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3c geography, climate, resources
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3c geography, climate, resources

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SOL USI.3c updated for 2008

SOL USI.3c updated for 2008

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  • 1. USI.3C: AMERICAN INDIANS Geography, Climate, and Resources Lisa Pennington Social Studies Instructional Specialist Portsmouth Public Schools
  • 2. Essential Knowledge
    • Geography and climate affected how various American Indian groups met their basic needs.
    • Resources influenced what was produced and how it was produced
  • 3. Types of Resources
    • Natural resources: come directly from nature
    • Human resources: people working to produce goods and services
    • Capital resources: goods produced and used to make other goods
  • 4. Geography and Climate
    • How did geography and climate affect the way American Indians met their basic needs?
    • In the past, American Indians fished, hunted, and harvested crops for food.
  • 5. Geography and Climate
    • Clothing was made from animal skins and plants.
  • 6. Geography and Climate
    • Their shelter was made of resources found in their environment, such as sod, stones, animal skins, and wood.
  • 7. Geography and Climate
    • The American Indians had to rely on the materials around them to meet their basic needs.
    • Think about the five tribes. What resources would each tribe have used to obtain food, clothing, and shelter? Remember, they have to rely on their geography and climate!
  • 8. Resources
    • How did the American Indians use natural, human, and capital resources?
    • Natural resources: American Indians fished in rivers, hunted animals, and grew crops.
  • 9. Resources
    • Human resources: People who fished, made clothing, and hunted animals were examples of human resources.
  • 10. Resources
    • Capital resources: The canoes, bows, and spears were examples of capital resources.