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    Moving-branding-online Moving-branding-online Presentation Transcript

    • Moving Branding Online
      conducted by:
      SirakarnKiatniyomrung 17102038
    • Moving Branding Online
      What is a brand?
      A brand is the personality of a product, service or company and how it relates to key constituencies: customers, staffs, partners, investor and etc.
    • Moving Branding Online
      Step to building brand
      Personalize the looks
      Identify your reasons to believe
      Identify customers touch point
      Design the optimal experience
      Align the organization to consistently deliver optimal experience
      Glastein, 2011
    • How brand relates to online?
      In a downturn economic, the companies are promoting something and must to think carefully before using advertising budgets to prevent losing a huge of money. For this reason, using social media is come up in their brain to make and provide advertising that focus on target market directly. How is going on?
      Moving Branding Online
    • Moving Branding Online
    • Moving Branding Online
      5 Key Strategies to Build Brand Online
      Research your audience.
      Give your brand a voice.
      Balance your online media mix.
      Plan your social media integration.
      Build up your reputation online.
      Wallace, 2010
    • Building Branding Online Advantage
      Low cost
      Break geographical barrier
      Access to competitors information and marketing strategies
      It’s easier to find strategic partners online
      Word-of-mouth marketing and Viral marketing is far more easier on internet
      Using online communities to make shopping social experience
      Moving Branding Online
    • Moving Branding Online
    • Moving Branding Online
      Build brand using online marketing
      Effective Techniques For Increasing Brand Awareness
      Video Marketing
      Conversational Marketing
      Social Media marketing
      Email marketing
      Mobile Search Marketing
      Search Engine Optimization
      Affiliate Marketing
      Banner Advertising
    • Moving Branding Online
      Elements of Successful Online Branding
      Online branding basics
      Online marketing includes quite a few of the principles of traditional marketing, and it’s important to know how to apply those principles into an Internet consumer base.
      Cleanthous, 2010
    • Moving Branding Online
      Defining a good online brand
      The best online brands have a few things in common:
      • Top quality promotional materials
      • Excellent Search Engine Optimization and placement to the correct consumer base
      • Good reputations and ongoing high interest levels from consumers
      • High standard distribution and sales methodologies
      Cleanthous, 2010
    • Moving Branding Online
      The Wall street Journal, 2011
    • Moving Branding Online
      Marketingprofs, 2011
    • Moving Branding Online
    • Conclusion and recommendation
      Moving Branding Online
      Branding online is an interesting point of technology development. Many firms recognize the need for integrated marketing communications across offline and online channels. This makes it difficult to differentiate, both practically and theoretically between online and offline branding. On the other hand, branding in online environments shows a sufficient range of challenges and opportunities that it is important to shine the spotlight on branding in digital environments, and to explore some of the potential impacts of online channels for branding strategy.
    • References
      Wallace, C 2010, 5 Key Strategies to Build Your Brand Online, Column: Brand Aid, viewed 18 August 2010, http://searchengineland.com/5-key-strategies-to-build-your-brand-online-39420
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