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The Influencer's Mantra (NFRUG Feb 2010)
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The Influencer's Mantra (NFRUG Feb 2010)



A summary of the lessons learned by INFLUENCE while helping clients adopt Lean, Kanban and Agile.

A summary of the lessons learned by INFLUENCE while helping clients adopt Lean, Kanban and Agile.

This was presented to NFRUG (Jacksonville FL) on Feb 16th, 2010.



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The Influencer's Mantra (NFRUG Feb 2010) The Influencer's Mantra (NFRUG Feb 2010) Presentation Transcript

  • influence influencing the understanding of agile philosophy, forces & dynamics (c) INFLUENCE Contact: Siraj@sirajuddin.com (202-415-2138)
  • the agile influencer’s mantra a unique opportunity for business in jacksonville!
  • today ✤ today’s goal = mantra = influence your appreciation of the philosophy, forces and dynamics around Agile. ✤ philosophy of Agile adoption. ✤ forces influencing Agile adoption. ✤ dynamics influencing the success of the Agile Influencers.
  • mantra ✤ what is the “mantra” for the Agile Influencing team? ✤ mantra = man + tra = “mind” + “liberation“ and “this moment here and now”. ✤ the process improvement team wants to be there a moment before the entire organization. ✤ in fact, every moment is an opportunity to succeed or fail
  • introduction SIRAJ - process improvement influencer, observer and student
  • siraj ✤ 18 years experience with process improvement consulting and coaching. ✤ excellent track record of coaching leaders and teams on process improvement (using Lean, Kanban, Agile, Scrum, CMMI, Six Sigma, SOX) ✤ deep and varied domain experience.
  • philosophy the philosophy of agile adoption
  • agile recap and history of the agile manifesto
  • respect ✤ all process improvement styles and techniques are about respect for humanity. ✤ and ✤ respect for the forces. ✤ and ✤ respect for team dynamics.
  • forces forces to respect before, during and after agile process adoption
  • uniqueness ✤ every leader and team and their process improvement opportunity is unique. ✤ the challenge is to recognize this uniqueness ✤ enjoy the moment before starting process improvement ✤ you will never be the same again
  • leverage ✤ The leverage exists within this uniqueness. ✤ finding this leverage is the challenge. ✤ the agile influencer’s mantra provides deep insight. ✤ but you still have to find it in your unique context.
  • context ✤ knowing the context helps ✤ economy, industry, competitors, divisions, finances, strategy, ✤ culture is context. ✤ the team is a subset of the context. ✤ context, context, context.
  • contradictions ✤ process improvement initiatives explore the contradictions that make the organization a living organism. ✤ contradictions are neither good nor bad. ✤ they are just present. ✤ contradictions provide “leverage” for process improvement initiatives.
  • delay ✤ delay exists naturally in every context. ✤ actions / events of today have long term consequences. ✤ sustainability requires attention to delay.
  • balance ✤ the context seeks natural balance and a shared vision. ✤ always! ✤ equilibrium triumphs over all change initiatives. ✤ “agile” is a disruption of this natural equilibrium unless agile also seeks true balance.
  • safety ✤ safety provides the net for leaders, followers and teams to explore process improvement. ✤ the level of safety in an organization is the ceiling level of process improvement. ✤ especially for the agile influencer
  • heartbeat ✤ the living organism that is your organization, has a natural heartbeat and a natural pulse. ✤ recognizing this cadence is essential for the agile influencer.
  • dynamics team dynamics that enable the success of the agile influencer
  • continuous ✤ nature’s own continuous improvement is our guide. ✤ it is almost as if continuously improving processes is the only aim of process improvement. ✤ every day is a new day for process improvement. ✤ it is the journey and the destination.
  • clean slate ✤ the no-baggage policy of the agile influencer ✤ clean slate adds to the commitment to each team member and creates the emotional heartbeat of the team.
  • flexibility ✤ rigidity is the enemy!! ✤ create a team that can have learning conversations, share differences, withstand stress ✤ and yet unite and move forward ✤ authentically!!
  • courage ✤ courage (plus grace) ✤ allows the influencers to face facts, realize concerns, develop solutions. ✤ influencers need courage in their heart, mind and soul ✤ to be courageous and yet caring.
  • visibility ✤ the processes that become visible provide best candidates for process improvement. ✤ agile influencers strive to provide visibility of their own processes to set the tone for visibility for the organization.
  • trust ...but verify ✤ In GOD we trust, every one else bring data!
  • supplication ✤ the agile influencer reaches out to a greater source of energy ✤ plugs in to the larger self ✤ offers supplication
  • anomalies ✤ anomalies test the boundaries of comfort for the organization. ✤ they stretch the organization’s limits for process improvement one day, one team, one individual at a time. ✤ they are also pioneers ✤ and ✤ nomads!
  • winn dixie agile coach for pmo - business and technology initiatives
  • pharmacy warehouse experience report
  • shoretel lean agile coach - business and technology initiatives
  • engaging influence influencing the understanding of agile philosophy, forces & dynamics (c) INFLUENCE Contact: Siraj@sirajuddin.com (202-415-2138)
  • workshop ✤ INFLUENCE offers 1 and 2 day workshops on The Agile Influencer’s Mantra. ✤ Private & Public workshops that help you understand how to Influence Agile Adoption. ✤ Suitable for Business Sponsors, Project Managers, Coaches, Team Leads and Members ✤ Contact siraj@sirajuddin.com
  • gratitude thank you for the privilege to present this to you Siraj@sirajuddin.com (202-415-2138)