where he landed! Indies Where he thought he was!
  • 19. Virginia’s Native Americans
    • Artifacts, such as arrowheads, pottery and other tools that have been found tell a lot about the people who lived in Virginia.
  • 20. Virginia’s Climate The climate in Virginia is relatively mild with distinct seasons—spring, summer, fall and winter—resulting in a variety of vegetation. Spring Fall Winter Summer
  • 21. Adaptations to the Environment
    • The kinds of food the Native Americans ate, the clothing they wore, and the shelters they lived in was all dependent on their environment:
      • Clothing was made from deer skins
  • 22.
    • Shelter was made from trees, animals and other materials
    Adaptations to the Environment
  • 23. Foods Changed with the Seasons:
      • In the winter, the Native Americans hunted birds and animals.
  • 24.
    • In the Spring , Native Americans fished and picked berries.
    Foods Changed with the Seasons:
  • 25. Foods Changed with the Seasons:
    • In the summer, Native Americans grew crops.
      • Beans, corn and
      • pumpkins
  • 26. Werowocomoco North is to the right, but Werowocomoco is underlined (pink), and on the York River. Jamestown is underlined in green.
  • 27.
    • Was a large Indian town used by Indian leaders for several hundred years before the English settlers came.
    • It was headquarters of the leader, Powhatan, in 1607.
  • 28. Jamestown, the first permanent settlement
    • Archaeologists have discovered the site of the original fort.
    • The recovered artifacts give archaeologists clues about the interactions of the English, Africans and Indians in early Virginia.
  • 29. American Indians in Virginia TODAY Coastal Plain ~ Chickahominy Tribe, Eastern Chickahominy Tribe, Mattapoini Tribe, Nansemond Tribe, Pamunkey Tribe, Rappahanock Tribe, Upper Mattaponi Tribe Piedmont ~ Monacan Trive
  • 30. Review Questions
    • What large bodies of water border Virginia?
    • A Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
    • B Chesapeake Bay and Shenandoah River
    • C Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay
    • D Chesapeake Bay and Indian Ocean
  • 31.
    • Which of the following states border Virginia?
    • A Pennsylvania and Maryland
    • B West Virginia and Georgia
    • C Tennessee and North Carolina
    • D Kentucky and South Carolina
    Review Questions C
  • 32. Review Questions
    • Which two regions of Virginia are separated by the Fall Line?
    • A Appalachian Plateau and Blue Ridge Mountains
    • B Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains
    • C Coastal Plain and Piedmont
    • D Blue Ridge Mountains and Piedmont
  • 33. Review Questions
    • Which is a characteristic of the Coastal Plain (Tidewater)?
    • A Flat land
    • B Old rounded mountains
    • C Valleys
    • D Plateau
  • 34. Review Questions
    • Which of the following regions has waterfalls that prevent further travel on the river?
    • A Piedmont
    • B Appalachian Plateau
    • C Coastal Plain
    • D Blue Ridge Mountain
  • 35. Review Questions
    • What region borders the Piedmont to the west?
    • A Coastal Plain
    • B Appalachian Plateau
    • C Blue Ridge Mountains
    • D Valley and Ridge
  • 36. Review Questions
    • Which region is a source of many Virginia rivers?
    • A Coastal Plain
    • B Blue Ridge Mountains
    • C Eastern Shore
    • D Appalachian Plateau
  • 37. Review Questions
    • Which of the following is part of the Appalachian Mountain system?
    • A Coastal Plain and Piedmont
    • B Piedmont and Appalachian Plateau
    • C Valley and Ridge and Appalachian Plateau
    • D Valley and Ridge and Coastal Plain
  • 38. Review Questions
    • What body of water provided transportation links between Virginia and Europe?
    • A James River
    • B Atlantic Ocean
    • C Chesapeake Bay
    • D Potomac River
  • 39. Review Questions
    • Arrowheads, pottery, and tools are examples of __________ that prove American Indians lived in all areas of Virginia.
    • A artifacts
    • B journals
    • C diaries
    • D documents