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Workshop Smart Coatings Application Lab - Natchemische Coatings - 14-01-2014 - Smart-coating-application-lab
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Workshop Smart Coatings Application Lab - Natchemische Coatings - 14-01-2014 - Smart-coating-application-lab


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Workshop Smart Coatings Application Lab - Natchemische Coatings - 14-01-2014 - Smart coating application lab

Workshop Smart Coatings Application Lab - Natchemische Coatings - 14-01-2014 - Smart coating application lab

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab Heidi Van den Rul, program manager coatings © sirris | | | 27.01.14 1
  • 2. The collective centre Federation Collective centre for the technology industry of the technology industry • Non profit organisation • Industry owned MISSION “To increase the competitiveness of companies of the Agoria sectors through technological innovations” © sirris | | | 27.01.14 2
  • 3. Mission Smart Coating Application Lab Sirris Smart Coating Application lab Targeted towards surface treatment innovations in technological companies  to help choosing the right “smart” coating  for a specific product or application  to increase the added value or the product performance  to explore new markets  to strengthen the competitive position  to develop new surface treatment solutions  using the latest, innovative surface technologies  to assist in introducing coating technologies in production lines © sirris | | | 27.01.14 3
  • 4. The added value of coatings Protective, (multi)functional and smart coatings Anti-reflective Decorative, scratch resistant, anti-fog Pressure and temperature sensor layers Anti-stain Antifingerprint wear resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-stick, easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial, … © sirris | | | 27.01.14 4
  • 5. How do we apply the coatings Key technologies  Vacuum deposition:  Metallic coatings  Ceramic coatings  Carbon-based coatings  Smart (active) coatings  using  PVD physical vapour deposition  PECVD: plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition  Hipims technology Hybride PVD Arc-MS-hipims 5
  • 6. How do we apply the coatings Key technologies  Wet chemical deposition: (hybrid) sol-gel coatings:  Nanocomposite films  Combination of inorganic (hard) and organic (flexible) components  Multifunctional coatings   Using  dip-coating, bar-coating, spray-coating  ink jet printing Hybride natte chemie Sol-gel + nano Inkjet metal printer 6
  • 7. Development of multifunctional coatings excellent abrasion resistance UV resistance outstanding easy-to-clean properties transparent applicable on both plastic and metal surfaces Water contact angle Taber abrasion Anti-graffiti properties © sirris | | | 27.01.14 7
  • 8. Characterisation of coatings Adhesion measurement (scratch test, cross-cut test, tapetest) Thickness measurement (Calo-test, Betascoop, XRF, profilometry) Roughness measurements (line) (Perthen) Hardness measurement (Vickers, Rockwell) Wear resistance: Taber abrasion Color measurements, gloss measurement Light microscopy, stereo microscopy Uv-vis spectroscopy Taber abrader Contact angle measurements Thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA) Electron microscopy (SEM) and EDX XRD, AFM, XPS Contact angle measurement © sirris | | | 27.01.14 8
  • 9. Hybride Coatingtechnologie Slimme keuze voor slimme producten Kan ik coatings toepassen op mijn product? Welke meerwaarde leveren deze coatings voor mijn product? Wat zijn de voor- en nadelen van de coatingtechnieken? Kan ik coatingtechnologie implementeren in mijn productieproces? © sirris | | | 27.01.14 9
  • 10. programma 13.00-13.15 Hybride coating technologie: Slimme keuze voor slimme producten Heidi Van den Rul, Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab 13.15-13.45 Aanbrengen van een soft-touch coating op PVC profielen Patrick Van Belle, Stillemans NV 13.45-14.05 Sol gel coatings René Leten, Schaepman NV 14.05-14.35 Aanbrengen van een easy-to-clean coating op zonnewering Stefaan Claeys, Helioscreen NV 14.35-14.55 High Throughput Testing of High Throughput Coating Frank Ruttens, Agfa Labs 14.55-15.00 New Business Forum Werner Couck 15.00-15.30 Koffie en netwerking 15.30-16.00 Aanbrengen van coating op natuursteen Alain van Betsbrugge - Van den Weghe marmer NV 16.00-16.20 Functionele coatings omzetten in de praktijk Mark Swinnen, ADmas Projects 16.20-16.50 Dirt-repellent coating op cross-bike Marc Hufkens/Dirk Van den Berk, Ridley 16.50-18.00 Drink en netwerking © sirris | | | 27.01.14 10