Search Marketing In Airlines

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An overview of Search Marketing in the airline business

An overview of Search Marketing in the airline business

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  • 1. Search Marketing in Airlines
  • 2. What is the airline customer engagement model?
  • 3. Context: Buying airline flights • Low interest purchase – semi-commoditised • Savagely competitive • Get transaction done in fastest possible time • Work PC is source of the majority of online travel bookings Email is the driver • UK and Ireland are driven by airlines with market power
  • 4. What’s my model of online marketing activities? What’s my model of online marketing activities?
  • 5. Acquire, convert, retain • SEM • Email • Affiliate • Banner • Video • Viral • RSS • Online PR Convert Retain and Grow Acquire • Usability • Site design • Tracking code • Copywriting, content • Functionality • Site security • Good calls to action • Site speed • Offers and promotions • 4 stage process • Customer service • Email • Personalisation • Site security • Referrals • Research, Test & Measure • Analytics • Site performance • Online surveys • Usability
  • 6. Touch strategy – post purchase retention Confirmation page HTML Itinerary email Sent With ancillary offers Flight Reminder [Carhire, Hotel] Online check-in M-Ticket
  • 7. The challenges of airline marketing
  • 8. • No spend, no results •Advertising is the channel • ‘The consumer is NOT a moron’……but :-) •CRM is a waste
  • 9. How do you stand out 1?
  • 10. How do you stand out 2?
  • 11. Learnings
  • 12. Learnings: display • ContiWnuhouast twaielo rheda vpree sleenacrened • Bump up ad presence during peak buying season and reduce in off peak • Buying larger amount of inventory upfront: value and cherry pick • Creative: use cliches • Two ads to play on the webpage at the same time = higher response rate • Monday to Thursday - reduce other days • 4 times more expensive in IRL - BUT - CTR IRL - 0.49 v 0.28 in UK
  • 13. • Segment Geographic targeting with location specific deals more effective than generic emails How we make it work: email • Personalise • Best days to send Communications early in the work week or weekends have the highest high open and click rates; Mondays being the best, followed by Tuesday. • Best times to send Midday or 10am • Subject line 35 or fewer characters • How often???? Learnings: email
  • 14. Thoughts and takeaways • Customers are ‘trained’ by somebody else – who is training your customers? • What if the boss is technophobe? CHEAT ,,,, Laura ries blog, guy Kawasaki blog • Use ‘Test, learn, refine’ model or as I prefer: ‘Ready, shoot, aim’ • ‘Do the Math’ Online has can be measured to the nth degree - requires numbers savvy staff • Email database is the new real estate - always be building a database.