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Evaluations 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary texts? House style and theme When I was creating my music video, magazine advert and my digipak, I ensured that I was creating a recognisable „house style‟ so that there is a constant theme running throughout. This is so that the theme of the album is easily identified by the target audience of the genre I am targeting. In result, I hope that my magazine advert and my digipak will work together in order to create the house style and make it effective to my audience in particular. I want it to be an eye catching factor to my work which is going to entice the audience to look at the magazine advert, and fulfil the purpose of the document of promoting the album. Throughout my music video I have created the feeling of a carefree and freedom of my actresses actions, and how it can be influential on other people‟s lives. The decisions which I made was reinforced strongly by the lyrics of the song, as it is about loneliness and how they are free from one another. I felt it was extremely important to highlight this within my digipak and magazine advert as I have not featured the male in either of this documents. I strongly feel like the protagonist – being Sophia, gets sympathised by from the audience, and therefore I wanted to have her as the main, featured person on my magazine advert. Although I have got her on my magazine advert, I have decided against using her as the main image on my digipak. I have done this because I didn‟t want to keep all attention on her, as there has been a significant relationship and bond between Sophia and her guitar throughout the music video. It is symbolic for the love which is lost between Sophia and her boyfriend, which is made up by her love with music. I wanted to carry on with the quirky feel to the digipak to fulfil the typical conventions of folk rock music genre. Music video My music video has the purpose to entertain its audience and also to create a character that the fans of Passenger can identify and relate with, feeling sympathy towards the protagonist and their feelings throughout the music video; especially at the end as the couple break up. As well as this, it was also used to empathise the lyrics and meaning behind the song “Let her go” by using interesting but modern narrative to be able to successfully highlight and demonstrate the true emotions of the break up, and how your actions can impact upon others. The way that I have filmed my music video, by using slow cuts and some slow motion helps to represent my theme of loneliness, creating a sense of reflection for the audience - encouraging them to remember a carefree or lonely time they could have had themselves. The artist, who I have chosen, will naturally help to grasp attention of my target audience as for many young people his lyrics are relatable. Magazine advert The purpose of my magazine advert is to quite simply promote and raise awareness for the album, and to contribute to the style and image of the artist I have chosen to create. I feel that my magazine advert has successfully represented this as I chose to design it in natural colours – being black and
  2. 2. white. I chose to do this as I used a colour image, which is the only one I have featured actress in throughout the digipak and magazine advert which is in colour. I wanted to keep all the attention on her, as she is the main focus, however, I feel that the contrast of black and white compliment each other, and no not take away focus from the image, but at the same time, attract attention to the important areas of the advert. In terms of the image, I have got a side view of my main actress, which in actual fact is looking out of a window. However, this is hidden as the only background you can see if the faint, blurred image of the trees. The fact you cannot see any form of stability in the image, is metaphorical for her feelings and the way in which she has been living her life in the relationship. It is symbolic for the hidden emotion she has been feeling, yet the smile we see on her face suggests that she is happier when on her own, where we also see her feeling free as nature is her background. This will instantly assist the sales of the album as the target audience will appreciate my artists passion for music and her happiness. Digipak The digipak I created also maintains to portray the neutral house style with lower transparency settings on the images, white text, and a brown front cover. It all is symbolic for the nature which again is linked with the freedom and carefree approach as to what we see at the end of the video. The title of my digipak „All these little things‟ reinforces the lyrics and the true meaning behind it, suggesting there is a lot of little things which will eventually build up, and result in a break up. I downloaded a font called „Skinny Body‟ as I felt it fit perfectly with the sort of design I was going for, especially for the front cover. It made it look more quirky and fit in with the genre of folk rock, furthermore, therefore meeting the codes and conventions which makes it look more professional. Also, I felt this font was successful as it catches the customer‟s attentions in contrast to using a normal font from the selection available. As I have constantly referred to the actresses‟ relationship between her and the guitar – being symbolic for her love for music throughout my video, I felt it was necessary to have the guitar as the main image and not her. Keeping it simple but still with the conventions of the video, I feel that I have successfully placed an image which has a quirky effect and entices the customer into the main part of the digipak. Furthermore, I felt that having a mix of images of the star and various images on nature would maintain interest of the customer, and portrays two different sides to Sophia, which is more intimate for the customer.