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  • 1. The children ate the cookies. (Simple Past)They drink coffee. (Simple Present)They make shoes. (Simple Present)She was cleaning a chair. (Present Continuous)They are repairing the streets. (PresentContinuous)Rita writes a letter. (Simple Present)We speak English. (Simple Present)Amnat likes coffee and tea. (Simple Present)Dan opened the door. (Simple Past)He bought the house. (Simple Past)They are playing football. (PresentContinuous)
  • 2. She is reading an email. (Present Continuous)Alan teaches Geography. (Present Simple)Austria speaks German. (Present Simple)The earthquakes destroy lots ofhouses. (Present Simple)Henry Ford invented the assembly line. (PastSimple)Mr. Jones watches the film. (Present Simple)The people speak English. (Present Simple)He reads comics. (Present Simple)
  • 3. We play volleyball. (Present Simple)They are singing the song. (PresentContinuous)I took photos. (Past Simple)She did the housework. (Past Simple)The policemen helped the children. (PastSimple)He is writing text messages. (PresentContinuous)Mother watered the flowers. (Past Simple)They built the house yesterday. (Past Simple)
  • 4. She bought four apples. (Past Simple)We won the match. (Past Simple)The man stole the blue car. (Past Simple)The police arrested the thieves. (Past Simple)Jack swam the 200 metres. (Past Simple)The dog bit the old lady. (Past Simple)Tom and Max ate five hamburgers. (PastSimple)Oliver taught the children. (Past Simple)Victoria rode the brown horse. (Past Simple)
  • 5. Grandmother told good stories. (Past Simple)Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. (PresentContinuous)My father is washing the car. (PresentContinuous)Farmer Joe is milking the cows. (PresentContinuous)She is taking a picture of him. (PresentContinuous)I am writing a poem. (Present Continuous)We are playing football. (Present Continuous)He is wearing a tie. (Present Continuous)
  • 6. She is preparing the party. (PresentContinuous)They are talking about the meeting. (PresentContinuous)She is watering flowers. (Present Continuous)They grow coffee in Kenya. (Present Simple)They publish The Times newspaper. (PresentSimple)They are sending the parcel by sea. (PresentContinuous)The shark ate the man. (Past Simple)