Impacts of mobile devices in medical environment

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  • 1. Impacts of Mobile Devices in Medical Environment Lucas Machado
  • 2. Modern touch devices • Smartphones • Tablets • Mobile devices of nowadays
  • 3. Medical environment • Patient records • Wide use of paper • Health monitoring devices • Medicine students • Health information for patients
  • 4. Use of devices in medical environment Traditional medicine
  • 5. Use of devices in medical environment Medicine nowadays
  • 6. Use of devices in medical environment Manipulation of data and visualizations Less use of paper Training of medicine students Information about health ! Intelligent sensors appliances Medicine nowadays
  • 7. Use of devices in medical environment [2, 4, 9] Data is digital and reliable Manipulation of data and visualizations Minering and interactive visualizations Less use of paper [3, 10] Training of medicine students [5, 9] Information about health ! Intelligent sensors appliances [1, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13] Apps Health monitoring E-learning Medicine nowadays
  • 8. Symptomia App [13]
  • 9. Sensors • Heart Rate [6] • Parkinson’s [8]
  • 10. OsiriX App [2]
  • 11. [11] Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • 12. Users studied • Doctors ! • Patients
  • 13. Research questions that were asked • How can mobile devices help in medical environment? [1, 8, 12, 13] • Is the device accurate to capture and measure health signals? [6, 7] • Can iPad help in poststroke hand rehabilitation? [11] • Does mobile devices help students in learning about medicine?[3, 10] • How tablets changed doctors interaction with electronic health records?[2, 4, 5, 9]
  • 14. Research methods that were applied • Testing of devices and accessories, and comparison with traditional health monitoring methods • Testing apps, devices and accessories use with users • Interviews and questionaries • Analysis of other studies
  • 15. Main research results • Handheld devices will become an essential medical tool. [4] • Use of devices and technology improves the data visualization by patients and doctors. • Devices are sufficiently accurate to be health monitors. • Apps can bring knowledge to patients and students. • Further studies are necessary
  • 16. Results variation in studies • All studies with similar theme results converged: Touch/mobile devices are very good as appliances to medical environment • Handheld devices will become an essential medical tool [4]: Time gap of the study (2003) • Security and privacy issues with patients data[2]
  • 17. Bibliography [1] S. Chemlal, S. Colberg, M. Satin-Smith, E. Gyuricsko, T. Hubbard, M.W. Scerbo, ja F.D. McKenzie. Blood glucose individualized prediction for type 2 diabetes using iphone application. Kirjassa Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC), 2011 IEEE 37th Annual Northeast, ss. 1–2, 2011.! [2] AsimF. Choudhri ja MartinG. Radvany. Initial experience with a handheld device digital imaging and communications in medicine viewer: Osirix mobile on the iphone. Journal of Digital Imaging, 24(2): 184–189, 2011.! [3] Sally A. Coovert, Adam Ducey, Mark Grichanik, Michael D. Coovert, ja Robert Nelson. Hey doc, is that your stethoscope?: Increasing engagement in medical education and training with ipads. Kirjassa Proceedings of the ACM 2012 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work Companion, sarjassa CSCW ’12, CSCW ’12, ss. 71–74, New York, NY, USA, 2012. ACM.! [4] Sandra Fischer, Thomas E Stewart, Sangeeta Mehta, Randy Wax, ja Stephen E Lapinsky. Handheld computing in medicine. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 10(2):139–149, 2003.! [5] Brian T. Horowitz. Chen medical prints health records from ipad, android tablets. eWeek, s. 1, 2013.! [6] Sungjun Kwon, Jeongsu Lee, Gih Sung Chung, ja Kwang-Suk Park. Validation of heart rate ex- traction through an iphone accelerometer. Kirjassa Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society,EMBC, 2011 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, ss. 5260–5263, 2011.! [7] Jinseok Lee, B.A. Reyes, D.D. McManus, O. Mathias, ja K.H. Chon. Atrial fibrillation detection using an iphone 4s. Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on, 60(1):203–206, 2013.! [8] R. LeMoyne, T. Mastroianni, M. Cozza, C. Coroian, ja W. Grundfest. Implementation of an iphone for characterizing parkinson’s disease tremor through a wireless accelerometer application. Kirjassa Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, ss. 4954–4958, 2010.! [9] Allan C. Lin, Meng-Hsiu Chang, Mike Y. Chen, Travis Yu, Lih-ching Chou, Dian-Je Tsai, ja Jackey Wang. Mobility patterns of doctors using electronic health records on ipads. Kirjassa Proceedings of the International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics, sarjassa BCB’13, BCB’13, ss. 933:933–933:939, New York, NY, USA, 2007. ACM.! [10] F. Pinciroli, M. Corso, A. Fuggetta, M. Masseroli, S. Bonacina, ja S. Marceglia. Telemedicine and e-health. Pulse, IEEE, 2(3):62–70, 2011.! [11] D Rand, T Schejter-Margalit, I Dudkiewicz, R Kizony, G Zeilig, ja R Kizony. The use of the ipad for poststroke hand rehabilitation; a pilot study. Kirjassa Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR), 2013 International Conference on, ss. 109–113, 2013.! [12] A.J. Saldarriaga, J.J. Perez, J. Restrepo, ja J. Bustamante. A mobile application for ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring in clinical and domestic environments. Kirjassa Health Care Exchanges (PAHCE), 2013 Pan American, ss. 1–4, 2013.! [13] Helen Sullivan. Symptomia app. Nursing Standard, 28(11):31, 2013.
  • 18. Thank you! Questions?