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Interview Document Transcript

  • 1. Siripong Somboon October 12, 2010 TSEA Period 3 Interview on Animist Belief in ThailandName of person interviewed: _____Yothin Kamwon______ Nickname: ___Yo_____Occupation: _____Driver___________________________ Age: ___37_____Relationship to the interviewer: ______Driver__________Language in which interview was conducted: ____Thai________Date of Interview: ____11/10/10____ Place of interview: ____My house_____ 1. Are you a Buddhist? What are some things you do to practice your religion? Yes, I am Buddhist. My house is very near a local Wat, so I have as easy access to the Wat. My grandma, my girlfriend and I usually make merits by giving foods to the monks every morning. On special Buddhist occasions, I went to the Wat to gain more merits. 2. Is there a spirit house at your home? Why? (Why not?) Yes, there is a spirit house at my home. I used to live with my grandmother. The house is very old so there are spirit house in my house. The spirit house was there before I am born. I think my grandmother built it along with the house for protection. She believed that the spirit house help protect the house from bad spirit. 3. How often do you visit it? What do you do there? (Does someone else visit it?) I do not visit the spirit house, but my grandmother does. She visits the spirit house once or twice a week and offered the spirit house a Red Fanta Drink and some food. a. Why Red Fanta? I don’t know. Other people are doing it for a long time now. I think they believe that the spirit love red fanta. 4. Is there a sprit house at your place of work? Why? (Why not?) No. I think you are too modern. Modern houses often do not have a spirit house. 5. How often do you visit it? What do you do there? (What do others do there?) There is no spirit house, so nobody ever visit or care.
  • 2. 6. Do you wear an amulet? Why? (Why not?) Yes, I do. The amulet is from my grandfather. He gave it to me. I wear the amulet for protection.7. Have you ever had an experience with a ghost? What happened? No, I have no experience with ghost. I believe that ghosts do not exist. It is just people imagination.8. Do you know anyone else who has had an experience with a ghost? What happened? Yes, I know some friends that had an experience with ghosts. They did not tell me about the experience. It is because they believe that if they share experience with someone else, something bad will happened to them.9. Have you ever been to an astrologer? What advice did you ask for? What did he tell you? I am been to astrologer to see my future. It was a traditional astrologer in my village at Nakorn Sawan. I ask him to tell me about my future working life and my future fortune. He said that I will have a rough life, and I would struggle. He also advises me to get an amulet to make my future better.10. Have you ever been to a ceremony to rid a house of bad spirits? If so, please describe the ceremony. No, I haven’t been to the ceremony, but I have seen something similar. It is not a ceremony to rid a house of bad spirits though. The ceremony is for getting rid of a bad spirit in a person. A person from my town was “controlled” by a bad spirit and act very strangely. People called a specialist who is specialize in getting rid of spirit. The spirit person poured holy water on the bad spirit guy and hit the guy until he was knocked down and fainted. After he woke up he is back to “normal”.11. Have you ever been to a “bai sri” ceremony? If so, please describe it. What is the purpose of the ceremony? No, I have not been to a “bai sri” ceremony. But I got a Sai Sin from a monk though. I am still wearing the Sai Sin for protection.12. Do you have a tattoo? Do you know anyone who has a tattoo? Why did you (or the person you know) get one? I never have a tattoo. But many of my friends have it. They want it because it is cool and they believe that they won’t get hurt, because they have the tattoo. They also believe that they won’t die if someone shoots them.