My first year teaching


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My first year teaching

  1. 1. My first year teaching Written by Sirkera Roberson
  2. 2. Things that I will most Remember • How excited everyone was when I got hired. • Finding out that I would be teaching Kdg. • How helpful everyone was
  3. 3. Most important advice I was given • “Don’t be nervous, just keep doing what you’ve been doing.” Ms. Hicks
  4. 4. The person I admire the most Ms. Debbie Wilson spent countless hours volunteering to help me decorate my classroom. She was aware that I was working 11 hour days and she knew that I really needed help. Without my asking she decorated my entire classroom. -- ---She also steps in from time to time just to tell me what a good job I’m doing and how proud she is of me.
  5. 5. My most memorable day Orientation. On this day I was able to meet 12 of my 17 students. My classroom grandma (who I’ve known for a few years) stopped by. She was so proud and happy for me!
  6. 6. My wonderful teammates I was blessed to be among team mates who are willing to work together. My team leader has been excellent from the start. Offering advice and help with paperwork. Even going as far as sending myself and the rest of the team the entire first years plan. She also provided us with information to send home with parents.
  7. 7. Our wonderful custodians The custodians have been awesome. They were always willing to let me in my room and to stay on me about getting my room done. One of them who was always me some very encouraging words over the years, retired after the summer. I will truly miss him.
  8. 8. Our wonderful cafeteria workers During teacher planning week 2 of them stopped by the room to congratulate me and to give me a nice big hug. They made me feel so special
  9. 9. What the AP said “ I am so happy for you and not just me the entire school. When we told them that you were hired this year they all started clapping.” Shannon Davis
  10. 10. Why my enthusiasm I have always wanted to be a teacher, but it was hard to find a teaching job after I graduated. I took a job as a paraprofessional 3 years ago, and I was afraid that I was stuck in a downward spiral. I had got to the point that I thought that I would never get a teaching position at the school I was at. Or any school for that matter. So that is why I am super thrilled!
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