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Sirius Integrator corporate remote power solutions presentation.

Sirius Integrator corporate remote power solutions presentation.



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  • Good morning, Name, excited to be part of, thank for oppty, off-grid remote power solution provider
  • Off-grid solutions – continuous availability HA, short coming of solar/wind
  • Mission-critical Edge Devices
  • Big Idea, Smart Off-Grid Systems, Monitoring, Management, solar/wind, all fuel cells
  • Name them FBI, DEA, US Fish, NPS, Second Wind, Tillamook, Navy, UNAVCO
  • Second Wind, SRI, FBI, DEA, NPS, Seemore WL
  • 2yrs, Fort Devens, John Obrien & 2 partners, Account, Lawyer, Partners
  • 2yrs, Fort Devens, John Obrien & 2 partners, Account, Lawyer, Partners
  • 2yrs, Fort Devens, John Obrien & 2 partners, Account, Lawyer, Partners
  • Emerging Mkt, ½ billion, 42% NA, 33.5% growth in country, <500w portable power
  • Emerging Mkt, ½ billion, 42% NA, 33.5% growth in country, <500w portable power

Sirius Integrator Presentation 11 25 11 Sirius Integrator Presentation 11 25 11 Presentation Transcript

  • Sirius Integrator, Inc.Reliable Remote Power Wherever and Whenever you Need it
  • Customer Pain Points• Unreliable / Costly Off-grid power availability – Weather: Solar & Wind Limitations – High Battery, Charging & Management Costs – Expensive & Dangerous Site Visits – High TCO and Fuel Cost• Mission-Critical Devices Need Longer Runtimes• Environmental – Lead Acid & Mercury Pollution – Noise, emissions, and maintenance of Gensets
  • EFOY Pro Direct Methanol Fuel CellElectrochemical process Methanol is directly transformed into power Exhaust comparable with the breathable air of a human Waste heat Air Electrical power Methanol EFOY fuel cell Exhaust: as much CO2 and H2O as a human while breathing
  • The Charging Cycle Fuel cell Fuel cell off off14.2 V optimum charge with EFOY Pro12.3 V Fuel cell Fuel cell on on11.0 V without deep discharge EFOY Pro 0V time
  • Commercial Applications• Hybrid System with battery • Hybrid system with Photovoltaic-system – Fuel cell as range extender – Fuel cell as backup to solar – Much longer autonomy at low weight – Increases reliability – Reduces solar and battery size Perfect for semi-stationary, mobile Perfect for stationary and public And covert applications applications
  • Advantages of the fuel cellAll this provides 10 kWh electricity Methanol Hydrogen BatteriesWeight: • 8 kg • 85 kg • 270 kgVolume: • 10 l • 60 lEnergy • 1300 Wh/kg • 120 Wh/kg • 35 Wh/kgdensity:
  • Security: Applications and Energy Demand Security Mobile applications Stationary applications CCTV CCTV Stationary surveillance Mobile surveillance cameras systems (ca. 1,200 Wh/day) (ca. 1,200 Wh/day) Undercover Surveillance Access control vehicles And boarder (min. 1,200 Wh/day) surveillance (min. 600 Wh/day) Mobile boarder Sensors & detection surveillance equipment (min. 1,200 Wh/day) fire watch systems, etc. (min. 600 Wh/day)
  • Requirements on Energy SourcesSituation: Video surveillance Requirements:  Long autonomy & Reliability  Mobility  Low noise for covert operations
  • Requirements on Energy SourcesSituation: Police control Requirements:  Long autonomy & Reliability  Mobility  Low noise for covert operations  No danger for employees  Fast & easy handling  Plug & play solution  Low Emissions -Operation inside rooms  Cost reduction
  • Homeland Security: Critical Infrastructure Protection Applications (using the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell)Days of 24x7 Operation between Fueling*: CCTV Stationary surveillance cameras (min. 1,200 Wh/day) 9.2 days 25.9 days Access control And border surveillance 19 days 52 days (min. 600 Wh/day) Remote Field Radio (min. 120 Wh/day) 93 days 259 days Remote Seismic Sensor (min. 168 Wh/day) 91.7 days 256.7 days Mobile boarder surveillance (min. 1,200 Wh/day) 9.2 days 25.9 days *Estimates double with use of Dual Cartridge Switch
  • Remote Sensing: Applications and Energy Demand Remote Sensing Hydrology Meteorology Geology Measurements at Weather stations Avalanche surface water (max. 1,200 detection systems (max. 240 Wh/day) Wh/day) (max. 240 Wh/day) Waste water Wind Seismometric management measurement - measurements (max. 240 Wh/day) LIDAR & (max. 600 SODAR* Wh/day) (ca. 1,200 Wh/day) Geochemistry and physics - measurements of gas, radiation, etc. (ca. 1,200 Wh/day) *SOund/LIght Detecting And Ranging
  • Mobility - Applications and Energy Demand Mobility Government Agencies Commercial Authority Vehicles Measurement Vehicles Mobile Computer Noise, Weather, Video, Equipment EMC, Radiation sensors (ca. 1,500 Wh/day) (~ 600 Wh/day) Surveillance vehicles (~ 1,200 Wh/day) Sales & Promotion LED light, Displays, cash register (~ 2,000 Wh/day) Command Control Radio Sets, Mobile Phones, Laptops Trucks (~ 2,000 Wh/day) Cooler, Laptop, TV (~ 1,200 Wh/day)
  • Other Applications
  • EFOY Pro solar hybrid system Hybrid-Configuration Reduction of solar surface of 75% Solar sufficient for spring to fall Fuel cell assists in winter Dimensioning Solar module = 10 x continous power That means: for 1 Watt continous power (24 Wh/day) 10 Wp (Watt Peak) solar module is needed Example Energy demand: 10 W (240 Wh/day) Solar module: 100 Wp Fuel cell: EFOY Pro 600With a Solar Panel an EFOY Pro 600 is only Operating 300 – 500 hours per year
  • EFOY Pro Lifetime and Cartridge Use
  • GSM-Modem for remote monitoring and controlBasic mode Alarm Notification (SMS) GSM Reset cell phoneEFOY Pro GSM-2 ModemComfort mode (Web portal) Notification (SMS, Email) GPRS/ Web-Browser Internet Internet connectionEFOY Pro GSM-2 UDOMI Web Portal Internet PC Modem
  • What’s the Big Idea!SiriusPower Off-grid Smart Solutions TM
  • Advantages of EFOY fuel cells Methanol can not escape from an EFOY fuel cell system and methanol is easily biodegradable.Maximum 76 grams CO2 EFOY fuel cells reduce per hour logistic efforts Sustainability Operation in nature All EFOY fuel cells canprotection areas possible be recycled by SFC EFOY fuel cells virtually fulfil Methanol is made of waste or zero emission standards waste-products of oil exploration
  • Methanol – the unknown energy solution for remote powerSubstance Flash point Explosion Ignition Symbol for hazardous ( C) thresholds temperature ( C) substances (Vol.-%) F+Gasoline < -20 0,6 8 200 – 410Diesel > +55 0,6 6,5 ca. 220 F+Battery acid Easy flammable: During the charge process hydrogen is created. Together with air it is explosive.Methanol 11 5,5 37 455 Safer fuel packaged with TUV certified sealed containers
  • Success20+ Customers
  • Successful Fuel Cell Deployments
  • Military Mission-Critical ApplicationsPRO-Cell TMOn GSA through SolarStikA component of theirMicrogrid
  • Commercial Mission-Critical ApplicationsSolutions on GSA through MaxavisionMAXAVISION TECHNOLOGIES [GS-07F-0149T]
  • Very Cold & Hot Solutions
  • Military SFC OfferingsPortable power supply Mobile / stationary power supply Military ruggedized and specified products
  • Portable Power – Energy Network• JENNY 600S and SFC Power Manager – Charges up to 4 batteries at the same time – Simultaneous use of different devices – Weight reduction up to 80% – Use of different energy sources Maximum of power and flexibility at a minimum of weight.
  • JENNY ND Terra• Advantages JENNY ND Terra – Compact portable energy supply – Can be concealed – Can be buried – No noise emissions• Long lasting energy supply for – Wide-area reconnaissance – Physical protection – Covert operations – Border patrol
  • Off-Grid Remote Power Solutions Beyond Demonstration: The Role of Fuel Cells in DOD Energy Strategy• Provide Green, Quiet, Emissions & Maintenance Free, Safe, Reliable, Field Proven, Long Lasting, Cost & Pollution Reducing Remote Power Solutions• Promote Fuel Cell and Hybrid Field Trials• Favor Subscription/Rental & Power Purchase Agreement Programs to minimize Capital Expenditures over long-term savings• Identify new ‘Very Cold’ and Hot Reliable Remote Power Solutions• Monitor and Manage them remotely as you collect data• Minimize Fossil Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions
  • Off-Grid Remote Power Solutions Sirius Integrator Offerings• GSA Offerings through SolarStik and Maxavision Partners• SFC Military – Jenny Man-portable, Emily, Power Manager• Exclusive -45c and beyond Fuel Cell Very Cold Enclosures• Best Procurement Packages for EFOY Pro Solutions• Exclusive 3 Month Rental Subscription Programs• Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions• Quiet, long lasting, Reliable, light-weight, Emissions & Maintenance Free, Green Remote Power• Non-Fossil Fuel Use & Management Fuel Logistics• Reduced Site Visits, Labor, Battery Management, and Batteries Used• Exclusive Solar/Wind/Fuel Cell Tri-powered Configuration Options
  • Thank you!Sirius Integrator• John Merlino, Sirius Integrator, Inc. 100 Jackson Road, Devens MA 01434•• FED ID: 26-4255096 Duns Number: 831627729 CAGE Code: 5NQD4•• Phone/Fax: 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI)••