Friday shots


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Friday shots

  1. 1. Friday shots: Purple: Wide shot of playing guitar out of window Green: Flower: mid shot of her twisting flowers and staring at him – inbetween doors, hes leaning and looking down at her at an angle Green: Flower: close up of her smelling flower then move it away Purple: Guitar: low angle looking up at the guitar Green: Back to mid shot of her holding flower and laughing – with callum Purple: Mid shot – guitar out of window singing Blue: Walk into shot and bend down Purple: Shot of guitar and singing at window – mid/close up Blue: Over shoulder shot, pulling out a box from under bed, twist it Blue: Close up of face – smile Purple: Close up of at window – just face with guitar singing Purple: Wide shot of at window singing Black: On bed – pan across her body playing guitar and kicking leg Blue: Side view – mid shot – open box – pull out birthday card Blue: Close up – opening birthday card – mainly face, show slight amount of card Purple: Ex close up of singing with guitar Blue: Mid shot in shallow focus on Sophia pulling out guitar pick and holding it up Blue: Close up – over the shoulder of guitar pick Red: Moving round a corner (on balcony), they sit on the floor – wide shot, playing guitar – callum sits at the back, Sophia at the front, looking at what he does Red: Mid shot of guitar and callum playing guitar, Sophia looks at him play and the guitar – laughing Purple: Ex close up of Sophia singing at window (purple shirt) Red: Ex close up of next to callum – playing guitar and Sophia looking Red: Close up of their mouths and guitar – laughing Red: Panning of mid shot of guitar Red: Close up of Sophia looking at callum Purple: ex close up of singing at window Pink: close up of baking tracer being held Pink: wide shot of them playing in the flour, surrounded by flour and bowls etc Pink: mid shot – holding up the cut outs of what she made – next to callum – side view pink: mid shot – going from down at the baking, to up to faces, callum puts flour on sophias face as shes looking away, looks up and laughs purple: close up of guitar and singing pink: close up of blowing flour at callum, callum in shallow focus pink: mid shot of Sophia wiping flour on callum, he pulls away and she laughs black: wide shot/mid of Sophia laying on the bed and singing while playing guitar blue: close up of puzzle piece blue: over the shoulder shot of puzzle piece grey: sat at table, with a large puzzle, she looks bored and he is looking at her trying for help
  2. 2. grey: close up of Sophia – callum in shallow focus – side view of callum, Sophia staring at callum, looks away grey: close up of singing at window grey: mid shot of them at table with puzzle – staring at eachother, she looks down – head in left hand purple: wide shot – at window singing grey: close up of him holding her hand grey: close up of her face, looks down/not interested purple: at an angle, close up of her singing