3b tribes and locations
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3b tribes and locations

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SOL USI.3b updated for 2008

SOL USI.3b updated for 2008

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  • http://www.ekologik.com/images/photo_sylvie11.jpg (Photo Credit) http://faculty.ehshouston.org/spoteet/World%20Religion%20Student%20Projects/Inuits/inuits.html (Great Additional Information about the Inuits)
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  • 1. USI.3b: Native Americans Lisa Pennington Social Studies Instructional Specialist Portsmouth Public Schools
  • 2. Essential Knowledge
    • Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, American Indians (First Americans) were dispersed across different environments in North America.
  • 3. Essential Knowledge
  • 4. Essential Questions
    • In which areas did the American Indians live?
    • Where do American Indians live today?
  • 5.
    • American Indians lived in all areas of North America.
    • American Indian tribes include the Inuit, Kwakiutl, Lakota, Pueblo, and Iroquois.
  • 6. Inuit
    • The Inuit inhabited present day Alaska and northern Canada , where the land is cold and harsh.  This is an Arctic area where the temperature is below freezing much of the year. They have long cold winters and short, cool summers. On the average there are between 15 and 90 inches of snow each year.  The snow doesn't melt until spring, and winter storms can force people to remain inside for days at a time.
  • 7. Inuit
  • 8. Kwakiutl
    • The Kwakiutl inhabited the Pacific northwest coast , which is characterized by a rainy, mild climate.
  • 9. Kwakiutl Kwakiutl villages
  • 10. Lakota
    • The Lakota inhabited the interior of the United States, called the Great Plains . The Great Plains are characterized by dry grasslands .
    Sea Side village
  • 11. Lakota
  • 12. Pueblo
    • The Pueblo tribe inhabited the southwest in present day New Mexico and Arizona.
    • They lived in desert areas bordering cliffs and mountains.
  • 13. Pueblo
  • 14. Iroquois
    • The Iroquois homeland includes Northeast North America, the Eastern Woodland , which is heavily forested.
  • 15. Iroquois
  • 16. Present Day
    • These tribes still exist. Members of these tribes still live in their traditional homelands and in many other areas of North America today.