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Steve jo bs   apple,i phone

Steve jo bs apple,i phone






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    Steve jo bs   apple,i phone Steve jo bs apple,i phone Presentation Transcript

    • Steven Paul Jobs • Born in 1955 in Green Bay, Wisconsin • Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs to live in Santa Clara, California • Graduated high school in Cupertino, California, • Reed collage • OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur, Co mputer
    • Education• Jobs went to Reed College in Portland Oregon• He studied Poetry, Literature, and Physics• After one semester, Jobs dropped out of school, but still attended some classes
    • EDUCATION CAREER OF STEVE JOBS Steve job attended Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School, both inCupertino, California, USA. He attended after school lectures at the Hewlett-PackardCompany, where he was later hired. He worked there with Steve Wozniak as a summeremployee After high school, he attended Reed College in Portland, for one semester, andthen dropped out Two years later, in 1974, he started going to meetings for the“Homebrew Computer Club” with Steve Wozniak in California Jobs took a job at Atari, apopular video game company, as a technician, hoping to save enough money for a spiritualretreat to India He came back from the trip, head shaved, wearing traditional Indianclothing, and ready to go back to Atari.
    • Smart but directionless, Jobs experimented withdifferent pursuits before starting Apple Computers withStephen Wozniak in the Jobss family garage. Applesrevolutionary products, which include the iPod, iPhoneand iPad , are now seen as dictating the evolution ofmodern technology.
    • BEST KNOWN FORSteve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers with Stephen Wozniak. Under his guidance, the company pioneered a series of revolutionary technologies including the iPhone and iPad.
    • The Beginnings of Apple• After spending time in India in 1974, Jobs returned to America• He visited with Woz the homebrew computer club, but was not content with just the creation of electronics.
    • • Jobs convinced Woz to help him create a personal computer, the Apple I• Jobs, with marketing help from a friend, had the vision of creating a computer company that would make and sell pc’s.• After showing the Apple I to in town computer stores, Jobs was able to sell 25.• After selling his Volkswagon mini-bus, and asking Woz to sell his scientific calculator, the two raised enough money to create Apple Computers.
    • Apple• Jobs and Woz sold the Apple I in 1976 for $666, making over $776,000 from sales• In 1977, the two released the Apple II, a single board computer with onboard ROM and a color video interface.
    • Positive Growth• From 1977 to 1983, Apple continued to grow exponentially.• In 1981, IBM finally entered the personal computer market, and in just two years began to outsell Apple.• After the failure of the Apple III and Lisa, Jobs needed a new computer that could compete with the IBM PC.
    • The Second Coming of Jobs• In 1996, Apple bought NeXT, and with it came Steve Jobs.• In 2000, Jobs became the full CEO of Apple, after the success of the iMac, the first computer mainly marketed for its looks.
    • Return to Profitability and Innovation• Jobs continues to innovate the computer industry, spearheading projects like the iPod, iTunes and its Music Store, and high end computer• Under Jobs’ watch, Apple has entered a new phase of growth and profitability, fueled by his imagination and quest for perfection
    • Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc, at the first West Coast Computer Faire,where the Apple II computer was debuted, in Brooks Hall, San Francisco, California, April16th or 17th, 1977
    • Apple co-founder Steve Jobs posing with an Apple II computer.
    • Steve Jobs unveils Apple Computer Corporations new Macintosh February 6,1984 in California. Jobs designed, built and introduced the Apple computer, auser-friendly alternative to IBMs personal computer with Steve Wozniak in1976.
    • CIRCA 1983: Apple computer Chrmn. Steve Jobs w. new LISA computer during presspreview.
    • CEO of NeXT Computer Corp. Steve Jobs sits June 1995 in Palo Alto, CA. Jobs, co-founderof Apple Computers, left the company after a power struggle with John Sculley to createNeXT corporation
    • CEO of NeXT Computer Corp. Steve Jobs stands with Ross Perot January 29, 1987.
    • Steve Jobs introduces his new company NeXT computer system October 12, 1988 inSan Francisco, CA
    • Jobs in 1996.
    • Apple Computer interim CEO Steve Jobs in July 1999 carrying new iBook, laptopcomputer w. built-in handle, Apples iMac to go
    • Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, delivers his keynote address at the MacWorld Expo inSan Francisco January 9, 2001 in San Francisco. Jobs announced a newly redesign G4Titanium Powerbook, new configurations of the G4 desktops as well as new audio andDVD software.
    • Apple CEO Steve Jobs poses with the new 30-inch flat panel display as hedelivers the keynote address at the 2004 Worldwide Developers ConferenceJune 28, 2004 in San Francisco, California. Jobs announced the 2005 release ofOSX Tiger and a new line of flat panel cinema displays including the first 30-inch model designed for the personal computer.
    • Jobs with Bono and The Edge of U2 celebrate the release of a new Apple iPod familyof products at the California Theatre on October 26, 2004 in San Jose, California
    • Jobs holds a new iPod with video capabilities as he delivers a keynote address October12, 2005 in San Jose, California. Jobs announced a new iPod that plays video, a new iMacand new version of iTunes that allows people to purchase videos and television shows.
    • Steve Jobs talks with Beck who performed at the launch of the iTunes Music Store inJapan at the Tokyo International Forum, August 4, 2005.
    • Jobs poses with musician John Legend during an Apple media event September 12, 2006 inSan Francisco. Jobs announced new iPods and video downloads from iTunes as well as asneak peek at a device tenatively called iTV which allows you to channel iTunes to yourtelevision.