Designing for Attention Transmedia Singapore Masterclass Part 2: Community Building


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A Masterclass with Transmedia SG, Singapore Media Academy, May 29, 2013
Case Studies on Ruby Skye PI, The Karada & Zed.TO's Byologyc

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Designing for Attention Transmedia Singapore Masterclass Part 2: Community Building

  1. Designing for attentionTransmedia’s New Narrative Practices Part 2Siobhan O’Flynn, PhDInteractive Storytelling c. 2001Transmedia SG Singapore Media AcademyMay 29, 2013
  2. communitybuildingCase Studies
  3. Title TextUser-Defined Footer Text
  4. Indie Web Series•Jill Golick, Story2.OH•Identifies a content gap in teenprogramming•Under 13 not tracked on analytics•Audience of avid readers•Teen detective (Nancy Drewupdated)•15 day shoot during August 2010•Short episodes 3-5 minutes•Season 1 ran Oct.-Dec. 2011•Content distributed across platformswhere audience lives•Facebook Page - conversation withfans, not content push to fans•Recognizing audience as people iskey•Jill knows them all•Cross-posting fan content= engagement strategy
  5. tumblrIntegratedtransmediapuzzlesliteracy siteyoutube channel
  6. Indie Web Series•Jill Golick•‘On TV the show would be slated as ‘tween’ content’•Internet demographics different from TV•On the internet, audience drawn from wider age group into 20s & older•Harry Potter generation now in their 20s = global audience•Views: Canada/US, Mexico, Philippines, India, Australia, UK, Malaysia•Facebook stats revealed large Spanish audience•Episodes now subtitled in Spanish
  7. Indie Web Series•Season 2 - shot summer 2011& launched Oct. 2012•Ruby Skye PI:The HauntedLibrary includes:•50 behind-the-scenes & “extrafeatures” videos,•4 web sites,•4 Tumblr blogs,•multiple social media channels, and10 interactive clues.•Designed to engage fans betweenepisodes, viewers can study andsolve the clues which Ruby finds inthe story.•Ruby Skye PI:The Haunted Libraryavailable on KoldCast TV, blip,YouTube and DailyMotion•Dec. 2012 - Ruby Skye PI Season 2Hits 1.5 Million Video Views
  8. ■ Grand Prize Winner■ Outstanding Lead Actress – Interactive Narrative Drama: Madison Cheeatow■ Outstanding Guest Actor – Interactive Narrative Drama: Geri Hall■ Outstanding Cinematography – Interactive Narrative Drama: Alex Dacev■ Outstanding Direction – Interactive Narrative Drama: Kelly Harms
  9. Innovative ContentDevelopment& Business Model
  10. Canadian Indie TransmediaA prequel adventure to an upcoming TV seriesa series of graphic novels.
  11. InternationalProductionTeam• Wattpad raises $17 million in venture funding June 2012• Called ‘the YouTube of writing’•‘social-reading platform that allows amateur authors to upload content andconnect directly with readers’•Wattpad hosts more than five million user-generated stories in 25 languages andhalf a million new stories are added every month.•3 million registered users, up from 1 million in September•users spend 1.7 billion minutes reading and writing every month, in June 2012 =more than Pinterest.• Jim Martin - Heroes LA•Tom Lillehammer - Conspiracy forGood Sweden•Carrie Cutforth-Young - QueenSpadeTorontoInnovative Platform
  12. Analyzed fan activityon Wattpad•‘social-reading platform’•Fans can extend content, write newstories, share with friends•links to fan YouTube videos• popular with ‘Twihards, girls who read not only theTwilight novels butStephenie Meyers’ Midnight Sun’•Alternate version told from new pov, leaked online.•Karada designed to appeal to this demographic & the Wattpad trend to switchbetween perspectives & realities.Innovative Platform
  13. Guest Writers createnew worlds•prequel to TV Series•graphic novel by Hugo Arias•musical score by Steve Cupani•Chapter 1 written by Carrie Cutforth-Young•establish premise, characters, dilemma & Primary World•Guest writers create new worlds as story moves into multi-verse•Allows for new voices, new styles, new povs•Fluid format also creates space for fan fiction•Fan Fiction is Key Component of Wattpad activity•Fans extend & share new content•20,000 downloads in first weekInnovative Approach
  14. Remember the analoguepeople love material things....
  15. Each story in the Letters is like an episode of a television series - each has its owninternal arc, and each connects to others. While the series doesnt follow a singlenarrative from beginning to end, certain threads connect groups of episodes.  Kickstarter CampaignLaser Lace Letters - 7 Tangible Steampunk Stories by Haley Moore
  16. Value of Scarcitypeople love exclusivity...
  17. HBO IMAGINE ...scarcity
  18. • a new normal• participatory• many to many• gifts not viral• collaboration• philanthropy• shared value• civic engagementvs.
  19. do more with less
  20. Siobhan O’Flynn, PhDNarrativeNowTMCResourceKit.comsioflynn@gmail.comTwitter @SioflynnTransmedia-101.comthank you