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RLINK's e-Governance Solutions is an automation system that will help leaders of local government units and national government of the Philippines manage their localities easily and efficiently so that they can be more focus on public service programs and projects. This e-Governance Solutions can help boost local economy through fast processing of business permits, clearances and other documents needed by small medium enterprise owners that will surely provide much needed jobs by local constituents.

To know more about RLINK e-Governance Solutions call 413-4172 to 75 or visit our website http://www.rlink.com.ph

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RLINK e-Governance Solutions

  1. 1. Business Solutions, Inc. E-GOVERNANCE PRESENTATION FORLOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS (LGUs) www.rlink.com.ph JAE
  2. 2. JAE BUSINESS SOLUTIONSGovernment School IT and InfrastructureAutomation Automation SecurityE-Governance Antivirus Structured Business E-Academic Firewalls, Cabling, Solutions Business Internet Networking, Solutions Security, Wireless IP Telephony, Communication, Notebook and Backups Desktop Computers, Gadgets
  3. 3. JAE RLINK E-GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONS ADMIN PLANNING &FMIS / RGS HRMIS SYSTEMS DESIGN Real Property Service Contract Information System Document ExecutiveBusiness Permit & Tracking System InformationLicensing System Timekeeping System Management System Property Treasury Management Community Based Biometric Monitoring System Operations Timecapture System System Management System Leave Management Warehouse System Inventory System Budget Management Service Record Information Monitoring System System Payroll System Accounting Performance Information Evaluation System System
  4. 4. JAE RLINK E-GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONSLEGISLATIVE HOSPITAL MGMT E-ACADEMIC OTHERS MGMT. Student Enrollment Information Legislative Hospital Operation Linkage System Tracking System Management Student Module Information System Voters Registrar Management Management Information System Faculty Module Cashier’s Module Library Automation Alumni Management
  6. 6. E-GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONSTo create and develop acost-effective organizationaland technological infrastructure for animproved government operations andpublic service all throughout the provinceof Pampanga within a year.
  7. 7. Benefits of the ICT Project Greater Gaining Transparency in Government financial Sustaining Citizen Operations strength Local Empowerment Economy Compliance & Accountability Improve Processes Improving Delivery of Secured & Services Centralized Data Center Improving Reduce Staff Operational Productivity Cost
  8. 8. Web-based vs. LAN-based Applications  No Client Installation Requires installations to every  Cross-platform workstations Compatibility Platform dependent  Live behind-the-scenes Updates require onsite and on Interface Updates every workstations  Portability Non-portable  Massive Concurrent Users Limited to number of users (on-site & off-site) on-site  Information is accessible Information is accessible only anywhere, anytime. on-site  More Manageable / Easier Less Manageable / Difficult to Maintenance Maintain
  9. 9. Web-based vs. LAN-based Applications  Centralized Data either off- Centralized Data within site or on-site certain area  Secure Live Data Secure Data within the site  Easy Data Back-up Data Back-up is not as  Reduce Cost comfortably easy as web- based application  Highly Deployable High Cost of Implementation /  More Manageable Maintenance  Easier Maintenance (server Deployable but requires lot of maintenance only) work Difficult to maintain (Maintains all workstations)
  10. 10. Current ICT situation of PGoP PGoP Departments Governor District Hospitals Government Industries Schools Agencies X Assessor Internet Internet Businessmen X X X Internet X Treasury PGoP PPOSS Secured DATA X Center X Hackers /Accounting Malicious Citizens Intruders
  11. 11. Future ICT set up of PGoP PGoP Departments Governor District Hospitals Government Industries Schools Agencies Assessor Internet Internet Businessmen Internet Treasury PGoP PPOSS Secured DATA Center X Hackers / Accounting Malicious Citizens Intruders
  12. 12. 1 – Year ICT Project Plan EIS Executive Information System Revenue Generating Administrative & Planning Solutions Solutions PGoP Hospital Information Financial Academic Solutions Management Institution
  13. 13. PHASE 1 - Project Plan PGoP Revenue Generating Administrative & Planning Solutions Solutions webRPTMS webTOMS webHMS webCBMS Web-based Web-based Web-based Web-basedReal Property Treasury Hospital Community-Management Operations & Management Based System Accounting System Monitoring Information System
  14. 14. PHASE 2- Project Plan PGoP Administrative & Planning Solutions webEIS webSAMS webDTS webPSIS Web-based Web-based School Web-based Web-based Executive Automation Document Information Information Management Tracking Linkage System System System System
  15. 15. PHASE3 Project Plan PGoB Financial Administrative & Planning Management Solutions Solutions webBMS webRPTMS webPMS webLTSWeb-based Budget Web-based Web-based Web-basedMonitoring System Real Property Property Legislative Management Management Tracking System System System
  16. 16. Q&A
  17. 17. Executive InformationSystem Central Information System for the Local Chief Executive
  18. 18. Executive Information System  This system serves as the central information provider for the Local Chief Executive of the LGU.  It also provides general information on the services of the Local Government Unit, the project development plans and project accomplished by the LGU.  EIS is a web-based information system designed to accommodate and provide real-time queries and process statistical reports for the chief-executive even if he is out of town or anywhere in the world as long as internet is available..
  19. 19. Executive Information System Administrative MatterFinancialMatter
  20. 20. Information Linkage System 24/7 Hotline for citizen concerns, emergency cases, comments. The system links the CAPITOL to its CONSTITUENTS.
  21. 21. Information Linkage System Adding Contacts of the Provincial Capitol’s officeAppointmentScheduler
  22. 22. Information Linkage System Job Scheduler
  23. 23. Information Linkage System Transaction Receiver
  24. 24. Information Linkage System Sample Report
  25. 25. Information Linkage System Sample Report (View All)
  26. 26. LegislativeTrackingSystem LTS is a web-based information system designed to monitor and track down all legislative-related activities of the LGU – session schedules, attendance, ordinances / resolutions, reports etc.
  27. 27. Legislative Tracking System Report of Session Attendance
  28. 28. Legislative Tracking System Document Registry
  29. 29. Legislative Tracking System Document Action
  30. 30. Legislative Tracking System Resolution / Ordinance
  31. 31. Legislative Tracking System Search for Registered Resolution / Ordinance
  32. 32. Community Based Monitoring System
  33. 33. Community Based Monitoring System An organized system of data collection, processing, validation and use of information for various development processes. Involves the participation and capacity-building of key persons at each geopolitical level. Adopts the concept of mobilization and building the capacity of local leaders for data collection, processing and utilization of data for planning and impact-monitoring. Reports the data collected from the community to the next higher geopolitical level for immediate intervention and ultimately made available to macroeconomic planners to influence policy reforms BASIC NEEDS INDICATORS A. Health 1 Proportion of children 0-5 year old who died 2 Proportion of women who died due to pregnancy related-causes B. Nutrition 3 Proportion of children 0-6 years old who are moderately and severely underweight C. Housing 4 Proportion of households living in makeshift housing 5 Proportion of households who are squatters D. Water and Sanitation 6 Proportion of households with no access to safe water supply 7 Proportion of households with no access to sanitary toilet facilities E. Basic Education 8 Proportion of children 6-12 years old not in elementary school 9 Proportion of children 13-16 not in secondary school F. Income 10 Proportion of households with income below the poverty threshold 11 Proportion of households with income below the food threshold 12 Proportion of households who experienced food shortage G. Employment 13 Proportion of persons in the labor force who are unemployed H. Peace and Order 14 Proportion of households with members who are victims of crime
  34. 34. System comparison Time Difference OLD (Manual) New (Digital) ACTIVITIES (Time Spend) (Time Spend)1. Data Gathering (survey) 45 min/HH2. Data Encoding 20 min/HH3. Data Processing 48 hrs/brgy 45 min/HH4. Spot Mapping 5 min/HH5. Report Generation6. Data Cleansing 8 hrs/brgy
  35. 35. System Comparison Business Process Flow Start Old CBMSSpot mapping in Conduct actual Data encodingpaper as basis for survey using the Data processing using the using the CBMS-the enumerator survey questionnaire CSPro systemduring survey form MIMAP Digitizing of Spot maps through NRDB system New CBMIS Data gathering, Encoding, Spot Report mapping and Data processing Generation
  36. 36. Community Based Monitoring System
  37. 37. Community Based Monitoring System Political Organization Main Interface Barangay Details
  38. 38. Electronic RealProperty TaxInformationSystem
  39. 39. Electronic Real Property TaxInformation System A tested system of increasing revenues is to improve the collection effort, update property records and enhance system of billing and payment by computerizing tax collection system into what is termed as Real Property Tax Information System. A system capable of handling tax declaration records, payments, and system maintenance. One important feature is the integration of data from province to municipality and vice- versa. Features:  Provides a mechanism for the systematic and efficient management of real property tax records;  A Geographic Information System (GIS) - enabled system for easy tax mapping;
  40. 40. Electronic Real Property TaxInformation SystemIntegrated with Geographic Information System Parceliary Details
  41. 41. Electronic Treasury OperationsManagement System
  42. 42. Electronic Treasury OperationsManagement SystemRecords all the data from the official receipts as a form of payment ranging fromReal Properties, Business Taxes, Premium Market Operation, and otherGeneral Collections; disbursement vouchers and all forms of expenditures;monitors and updates changes and developments in its database, and cangenerate on-time, real-time reports. This system serves as the front-end of theBLGF-eSRE; a tested, reliable, and fast reporting systemFeatures: TOTAL Treasury Operation User Friendly Server-Client and Stand-Alone environment GIS mapping integration Migration of Data from other Database Platform Easy Set-up and Maintenance Security Features BIR DST reporting compliant BIR monthly Remittance Check Printing capability More features…
  43. 43. Accounting OperationsManagement SystemRecords all the data from theofficial receipts as a form ofpayment ranging from RealProperties, Business Taxes,Premium Market Operation, andother General Collections;disbursement vouchers and allforms of expenditures; monitorsand updates changes anddevelopments in its database,and can generate on-time, real-time reports. This system servesas the front-end of the BLGF-eSRE; a tested, reliable, and fastreporting system
  44. 44. Accounting Operations Management System Features Accurate and up to date file maintenance of account receivables, accounts payable, cash advances, general ledger, government chart of accounts. It also has a highly flexible table set-up for the ever changing Accounting Code coming from the Provincial and National Offices. It is a total monitoring system which allows on-line query on the financial operation and condition of the Treasury. User-friendly and menu driven options. It automatically generate reports such as List of Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Subsidiary schedules ledgers, Special and general journals, Salary Advances, Account receivables and payables
  45. 45. Accounting Operations Management System Income Transaction Cash Disbursement Window
  46. 46. Accounting Operations Management SystemSample Reports Check Disbursement Report Trial Balance
  47. 47. BudgetMonitoringSystem(BMS)
  48. 48. Budget Monitoring System (BMS)On the Provincial Budget Office, The Budget Monitoring System(BMS) automates the following process: Preparation of AnnualBudget, Monthly Budget Release, and Budget Control. It alsolinks the Budget office to the other finance offices.Minimum Features: o Centralized database o Uses the same libraries and references with the other financial offices, therefore, financial records are always on balance. o Shares the same Chart of Accounts with the Accounting Office. o Simplifies annual budget preparation o Generates Local Budget Preparation (LBP) Form 152 for DBM o Simplifies budget releases o Simplifies budget control (Auto release) o Auto-generates Obligation Request (ObR) number o Automated budgetary reserve setting per office o Automated computation of balances o Fast transaction routing
  49. 49. Budget Monitoring System (BMS) Monthly Release of every Office Allotment Control
  50. 50. Budget Monitoring System (BMS) Appropriation Re-alignment Appropriation Supplemental
  51. 51. Budget Monitoring System (BMS) Report on Appropriation and Allotment Obligations
  52. 52. Hospital Information Management System This system is for recording, monitoring and tracking of the records/reports and status of all incoming and outgoing transactions of a specific hospital or health center. This can be customized based on the requirements of the institution.
  53. 53. JAEHospital Information Management System MODULES Patient Information System Billing Section Cash Collection System Pharmacy Inventory System Record Management System Nursing Station Laboratory Information System OPD Information System
  54. 54. JAEHospital Information Management System Main Window This is a screenshot, to where HOMIS application is stored. D:HOMIS_2011 > double click homis (application)
  55. 55. JAEHospital Information Management System Admission Window Billing
  56. 56. JAEHospital Information Management System Admission / Discharge of Patient Medical Records
  57. 57. JAEHospital Information Management System PHIC
  58. 58. JAEHospital Information Management System PHIC Claim Form
  59. 59. DocumentTrackingSystem DTS is a centralized document tracking system that tracks down all incoming and outgoing documents - from the time of receipt until action or response has been rendered.
  60. 60. Document Tracking System Minimum Features: Systematic and reliable record keeping Centralized records database Barcode assignment Document scanning Fast document routing Utilizes LAN technology Fast document tracking Fast document retrieval Supports barcode scanning Generates pre-printed barcodes for contingency User-friendly GUI Minimum Reports Generated: Annual report of all registered documents List of documents per document type List of documents without action List of documents per action type Document action detail Pre-printed barcodes Document code guide
  61. 61. Document Tracking System Document Registry Document Action
  62. 62. Document Tracking System Search Without Action
  63. 63. Personnel Information Management System
  64. 64. Personnel Information Management SystemThe Personnel Management Information System recordsinformation on personnel, monitors and updates changesand developments in its profile, management, andstatistical reports.The PMIS has a total of eight (8) sub systems covering allHuman Resource Management transactions namely: 201 File Manager (PDS) Leave Management System Employment Recording System Timekeeping System Payroll System (Regular/Casual) Service Contract Information System Plantilla of Personnel Performance Management Evaluation System
  65. 65. Personnel Management Information System Leave Application Leave Index
  66. 66. Personnel Management Information System Employee Details Employee Service Record
  67. 67. Personnel Management Information System Timekeeping (DTR entries) DTR Prints
  68. 68. Personnel Management Information System Payroll Computation
  69. 69. In ConclusionWe are certain that you will be delightedwith all of the services outlined above.We look forward to a mutually beneficialrelationship with the Local GovernmentUnit. We are confident that a favorabledecision will bring your municipality into aleader and a continued success.
  70. 70. JAE To know more about RLINK Business Solutions, Inc. visit www.rlink.com.ph Call us at 413-4172 to 75