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Question one music video

  1. 1. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Siobhan FoxEvaluation Question One:
  2. 2. First I am going to look into the conventionsI used, developed and challenged from myMusic VideoMy definition of conventions:Conventions within a media context is something the producer uses whenmaking a product so that the audience know straight away what genrethe product is from.Question One
  3. 3. When researching into the POP genre I analysed quite a fewdifferent, already existing music video’s by artists such as JessieJ, Little Mix and Stooshe to establish the conventions they have usedin their videos so I could use and develop them to make my musicvideo look and feel like a real POP video. These are the conventionsI picked out that I used:Question One- Performers are established first- Shot types- Fast pace editing- Mise en scene- Green screen- Lighting
  4. 4. At the very beginning of most POP music videos it is the performerswho are established first so as a group we took this into account andbegan our music video by establishing performance shots with thesingers first:Question OneJessie J’s music video My music video
  5. 5. I found out that the shot types within POP music videos are mainly mid shots andclose ups so I took this into account when planning and filming my music video so Icould use these shots in mine, such as:Question OneLittle Mix and Jessie J’s music video My music video
  6. 6. Stuart Hall - TheoristsQuestion OneStuart Hall is a media studies theorist who came up with theEncoding and Decoding theory. This was a basis of three mainconcepts;The dominant reading – positioning the audienceThe negotiated reading – audience partly agreeThe oppositional reading – audience feel opposite
  7. 7. The certain shots types used with in my music video which may use the dominantreading and position the audience to how they feel about the performers as wellas the characters in the narrative scenes. For example the group mid shots mayshow that the performers are friends and happy whereas the close ups and midshots on the performers in the narrative scenes may make the audience feel upsetand position them to feel sorry for the girl being bullied.Stuart Hall – ContinuedQuestion OneFriendship Upset - bullying
  8. 8. I tried to do this with in my section of the music video and I think that it worked wellas it went with the beat and is exciting for the audience to watch and from myquestionnaire I found out that my target audience like to watch fast pace editing.Question OneFor example on the lyrics ‘ready steady go’ I edited three separate clips together.Again on the lyrics ‘waste my life’ I edited three separate clips together.Ready GoSteadyWaste LifeMyA common convention used in the POP genre is fast pace editing to thebeat, this is due to the fast pace song and along with the bright colours makesit exciting for the audience to watch.
  9. 9. The POP genre is known for its fashionable clothing and when I researched into thedifferent outfits and makeup the performers wear it is seen to be colourful andfashionable so we decided to take this into consideration when filming our music video.Question OneColourful hair Bright lipstickFashionable clothingMise en scene
  10. 10. Green screen is used in some POP music videos as it is exciting for the audience to watch asthey are of a young age and makes the video more interesting, this is a convention which weused in our music video. We gave each character their own background to show that eventhough they are in a group they are still individuals with different personalities, this was usedin Little Mix’s music video. In some cases the same backgrounds flows throughout the videoand this is what we decided to do.Question OneLittle Mix’s backgroundsOur backgrounds
  11. 11. Lighting in the POP genre music videos are always bright because they are fast beat andhave an exciting feel. This is a convention I used in my music video as well as picking brightbackgrounds for the green screen, I done this by at first using studio lights but then onAdobe Premiere Pro I brightened the clips.Question OneBright backgroundBright lighting
  12. 12. Summary of USEI have looked in detail at what conventions areused in the POP genre music videos and takenthe parts that I think would work well and fromthe finished product I think they have worked asit makes it seem as if it is a real music video andthis is the effect I was going for.Question One
  13. 13. For my music video I wanted to be able totake some concepts and conventions fromoriginal, already existing POP music videosand develop them to make the video seemlike our own and not been copied fromothers.Question One
  14. 14. Question OneWe did this in many ways, such as using the split screen with the use of green screen so wecould put in our unique backgrounds. We originally took the idea from Little Mix’s split screenhowever developed it because there are three singers in our group compared to their four, sochanged the direction of the split screen.Our split screen Little Mix’s split screen
  15. 15. The music videos I have analysed have only had one or two different backgrounds, mainlywhite and green screen whereas we wanted to develop this and add another screen to addmore variety and make it more interesting, we done this by adding a black screen which isnot used as much as other coloured screens.Question OneGreen screenBlack screenWhite screen
  16. 16. Within the music videos I have looked at group vs. solo shots and they do notseem to be of a equal ratio, the solo shots seem to be used a lot more than groupshots so we wanted to develop this to make them equal.Question OneGroup shots Solo shots
  17. 17. Maslow’s hierarchy ofneedsMaslow‘s hierarchy of needs suggests that there are five basicsection that a person wants and needs in life which are:Question OneFrom this I can take that the group shots in my music video represents a need offriendship with in the third section of the hierarchy.
  18. 18. The shot types in POP genre music videos are mainly mid shots therefore we wantedto develop this by adding more shots types such as long shots, close ups and extremeclose ups.Question OneExtreme close upClose up Long shot
  19. 19. Summary of DEVELOPI feel that the conventions I have chose todevelop have worked well as they did not needto be changed completely but if I used them asthey were it would have made it seem that Icopied the music video, therefore by doing thisit has made it my own.Question One
  20. 20. I wanted my music video to try and be originaland creative therefore I wanted to challengesome conventions of POP genre music videos,this meant creating ideas that are not commonlyknown for these music videos.Question One
  21. 21. One convention that is not common in POP genre music videos is having narrative involved.We thought that the video would be much more interesting and exciting for our targetaudience if we added narrative, therefore constructed a storyboard on bullying which may besomething the audience could relate to. Plus, when I sent out my questionnaire to my targetaudience I found out that they wanted there to be narrative within the music video. I feel thatthis worked well and gave our video something to follow.Question OneShot establishing the girl walking pastthe bullies at the beginning of schoolMid shot to show the bullies behindthe girl representing the bullying
  22. 22. Todorov’s theoryTodorov’s theory suggests that there are five stages of narrativewhich are;1) Equilibrium2) Disruption3) Recognition of disruption4) Attempt to repair damage5) State of new equilibriumThis can be seen to go with my music video as we haveintroduced narrative and there is a beginning where they fallout, the teacher then notices this bullying and then it isresolved, usually within a music video there is no narrativetherefore ours challenges this and introduces Todorov’s theory.Question One
  23. 23. Within our group we felt that the clothing in the POP genre may not be suitable for ourtarget audience age as it may seem too provocative with the low cut tops and shortskirts, so therefore we wanted to challenge this by wearing clothing suitable for the age ofour audience and be covered up.Question OneOur video – covered upLittle Mix’s video – not as appropriate
  24. 24. Another convention which is not commonly known to be used is different angles, such asleft/right and high/low but I wanted to challenge this and add more of a variety to make itmore interesting. I done this by not only adding the more common angles such as left andright but by adding a moving effect which travels past all of the performers on the rightside, this worked really well as it added more variety.Question OneRight angleLeft angle Moving camera
  25. 25. Summary of CHALLENGEThe conventions I have challenged have alsoworked well because it makes it more interestingand suitable for the target audience as well asadding certain camera movements it makes themusic video more creative and original.Question One