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Colours 1(1)


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Published in: Spiritual, Art & Photos

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  • 1. COLOUR Miriam De la Mata Ania Gil Maitane Gutiérrez 2.B
  • 2. 1.- What is the difference between value and a hue's pure value?
    • Value:describes the lightness or darkness of a colour.If we mixed it with white they are called tints and if we mixed with black they are called shades.
  • 3.
    • Hue’s pure value:They are not changed by adding any black or white.They vary in their lightness or darkness.
    • For example: pure orange is lighter than pure violet
  • 4. 2.-Write a definition of primary and secondary colours. List each and describe how we obtain them .
    • Primary colours: these are the colours that don´t come from mixing other colours. They are magenta, yellow and cyan.
  • 5.
    • Secondary colours: these are colurs that we obtain them by mixing primary colours.They are green, red and blue.
  • 6. 3. What are the warm colours? Why are they called this?
    • There are the colours that transmit the idea of hot, such us the sun, the fire, the summer… they hues are yellows oranges and reds .
    • Becouse they transmit a sensation of warmth.
  • 7. 4.- Give one example of how we can contrast colours in a composition.
    • Tone contrast  this means using colours have little in common, for example, making contrast between complementary colours or split-complementary colour pairs.
  • 8. 5.- Choose a work of art from the links and analyse the meaning of its colours.
    • This is a picture of Pablo Picasso. It is called Gernika. The colours are black, grey and white.The colours transmit sadness and darkness.
  • 9. 6.- Look for Claude Monet's "Notre Dame Cathedral" and Henri Matisse's "Sorrow of the king" or "The king's sadness"1952.  In one of the paintings there is analogy of colours and in the other one, there is contrast. Explain what you find in each one.
  • 10. N otre Dame Cathedral Claude Monet
    • In this painting there is analogy of colurs.
    • Because the colour hues are very similar to each other.
  • 11. T he king’s sadness Henry Matisse
    • In this painting there is contract of colours.
    • Because there are colours that are cool and others are warm. Same of them are light and others dark.