Sirris Materials Day 2011 - Materials research cluster Ghent


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An introduction to the Materials Research Cluster Ghent. Gathering 200 experts and researchers on Materials Research.

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Sirris Materials Day 2011 - Materials research cluster Ghent

  1. 1. Materials Research Cluster Gent
  2. 2. HistoryOCAS and CRM established in 2008 the Metal ProcessingCentre (MPC) on the Zwijnaarde campus of Ghent University. Abenchmark in terms of lab processing of metals (sharingequipment, maintenance, purchasing).In 2009, to complement MPC’s alloy production, the MetalStructures Centre (MSC) was created with Ghent University’sSoete lab and the Belgian Welding Institute to provide services,technical support, consultancy and intensified R&D collaboration in MSCthe field of large-scale metal structures (e.g. wind mills, pipelines,heavy machinery).Sirris, Clusta, SIM, Flamac decided to join. Start of the cluster in2011, all partners grouped together. Consolidation of state of theart equipment park.
  3. 3. Total offer-Focus & further specialisation of each partner-More than 250 scientists and engineers-Full offer from nanoscale characterisation to large scalereal size structural testing-Majority of the partners metal oriented
  4. 4. Vision-Better integration of different knowledge domains-Combining strengths of university groups and industrial R&D-Growth potential at Zwijnaarde campus-Increase attractiveness of traditional engineering studies-Open initiative-Optimal synergy for top performance and cost efficiency
  5. 5. SIM – Strategic Initiative MaterialsSIM is a platformfor financing and managingof strategic materials researchby knowledge centers and companies in Flanders.SIM’s ambition isto further strengthen the strong positionof the material’s industry in Flanderson medium and long term.
  6. 6. SIM – Strategic Initiative MaterialsThematic focus on materials for- Energy and Light- Durable & Sustainable structural materialswith Nanotechnology as an important enabler
  7. 7. SIM – Strategic Initiative MaterialsMembers:AGC Associatie KULeuvenAgfa Materials NV Associatie Universiteit - Hogescholen LimburgArcelorMittal/Ocas Associatie Universiteit & Hogescholen AntwerpenBekaert NV Associatie Universiteit GentRecticel Universitaire Associatie BrusselSolvayTyco ElectronicsUmicore ResearchDevan ChemicalsNucomatAgoriaSirris Involved in projects: Imec, LMS, Novopolymers,Centexbel Willy Naessens ConstructVITO
  8. 8. Flamac, a division of SIMFlamac develops and applies high-throughput technologies foraccelerated materials research.High-throughput technologies allow to significantly speed up thedevelopment of materials by a factor 10 at least and improvereproducibility of experimentation by automation. Design ofexperiment & data-mining strategies further increase thedevelopment speed.Applications include e.g. inks, consumer goods, polymers, functionalcoatings, ceramic and alloy materials, advanced thin film materials, ...Flamac has collaboration agreements with major international playersin the chemicals and materials industry.
  9. 9. Flamac, a division of SIMUnique infrastructure and expertise for the accelerated synthesis,application and characterization of materials as well as design ofexperiment and data-mining strategies. Coatings Characterization Thin filmsFormulations
  10. 10. WHAT? Helping companies of the technology industry to implement technological innovations To strengthen their competitive position over the long-term HOW? Making the right technological choices for sustainable economical growth Translating new technologies in tangible products for a companyvalue innovation Taking into account the business through & technology strategy of the company technology
  11. 11. From individual services to common research programs•Materials Engineering •Additive Manufacturing•Production Technology •Software Engineering & ICT•Mechatronics •Technology Coaching
  12. 12. Sirris activities in Ghent• Excellent casting process expertise and experience. o Development of new casting alloys • Thin-walled casting o Casting process optimization • Oxygen measurement in liquid metal • Nodulisation and inoculation treatments o Fully equipped prototype foundry o First time right casting products • Redesign of welded structures to casting products• Lab facilities for characterization and testing• Expertise in design methods and tools o Structural Design o Computational Fluid Dynamics o Thermal Management o Topological Optimization
  13. 13. Belgian Welding Institute (npo)• Independent research institute for welding technologies and materials weldability• Activities cover a wide range of: o Research projects o Industrial projects (bilateral) o Technological advice o Testing services o Standardisation o Training courses More info:
  14. 14. Belgian Welding Institute (npo)Main activity areas:• Specialised advise for welding and material weldability• Mechanical testing of metals or assemblies (standard and specialised)• Carry out failure investigations, based on visual assessment coupled with the required (electron) metallography, or replica investigations if needed• Investigate corrosion failures as well as carrying out corrosion testing• Assisting companies in obtaining certification according to EN1090, EN3834, EN13445, EN15085, etc• Delegated by the NBN as standardisation sub-office for Welding Technologies, as well as official Belgian representative for commitees ISO/TC 44 en CEN/TC 121;• Organisation of education (including official IIW welding training courses), conferences and workshops in a broad field of joining materials and materials weldability
  15. 15. CLUSTA,technology CLUSTA, technology highway towards creativityhighwaytowardscreativity “Clusta is an organisation that pursuits innovation within the metal sector in Belgium. From a strategically built place in the innovation network, Clusta works on improving product development and implementing technologies. By means of technological advice and guidance, Clusta helps the SME’s to obtain international competitivity.”
  17. 17. CRM• R&D, Technology & Innovation in the field of Steel production & applications & associated materials• Located in Ghent & Liège• Unique & strong competence in synergy between process & product aspects along the whole production chain (Casting, rolling , cooling, coating, recycling, ...)
  18. 18. CRM• The Metallurgical and Thermo-mechanical Processes department in Ghent focuses on o Solidification & casting o Rolling technology • Work roll performance • Lubrication technology • Scale control & strip surface quality • New processes & production routes o Cooling technology • In rolling & annealing lines • Product & process (roll-cooling) o Metallurgical knowledge & product development
  19. 19. CRM: from pilot line trials to industrial implementation Continuous hot rolling pilot line Laboratory ultra fast cooling installation Multi-purpose Dynamic Annealing Mulpic cooling - Industrial cooling process for thick plate Industrial implementation of HighNew lubrication technology in hot strip mill Turbulence Roll Cooling
  20. 20. CRM’s industrial members Environment Recycling Liquid Metal EAF Casting Solutions Metal transformation Design Rolling Construction Process & Products Finishing Partnerships Pickling Advanced MaterialsOpen Innovation From metal to recycled Annealing Applications metal Metallic coatings Surface functionalities Galvanising Nanocoatings Surface conversion Organic Coating
  21. 21. OCAS NV- MissionsOCAS meets its customers’ needs–by developing alloys and coatings,–by co-developing steel applications,–by processing and testing of metal-based samplesOCAS valorizes its know-how through product & solutionsdevelopment, licenses, joint ventures and spinoffs.
  22. 22. OCAS - MarketsIndustrial markets including-appliances, mechanical construction and engineering, heavy plate,tubes and pipes, HVAC, radiators, drums, furniture, electro-magneticapplications, energy generation, transport and storage systems, off-shore applications-Covering product mix from 0,2 to 100 mm
  23. 23. OCAS - ExpertiseMetallurgysteel grades for steel grade develop- improved efficiency weight reduction thanks steel grades for Metal Processingenergy transport ment for plates electrical steel to ultra high strength future hydrogen Centre steel economySurfaces enhanced increased easy manufacturing: heat transfer bio-active self-cleaning aesthetics corrosion forming, painting, glueing, coatings coatings surfaces resistance enamelling,...Applications & Solutionssmart materials structural design of welding metal sheet rapid FEM simulations: product safety: riskselection components prototyping forming, electro- assessment of welding magnetic, heat,… fumes, CrVI, VOCs,…
  24. 24. Materials Research Cluster Gent Critical mass at convergence of university and industry