Sirris manufacturing day 2013 DTI Denmark - Olivier Jay


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Design for Additive Manufacturing

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Sirris manufacturing day 2013 DTI Denmark - Olivier Jay

  1. 1. Founded 1906 by Gunnar Gregersen  ”To support Danish industry, mainly small enterprises, by providing technical assistance in the form of teaching, advice, testing and technological research” Status  An independent, not-for-profit institution  Approved as a technological service institute by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.
  2. 2. Performance contracts 12% 28% Research and Development activities 25% Danish business customers Revenue EUR 131,6 millions 13% 22% International customers Organisations and public customers
  3. 3. Hirtshals Gothenburg Aarhus Roskilde Kolding Taastrup Odense Danish Technological Institute Teknologisk Institut AB (Sweden) FIRMA 2000 Sp. z o. o. (Polen) Dancert A/S Poland Danfysik A/S DTI Robotics US, Inc. (USA) Warsaw
  4. 4. Area of Operation Idea Basic/strategic Research Technological uncertainty Is it possible? DTI’s area of operation New/emerging Technologies Commercial/proven Technologies 8-15 years Is it feasible? 3-8 years Can it be improved? 0-2 years Market Is it attractive ? Is there a need ? Resource depletion How are all the markets demands fulfilled ?
  5. 5. It s just a tool …… ……not the solution !!!
  6. 6. Economy and Environment Education Design AM Quality control Production Finish
  7. 7. EPO's European Inventor Award 2012 goes to outstanding inventors from Germany, France, Denmark and Australia Industry: Widex (Denmark), for their invention of a computer-aided method to manufacture individually-fitted hearing-aid devices;
  8. 8. The beauty of Rapid Manufacturing.
  9. 9. ”The RM technology has given us a bigger creative designing space, because we are no longer limited by a particular geometric shape. We do not produce tools, which means that the production process is reduced to a few weeks where it before took between 4 to 6 months. The time factor means that we can now try out our ideas, and it gives us an enormous amount of freedom” Leif Johannsen, Chief Officer of Acoustics and Technology
  10. 10. Qphase density for a scan velocity of 23 cm/s 100 90 Relative density (%) 80 70 21/01 test cubes 22/01 test cubes 60 50 40 0 50 100 150 Laser power (W) 200 250
  11. 11. Sustainable Pumps and the world's electricity consumption • • • Today pumps account for no less than 10% of the world's electricity consumption. Two third of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy. If every business switched to a high efficiency pump system there could be global savings of 4% of the total electricity consumption- comparable with the residential electricity consumption of 1 billion people
  12. 12. Parts with complex internal channels • Demonstrator part: crossing manifold a manifold to let 2 hydraulic lines cross each other in limited space Conventional manifold design 230x230x54 mm 20,15 Kg 0,95 Kg 80x80x50mm
  13. 13. F•MAT Svingningsdæmpning Styrkeoptimering Funktionsmodellering Additive Manufacturing Støbeteknologi
  14. 14. The STL Legacy CAD STL Sliced
  15. 15. Then What? VTK CAD ? Mesh FRep STL Sliced
  16. 16. Comparing mechanical properties of different cellular structures experimentally and theoretically BCCz FCCz BCC F2CCz Tryl1b
  17. 17. Compression test of different cellular structures (7x7x14) with same size and density Cellular structures: • Nylon PA2200 • 4 highly ordered structures and 1 unordered • Same outer dimensions (40 x 40 x 80 mm3) and density (19 vol%) • Different bar thickness in different structures (same thickness within same structure) • 7x7x14 unit cells • Built with two different set of machine parameters
  18. 18. Plast 250 Kg.
  19. 19. Compression tests and FE simulations: 18 Stress at Maximum (MPa) 1000 Parameters 1 Parameters 2 800 Fe simulation 600 400 200 BCC Solid Parameters 1 16 Parameters 2 14 Max stress in FE simulation (arb. units) 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 BCCz F2CCz FCCz Solid BCC Tryl1b FCCz BCCz F2CCz FCCz Solid Tryl1b 8 F2CCz BCCz Tryl1b BCC Strain at Maximum (%) Elastic Modulus (MPa) 1200 7 Parameters 1 6 Parameters 2 5 4 3 2 1 0 BCC BCCz F2CCz FCCz Solid Tryl1b
  20. 20. 5703Hz Structure
  21. 21. Skærmklip taget: 12-06-2012; 09:09
  22. 22. Graphene-based Thermoplastic Masterbatches for Conventional & Additive Manufacturing Processes
  23. 23. The NanoMaster Concept • • • • • • • Develop processes for large-scale rapid production of graphene, expanded graphite and nano-graphite Develop machinery and processing methods designed for efficient, high-throughput production of masterbatches and compounds Develop material systems which can be incorporated into current conventional and additive manufacturing processes quickly, easily and safely. Reduce the amount of polymer required to produce components by 50%, whilst still meeting performance requirement Open up an extensive field of applications for plastic mouldings with significantly enhanced functionality For the first time, make industrial-scale quantities of graphene-filled compounds and masterbatches available to European industry Place European companies in a position to exploit the rapidly growing US and Asian markets
  24. 24. Graphene Functionalisation and Development Additive Manufacturing Process Development Nanocomposite Development and Project Coordination Additive Manufacturing Process Development and Case Study Expanded Graphite Development Environment, Health and Safety Assessments Compounding and Dispersion Method Development FDM Process Development Nanomaterial Compounding and Formulation Development Pilot-scale Compounding and Injection Moulding Conventional Moulding Process Development and Case Study Production Composites Development and Case Study Production and Testing of Demonstrators
  25. 25. Preliminary results 34
  26. 26. It s just a tool …… ……not the solution !!! 98% of all ideas are old
  27. 27. Thank You! Olivier Jay, Head of Additive Manufacturing section