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I Heart One Note by Blue Rain Marketing
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I Heart One Note by Blue Rain Marketing



Presentation by James Mastan of Blue Rain Marketing at the KickApps Social Media in the Enterprise Seminar in San Francisco on June 17th, 2009.

Presentation by James Mastan of Blue Rain Marketing at the KickApps Social Media in the Enterprise Seminar in San Francisco on June 17th, 2009.



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  • Is this meant to be the framework for the rest of the deck? I thought it was, but there is a lot that is missing…..
  • Traditional marketing

I Heart One Note by Blue Rain Marketing I Heart One Note by Blue Rain Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Building On-Line CommunitiesUsing Off-Brand and Integrated Marketing with Social Media
    JaninneBrunyee Consulting, March 2009
    James Mastan
    Founding Principal
    Blue Rain Marketing, LLC
    15127 NE 24th Street, Ste. 17, Redmond, WA, 98052 | Web: www.bluerainmarketing.com | Phone: 425-417-1766 | Email: info@bluerainmarketing.com
  • About Me:
    • 20+ years marketing experience
    • Broad range of industries and clients
    • Former Director of Marketing at Microsoft
  • Also an Author:
    • “Product Launch the Microsoft Way”
    • “Learn the marketing & product launch secrets, techniques and best practices of the Microsoft marketing machine”
    • From strategy to implementation
  • Blue Rain Marketing is a consulting firm that specializes in:
    • Marketing strategy
    • Market research
    • Marketing plan development
    • Marketing program execution
  • What We Built
    • Community site for OneNote, a MSFT product
    • Clearly off-brand (non-MS property)
    • Traffic generation: standard integrated interactive marketing + social media
  • Why the heck did we build this site?
    • Build the asset; then monetize
    • Advertising revenue on site
    • Advertising revenue through ad networks
    • Services revenue- replicate concept with other products/clients
    • Cross-sell related products
    • Sell to MS
    • Sponsorships
    Most Importantly:
    Learn/test/pilot new approaches
  • What Is OneNote?
    • Electronic information organizer
    • “Best kept secret product at Microsoft”
    • Not marketed well
    • Beloved by users “I only bought Vista so I could continue using OneNote”
    • Aware
    • Curious
    • Watching
    • Some contest sponsorship money
    Character blog
    Facebook page
    Initial seeding of site with pre-generated content (notebooks, blog entries etc.)
    All these
    features are
    powered by
  • Introducing Our Host- Marcus
    • Fictional character/persona-/voice & host of the site
    • Young (28), hip, works at marketing company, web-savvy, creative, irreverent
    • Tweets, blogs, answers members questions
    • Speaks/blogs in casual, friendly, common language
    • Mix of funny blogs and product tips/tricks
  • Technical architecture
    Content Management System
    Site Hosting and Notebook repository
    Community Platform
    Why KickApps?
    • Scalable, reliable, secure
    • Cost-effective
    • Extensible with great OOB features
  • Brand vs. Off-Brand ??
  • On-Brand Benefits
    • Leverage existing corporate brand awareness
    • Defined creative standards & consistent
    • Leverage branded website cross-sell
    • Directly leverage other campaigns for awareness (e.g., SEM & SEO)
  • Off-Brand Benefits
    • Unconstrained by corporate standards
    • Flexibility
    • Sandbox for trial without negative brand risk
    • Nimble to change
    • More technology options
    • Cost efficiency
    • Can be monetized
  • Unbranded Content
    • Unbranded article: “19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Death”
    • “A head stays conscious for 15-20 seconds after decapitation”
    • Link-back to article on LifeInsure.com
    • Digg users went for it in big numbers (irreverent topic)
    • Bloggers and social bookmarkers picked it up generating links
    • LifeInsure became #4 listing on Google search for ‘life insurance’ and gained many customers
  • Unbranded Facebook
    • Community information site for mothers with ADHD children
    • Launched by McNeil Pediatrics, division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen pharmaceuticals
    • Become a ‘fan’ of the site and receive updates with news & information
    • What company’s ADHD drugs do you think the updates promote?
  • Unbranded Community
    • Crohn’s & Me- unbranded* website for those suffering from Crohns disease
    • Launched by UCB, a global biopharma firm
    • Registration required to access site
    • Community trusted the member-to-member advice and info sharing more than pharma websites
    • UCB gained better understanding of Crohns sufferers through site content helping fine-tune marketing positioning and communications strategy
    • Built high-quality database of target customers for marketing
    *does have inconspicuous small “sponsored by UCB, Inc” on site
  • Social Media Complements Traditional Marketing
    User Generated/WOM
    Marketer Generated
    Social media connects post-purchase experiences back to the purchasing process
    Form opinion
    • Corporate websites are becoming increasingly less relevant
    • The social media conversation is happening with or without your engagement
    • Get engaged and position your firm, or have it positioned by your competitors on the social web
  • Awareness & Traffic Generation
    Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc.
    • Viral Video
    • Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn
    • Influential blogger outreach
    • Links
    • Paid Search (SEM)
    • SEO
    • Display Ads
    • Email
    • PR
    Tricks up our Sleeves
    • Sweepstakes
    • Points & Levels
    • Refer a Friend
    • Avatar
    • Blog content
  • Traditional Marketing Tactics
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • 300 initial keywords and title combos/terms
    • Community, content, features, competitive etc.
    • On-going optimization
    • Best traffic generator
  • Ad Networks
    • AdBrite, Value Click, CBS, Google
    • On-going optimization
  • Static Generic
    Animated Flash/
    Static Flash
    Animated Avatar
    • Supply & demand situation favors ad buyers
    • ~ $.19-.83 cents CPC display ads; $0.98 cents CPC SEM
    • Tested a variety of ads
    • Static ads outperform Flash ads
    • Avatar ads CTR 5x other display ads; >2X industry average
  • Social Media Marketing Tactics
  • video
    “Viral Video”
    • 3100 views on YouTube; posted to ~25 video sites
    • Viral is tough- or you just get lucky sometimes
    • Build a network
    • Keep it short (30 secs- 1 minute)
    • Gross, disgusting, stupid, getting hurt are great for viral
  • Other tricks up our sleeves
  • Points & Levels
    • Cool new feature of KickApps platform
    • Kick-starts community engagement
    • Points awarded for specific activities
    • Levels defined e.g., OneNote GrandMaster Ninja
    • Incentive: $20 gift cards to first 10 GrandMasters
    • Increased site engagement by 400%
  • Sweepstakes
    • “Become a member now and be entered to win $X Amazon gift certificate”
    • $500 vs $200 prizes
    • Which do you think won?
    • 2X lift in traffic and sign-ups during sweepstakes
  • Leveraging the Community by Incenting Referrals
    • Leverage the membership base asset
    • Create advocates- “Tell A Friend Contest”
    • Incent WoM referrals on the social web
    • Trackable
    • Cheap: $200 incentive
    • Sony example: launching new video game; releasing teaser video content in chunks; site members required to drive at least 5 incremental views of current video to unlock the next sequence- 4000 members drove>100k site visitors – darn good ROI
    Tell-a-friend contest
  • Blog Content
    My mind works in mysterious ways…I don’t understand why I think of this stuff but here it goes.  I was wondering what would happen if OneNote was in the video game Halo and met the Master Chief. I was thinking the interaction might go something like this:OneNote (talking loudly): Chief! We’re being overrun by Covenant armor- we’re not going to make it!Master Chief (calmly): We’ll make it
    OneNote (panicked): How can you be so sure? There’s two of us in here now…
    Master Chief (confidently): Well…at least I know I’ll make it with my mjolner armor…I’m sure of that. You might be Grunt bait thoughOneNote (scared silly): Crap…I’m accessing my ‘Halo Map’ notebook I downloaded from xbox.com…searching…looks like there is a cave----right there…it’s not a natural formation…so it must lead somewhere…Master Chief (with disdain): duhOneNote (with significant pain): I’m taking plasma rifle hits!! Fortunately they are a lot like video clips so I can absorb them into a new section I created in my ‘Oh Crap I’m Going to Die’ notebookMaster Chief (trying to distance himself): I’m not sure I can save youOneNote (assuredly): Don’t worry, I can save my self-  I constantly save myself automatically if you didn’t know
    • To keep the members engaged, a mix of humorous content as well as product content helps
    • We blog daily
    Funny blog content
  • Bringing Marcus to Life
  • Measuring success
  • Tracking and reporting
    Google Analytics
    Tracking Social
    Network Mentions, Sentiment,
    & Sources
    KickApps Reporting Dashboard
  • Socialmention.com
  • Measuring Word-of-Mouth
    Your Message/Content
    Companies can monitor the “pass-along” of content from one person to another via links on web pages, bookmarks, email messages, instant messenger and mobile devices.
  • Why You Should Care
    Display Ad
    Total Visits
    Real CPC
    Website A
    .20 cents
    .16 cents
    But Wait- There’s More!
    Website B
    .09 cents
    • And you know where they came from
    • Fine-tune your strategy
    • Increase MROI and make more money
  • First 90 days: 50k Cumulative Visits
    (38,000 Unique Visitors)
    As of this morning:
    5600 registered users
    59,000 visits
    45,000 unique visitors
    First 90 days: 4700 registered members
    (12.3% conversion rate registered/uniques
    The KickApps Platform is Integral to the Community’s Current and Future Success
    First 90 days: 119k Cumulative Page Views
  • Thank You
    15127 NE 24th Street, Ste. 17, Redmond, WA, 98052 | Web: www.bluerainmarketing.com | Phone: 425-417-1766 | Email: info@bluerainmarketing.com