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Flotex brochure march_2013

  1. 1. CI/SfB (43) Tn6 January 2013 FLOCKED FLOORING Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Forbo Group, a global leader in flooring, bonding and movement systems, and offers a full range of flooring products for both commercial and residential markets. High quality linoleum, vinyl, textile, flocked and entrance flooring products combine functionality, colour and design, offering total flooring solutions for any environment. UK Ireland Registered office: Forbo Flooring UK Limited Forbo Ireland Ltd Forbo Flooring UK Limited PO Box 1, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 2SB 2 Deansgrange Business Park Den Road, Kirkcaldy London EC1 showroom Blackrock Fife KY1 2ER 79 St John Street, Clerkenwell Co Dublin Registered in Scotland: No 41400 London EC1M 4NR Tel: 00353 1 2898 898 Tel: 0207 553 9300 Fax: 00353 1 2898 177 For commercial enquiries: Email: info.ireland@forbo.com If calling from the North, www.forbo-flooring.ie Midlands, London & South East Tel: 0800 0282 162 FLOOR TO DOOR NEXT DAY Fax: 01772 646 912 SAMPLE SERVICE If calling from Scotland & South West 0800 731 2369 SERVICE WWW.FO RB O-FLO O RIN G .CO.U K Tel: 0800 0935 258 Fax: 01592 643 999 Nuway enquiries: Tel: 01773 740 688 Fax: 01773 740 640BRFLO02-13 148778 Residential enquiries: Tel: 0800 0935 846 Fax: 01592 643 999 Email: info.flooring.uk@forbo.com www.forbo-flooring.co.uk Samples: Tel: 0800 731 2369 creating better environments creating better environments
  2. 2. Contents Introduction 5 Flotex Classic 48 Flotex Calgary 50 Segments Workspaces 6 Flotex Metro 52 Leisure and retail 7 Flotex Berlin 54 Healthcare 8 Flotex Dakota 55 Industry and transportation 9 Flotex Manila 56 Education 10 Flotex Vienna 57 The home 11 Flotex Montana 58 Sustainability Flotex Samba 59 Real sustainability 12 Flotex Senya 60 Flotex Artline 61 Flotex 15 Flotex Tiles 62 Flotex Sottsass 20 Flotex Calgary 64 Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Forbo Group, a global leader Flotex Bacteria 22 Flotex Metro 65 Flotex Terrazzo 24 in flooring, bonding and movement systems, and offers a full range Flotex Silica 66 Flotex Wool 26 of flooring products for both commercial and residential markets. Flotex Samoa 67 Flotex Kasuri 28 High quality linoleum, vinyl, textile, flocked and entrance flooring Flotex Integrity 68 products combine functionality, colour and design, offering total Flotex HD 30 Flotex Montana 69 flooring solutions for any environment. Flotex Naturals 32 Flotex Samba 70 Flotex Spin 34 Flotex Senya 71 Flotex Pulse 35 Flotex Palma 72 Flotex Cord 36 Flotex Penang 73 Flotex Field 37 Flotex Oslo 74 Flotex Vector 38 Flotex Seoul 75 Flotex HD Made-to-order 39 Explore new possibilities 76 Flotex Grid 39 Technical specifications 77 Flotex Collage 40 Flotex Network 41 Cleaning & Maintenance 83 Flotex Plaid 42 Design service 84 Flotex Cube 43 The next step 85 Flotex Trace 44 Flotex Circuit 45 Flotex Blossom 46 Explore new possibilities 472 3
  3. 3. You’re thinking time is precious, we’re thinking, we agree Why deal with multiple suppliers when With a range of subfloor systems, Eurocol you can deal with one? Forbo Flooring adhesives and Floor Care products to Systems is a global producer of flooring complete this extensive and versatile solutions. We pride ourselves on offering product portfolio, Forbo Flooring Systems a truly comprehensive product portfolio can deliver ‘integrated solutions’ for with leading edge products specifically every project. The single source solution designed to cater for each area of a project, overcomes the need for multiple supplier from the entrance, through circulation and visits and provides total accountability communal zones, to each individual space across the project, saving you valuable time, in the building. money and providing peace of mind. This brochure details our comprehensive range We are also a major British manufacturer of Flotex flocked flooring. For information with five UK manufacturing plants on our other key product ranges and employing more than 500 UK staff. services, please ring 0800 731 2369 for a free copy of any of our brochures. Our flooring solutions offer includes:- Forbo’s products are available in a vast • Environmentally friendly, functional array of colourways and offer a wide and design-oriented Marmoleum choice of performance attributes. Flooring • An extensive range of sheet Project installations in a variety of application vinyls, Acoustic vinyls and Safety vinyls areas ranging from hospitals and schools • Static control flooring for areas with to airports and designer shops are proof sensitive electronic equipment that Forbo offers modern, versatile, high • High quality European manufactured performing floor coverings. Luxury Vinyl Tiles The following pages provide inspiration on • Entrance flooring systems that keep the colours and structures of many of our interior floors clean, dry and safe collections in various market sectors. • Carpet tiles for both public and commercial environments • Flocked sheet and tile for areas that need the benefits of both textile and resilient floor coverings • Cushioned vinyls for the home t Taking care of your floor A selection of some of the thousands of men and women that create Forbo floor coverings in our 12 manufacturing sites across Europe, including five in the the UK.4 5
  4. 4. Westbond | 9485 vapour Marmoleum | 3882 relaxing lagoon Tessera barcode | 316 picket line Tessera arran | 1507 java Marmoleum | 2939 black Eternal wood | 11382 anthracite stripe Flex design | 1654 light sand Marmoleum | 5301 graffito Coral classic | 4710 metal blue Segment WORKSPACES Segment LEISURE AND RETAIL • odular products provide much needed M • ur collection includes ranges that offer O flexibility in an office layout and are ideal tile, plank and sheet formats to meet the for raised access floors. With both resilient flexibility required in this segment and textile ranges available in tile format, the design options are vast • espoke products, colours and logos are B available to match retail branding • espoke products and plan designs are B available to allow customers to truly • ur heavy duty entrance systems help O customise their workspace to keep visitors safe by preventing slips. They also protect interior floor finishes • ur portfolio includes vibrant and O subdued colourways to suit all interiors6 7
  5. 5. Flotex montana | 377072 melon Marmoleum | 3874 walnut Eternal smaragd | 61832 herb Flotex calgary | 290014 lime Marmoleum | 3219 spa Safestep R11 | 82022 Sarlon linen | 436501 pearl Colorex SD | 150223 atlantic Coral classic | 4722 caribbean blue Segment HEALTHCARE Segment INDUSTRY AND TRANSPORTATION • nique bacteriostatic properties to help fight U • Static control flooring for specialist needs hospital acquired infections such as MRSA • ntrance systems and interior floor E • Proven strength and durability coverings that meet the demand of high point loads • Vast range of colourways available • Fire retardant solutions for transport • ur collection includes products approved O by Allergy UK and the Fraunhofer institute • loor covering systems available for areas F where downtime is an issue • wide range of slip resistance ranges available A8 9
  6. 6. Flotex calgary | 590012 cement Sarlon pepper | 432314 taupe Marmoleum sport | 83210 Surestep original | 171762 marine Eternal wood | 10492 red oak Flotex metro | 546015 cocoa Marmoleum | 5218 welsh moor Marmoleum click | 753876 camel Segment EDUCATION Segment THE HOME • orbo offers a wide range of textile and F • rusted brands including textile T resilient products with acoustic properties and resilient ranges of 17dB and above • Sustainable solutions • wide range of slip resistant ratings are A available for improved safety • Guarantees up to 20 years • Allergy UK approved for peace of mind10 11
  7. 7. You’re thinking real sustainability, we’re thinking responsible action As a global leader in flooring systems Creating better environments We shall achieve our target by applying Here are some examples of how we’ve we have a responsibility to all of Forbo’s 4 R’s: used the 4 R’s principle to implement Our target our stakeholders, to create a better responsible actions. To continuously minimise the The 4 R’s are at the heart of Forbo’s efforts environment. The way we serve and environmental impact of Forbo Flooring to reduce our impact on the environment drive the market sets the pace and standard for world class flooring Systems as measured by the weighted and are important indicators in our quest Reduce Renewable Recycle categories in our independently verified Life to become a more sustainable company. solutions. Sustainable development • mproving yarn yields by 14% through I Cycle Assessment measurement system by • he Marmoleum range contains T • perating our ‘Back to the Floor’ scheme O and ‘creating better environments’ are better edge control for our textile 25% before the end of 2015 (cf 2009). 72% rapidly renewable material. for collecting and reprocessing installation integral parts of all of Forbo Flooring products. off-cuts back into Forbo products. Systems’ activities. yc l e A s s e s s m e Measurement eC nt • reating alternative raw materials of C Lif • sing a new tufting technology for carpet U Forbo uses Life Cycle Assessment bio based material compositions. • djusting the formula of recipes to A We’re fully committed to reducing our tiles, resulting in fewer raw materials used. w maximise the use of recycled material (LCA) as the independent methodology ene able Lif impact upon the environment, not only in R • ver 95% of our electricity comes O e.g. Coral Welcome, Tessera Weave e Cy the way we run our manufacturing sites but of measuring our impact on the • liminating trimming waste by 85% in E from renewable resources. and Create Space contain up to 100% environment. cle Assessm also in terms of our actions and operations carpet tiles by using ultrasonic cutting Reduce Reuse 4 R’s regenerated yarn. beyond the factory boundaries. technology. • pportunity to build a wind turbine on O Measuring our LCA our Ripley plant, which can provide one • sing recycled aluminium for the majority U We’ve adopted a lifecycle approach in The LCA is calculated for 1m2 installed floor • he 2011 Eternal project vinyl collection T third of the plant’s electricity needs. Rec ycl e of our Nuway entrance products. Many showed a 4% improved LCA score on the en order to identify every possible opportunity covering from cradle to installation. We ranges allow for double sided use allowing t to improve our use of scarce resources, based our LCA calculation on the weighed previous range. an extension of a product’s life by 100%. eliminate waste, maximise efficiency and mass of all the products we produced. We ba ck to the f lo or • educing bitumen usage in carpet tile R Reuse recycle and reuse materials. also included the energy consumption • roducing Westbond carpet tiles with P production by 15% through process of all our offices and warehouses • eaching a material efficiency in R a backing comprising up to 74% improvements. worldwide. Marmoleum production of 98% of the recycled materials. • ngineering our resilient products like E entire volume produced. All materials that When evaluating our LCA, we took into • roducing Eternal and Step products P vinyl and Marmoleum in such a way ordinarily would go to waste are brought account the following environmental that contain up to 40% of recycled post that dry/spray maintenance in most of back into the production process. impact categories: industrial waste in the backing layer of the cases can be advised thus reducing • ptimisation of the reuse of vinyl waste. O the product. • Acidification potential the amount of cleaning products and It is processed into the backing of our detergents needed. • roducing Marmoleum with 43% recycled P • utrophication potential E other vinyl floor coverings. post industrial waste and 97% natural • Ozone layer depletion potential • ngineering high end durable coatings E • roducing a Flotex tile backing made P raw materials. like PUR-pearl for vinyl and Topshield2 for • Photo oxidant creation potential from re-used and pre consumer waste. Marmoleum that extend the economic Waste comes from other production sites • Abiotic depletion potential life of the floor covering. The Topshield2 within Forbo, but also from outside Forbo finish allows complete renovation of the • Global warming potential to optimise waste streams from external Marmoleum and extends the product’s textile flooring companies. useful life even more. Renovating the top layer of a Marmoleum floor results in • ptimising a sample take back programme O nearly 14% LCA improvement on global for both reuse and recycling. warming potential. • eplacing linseed oil and rosin in our R Reduce Renewable Marmoleum with a percentage of tall Reuse oil (a left over product from the paper Recycle industry), thereby reusing materials that otherwise would have no purpose.12 13
  8. 8. FLOTEX – Sustainable buildings A CHOICE NOT A COMPROMISE Green Building is the practice of creating More and more often we are seeing a greater Nylon 6.6 fibres structures and using processes that are accountability for our products contribution environmentally responsible and resource- to sustainable (Green) Building design. Sure Active Sanitized® efficient throughout a building’s life- we know that every one of our products Adhesive reservoir cycle from siting to design, construction, has the prerequisite requirement of having operation, maintenance, renovation and good design, colour, and necessary technical Glassfibre demolition. This requires close cooperation performance. However, it is the product’s reinforcement of the design team, the architects, the sustainable attributes that are the tipping engineers, and the client at all project point in today’s specifier decision making Totally stages. The Green Building practice process. Attributes such as rapidly renewable Cushioned impervious expands and complements the classical material content, low emissions, and recycled backing building design concerns of economy, content are just a few of the requirements utility, durability, and comfort. Green that we are asked for on a regular basis. This Building is also known as a sustainable demand for sustainable attributes is being or high performance building. Although largely fueled by Green Building rating systems new technologies are constantly being like, LEED, BREEAM and SKA rating just to Tim Cole developed to complement current name a few. However, it is the goal of Forbo Head of Sustainability, • traight nylon 6.6 fibres (flock) capture allergens S • ouble strength glassfibre reinforcement D practices in creating greener structures, the Flooring Systems to look beyond developing Forbo Flooring Systems which are easily released when vacuumed achieves greater dimensional stability common objective is that Green Buildings products with sustainable attributes and are designed to reduce the overall impact of produce products that are truly sustainable. • 0 million fibres per m2 deliver a durable 7 • lotex tiles contain up to 59% reused F the built environment on human health and and slip resistant surface and recycled content the natural environment by: By utilising LCA, our Design and Innovation • n active reservoir of Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment A • ll unique elements combined make Flotex A team is preparing our products to meet the • Efficiently using energy and water gives lifetime security against bacteria and odour a choice not a compromise future demands of Green Building design and • rotecting occupant health and improving P reclamation programmes to create a closed • ushioned backing provides comfort C • 10 year commercial warranty employee productivity loop system. In addition they aim to develop and acoustic performance • Approved by Allergy UK products that can contribute to a “Living • mpervious backing suitable for wet cleaning I • educing waste, pollution and depletion R Building” through integrated design. Forbo’s of resources commitment toward sustainability must be TNT Centre, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands the tipping point that separates our products Leed Platinum Certified Building Forbo Flooring is a member of Green from all the rest. Flooring – Marmoleum Building Councils in different countries in the UK, Europe and in the USA. We actively support the built industry in their efforts 20dB 19dB *Sanitized® is a to design sustainable buildings with lower Flotex sheet Flotex tile registered trademark of SANITIZED AG environmental footprint and moreover License No 2893.04 BREEAM ratings for Flotex we offer products that contribute to the overall reduction of the built environmental Product Description Offices Schools Healthcare Domestic Retail/Leisure Retail/Leisure footprint helping to create sustainable (Durability) (Fashion) buildings. Flotex F50 – F50 tile with recycled backing B A A B B A+ Flotex F200 – F200 sheet with PVC backing A A A+ A A A+ Flotex F200 HD – F200 HD sheet with PVC backing B A A B B A+14 15
  9. 9. A floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet without any of the drawbacks of a carpet. Flotex has a smooth, velour like surface that is comfortable to walk on, warm underfoot with excellent slip resistant and acoustic properties. Flotex is extremely durable and will retain its appearance for many years. It can be cleaned using standard cleaning equipment and as the flocked fibres are firmly anchored into a waterproof backing, it’s possible to clean right down to the base of the pile. With this unique combination of benefits, Flotex proves an ideal solution wherever hardwearing, attractive and hygienic flooring is required. It is specified widely in both sheet and tile formats in many application areas including schools, colleges, clinics, care homes, nurseries, hotels, restaurants, museums and airports. IT’S NOT A CARPET BUT IT LOOKS LIKE ONE16 17
  10. 10. DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE WARM AND WASHABLE Discover the toughness and durability of Flotex which comes as a result of the 70 See how simple every day vacumming removes any dirt or trapped allergens. million nylon 6.6 fibres per square metre while experiencing the quietness and However in demanding environments or where accidents occur is where Flotex comfort normally only associated with a carpet as a result of its cushioned backing. really excels. The impervious backing allied to the unique construction and sanitized treatment mean that Flotex is truly washable. Steam cleaning or even mechanical cleaning can be used enabling the floor to be restored quickly even after heavy soiling. Also Flotex generally requires much less chemical cleaning QUIET YET HYGIENIC than, for example, traditional impervious carpets. Benefit from the proven hygienic performance of Flotex which is directly related to SAFE BUT SOUND ABSORBING its nylon fibres and active santized reservoir. It’s the reason why Flotex is the only textile floor covering to be approved by Allergy UK as it has a postive impact on the life of allergy sufferers. It has the ability to trap allergens and then safely release them to standard cleaning appliances. Unlike carpet, the antimicrobial sanitized Flotex provides both low in-room impact noise performance (Class A) as well as treatment also provides protection against mould and odours while still delivering good impact sound reduction (up to 20dB) meaning a quiet room and a quiet a comfortable and quiet environment. building. It is also meets HSE wet and dry slip low slip risk classifications for use on both flat surfaces and ramps. Finally, a non-fray construction avoids trip hazards, while the pattern, texture and grip of the surface also represents best practice of the Equality Act. *Sanitized® is a Vacuuming Vacuuming registered trademark Flotex conventional of SANITIZED AG carpet License No 2893.0418 19
  11. 11. Daring design. Inspirational flooring. BREEAM ratings Flotex – F200 HD sheet with PVC backing Building Type Retail Retail Commercial Education Health Domestic (Durability) (Fashion) B A A B B A+ At the crossroads of art, design and architecture, the work of Ettore Sottsass represents the birth of non- conformist Italian design, somewhere between the industrial and the experimental. A prominent figure in Italian design since the 1950’s, this ingenious free thinker sought to explore every creative avenue with a non-conformist attitude that was both assuming and audacious. Whether designer, architect, sculptor, artist or photographer, Ettore Sottsass has left his mark and his commitment in his global view of the environment and space, through his sculptures, jewellery, artwork, furniture, and industrial objects. Today, many designers and architects emulate his spiritual heritage, radical in its stance against functionalism. The exclusive design collaboration with Flotex was borne out of the desire to work with an innovative flooring technology and its precision HD printing brings to life the avant guard designs that clearly carry the Sottsass signature. Christopher Redfern Head of the Sottsass Association with designer Ernest Mourmans, he has produced award winning articles for Alessi, Seiko and Cartier. In 1999 he founded his own architecture studio which specialises in interior architecture.20 21
  12. 12. In Bacteria, Redfern has taken one of Ettore Sottsass’ signature designs, created in the late 1970’s, a forerunner of the current modern age of nano technology and 990201 genetic engineering. Optically challenging, the design is open to wide interpretation, close up amoebic forms sway and shift yet from afar it appears as a constellation of distant stars. Bacteria is available in 20 colourways. Pattern repeat 200 x 150 cm Sottsass | bacteria 990101 990202 990203 990301 990302 990303 990304 990401 990402 990403 990404 990501 990502 990503 990101 990102 990103 Sottsass | bacteria 990402 990104 990105 990106 Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.22 23
  13. 13. Terrazzo by Sottsass is a witty “twist” on the concept of Italian Terrazzo (a traditional flooring created several hundred years ago when Venetian workers found a use for discarded marble remnants). Sottsass Associati has developed this idea to give the impression of a beautifully laid Mediterranean terrazzo floor. However, on closer inspection, the “chips” in Terrazzo are revealed as pieces of torn paper – each holding its own story – a shredded love letter or a business document? It’s left to the individual to decide and to create their own narrative. Terrazzo is available in 13 colourways. Pattern repeat 200 x 150 cm Sottsass | terrazzo 990701 990701 990702 990703 990704 990705 990706 990707 990708 990709 Sottsass | terrazzo 990703 990710 990711 990712 990713 Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.24 25
  14. 14. The Wool design was conceived by Ettore Sottsass when he laid filaments of wool yarns, collected from various countries, onto a flat, coloured surface. It plays on the textures of the individual strands of the natural fibres to give a sense of depth and warmth to the floor along with a defined linear pattern that can dramatically shift the perspective of interior spaces. Wool is available in 12 colourways. Pattern repeat 200 x 150 cm Sottsass | wool 990601 990601 990602 990603 990604 990605 990606 990607 990608 990609 Sottsass | wool 990608 990610 990611 990612 Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.26 27
  15. 15. Kasuri draws its inspiration from the traditional Japanese woven textile technique used to create the eponymous fabric. Redfern uses the digital pixel in the fusion of contemporary and traditional references inherent in this design. Kasuri is available in two scales of design, each in eight colourways. Pattern repeat large 50 x 46cm, small 33.3 x 55.7cm Sottsass | kasuri large 990801 990813 990814 990815 990816 990802 990804 990811 990812 990809 990810 990807 990808 Sottsass | kasuri large 990809 990805 990806 990801 990803 Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.28 29
  16. 16. Vibrancy and intricate detail: Flotex HD represents the unique High Definition digital print collection that creates superior textured aesthetics with almost 3D-like appearance. Flotex HD, through its technology allows for large endless pattern repeats and vivid life like colours creating a new dimension for Flotex. It also enables the realistic textures seen in our Flotex naturals range. Flotex HD: In this brochure five stunning core Flotex HD collections and the Flotex naturals range are presented, all of which are available for immediate delivery. Flotex HD: made-to-order: Besides the core Flotex HD collection an additional eight collections of popular commercial designs are offered on a made-to-order basis. BREEAM ratings Flotex – F200 HD sheet with PVC backing Building Type Retail Retail Commercial Education Health Domestic (Durability) (Fashion) B A A B B A+ Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order Made-to-order30 31
  17. 17. A special range of 13 flocked floor coverings that all deliver the appearance and apparent texture of a real wood floor. The range includes timber designs to suit everyone’s needs and colour schemes, from cedar and blackened oak to stained pine and european white wood. Pattern repeat: SM – straight match, HD – half drop 010042 steamed beech Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm HD 010036 american oak Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010035 distressed oak Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010003 mixed wood antique Pattern repeat: 200 x 147.5cm SM 010053 golden oak Pattern repeat: 200 x 150cm SM 010056 stained pine Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010039 european white wood 010039 european white wood Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm HD 010055 chestnut Pattern repeat: 200 x 150cm SM 010057 cedar Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010038 white oak Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010041 smoked beech Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM 010040 antique pine Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm HD 010037 blackened oak Pattern repeat: 100 x 150cm SM Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.32 33
  18. 18. The geometric perfection of a circle is given the With each design element’s rise and fall across its human touch in the Flotex spin range. A dynamic chosen colour spectrum, the natural rhythms of hours balance of regularity and individual uniqueness. and days resonate in the Flotex pulse collection. Pattern repeat 50 x 50 cm Pattern repeat 50 x 50 cm Spin | 530002 berry Pulse | 510001 steel 530001 lime 530014 apple 510014 storm 510018 spray 530013 forest 530015 tropicana 530017 lagoon 530016 denim 530018 tide 530008 lemon 510003 sea 510008 lagoon 510009 denim 510004 crush 510015 spice 510019 linen 530007 orange 530005 pumpkin 530011 coffee 530010 chocolate 530012 caramel 530009 peanut 510007 granite 510005 dusk 510013 smoke 510001 steel 510011 night 510020 caramel 530003 crush 530006 juice 530004 cranberry 530002 berry 530019 jet 530020 steel 510002 flax 510017 moss 510010 juniper 510016 chocolate 510012 ginger 510006 sand Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.34 35
  19. 19. The textural essence of Flotex is celebrated to The randomness, bordering on chaos, that the full in this design. Seemingly fragile, yet is at the heart of this design is confidently uncompromisingly continuous, the strands understated with the careful choice of emphasise the contradiction that is Flotex. colours and fine lines. A true celebration of the natural world. Pattern repeat 50 x 49.2 cm Pattern repeat 50 x 50 cm Cord | 520011 jet Field | 500007 neptune 520018 orange 520001 candy 500016 smoke 500014 cloud 520014 cranberry 520007 ginger 520004 grape 520005 cement 520019 crush 520020 berry 500015 quartz 500005 cocoa 500019 truffle 500011 juniper 500003 mineral 500006 moss 520011 jet 520016 pebble 520015 toffee 520017 lime 520012 forest 520003 tropicana 500001 spring 500012 tide 500009 lagoon 500010 marina 500007 neptune 500017 grape 520008 lagoon 520013 steel 520006 tide 520010 denim 520002 sky 520009 blueberry 500008 lemon 500013 pumpkin 500004 amber 500020 carnival 500018 cranberry 500002 crush Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.36 37
  20. 20. Made-to-order The regularity and precision in Flotex vector At first glance, Flotex grid presents a geometric helps create a subtle sense of calm, tranquillity design creating a sense of order and tranquility. and rhythm. But this is broken by the contrast of horizontal and vertical regularity bringing an organic Pattern repeat 50 x 64.5 cm individuality to the floor. It is particularly suitable for meeting rooms and conference areas. Pattern repeat 56 x 50 cm Vector | 540019 toffee 540002 orange 540007 chocolate Grid | 570002 linen 540011 crush 540004 juice 540013 quartz 540009 glass 540019 toffee 540015 concrete 540008 jet 540017 aubergine 540020 forest 540005 lime 540003 tropicana 540010 berry 570005 rust 570010 concrete 570001 leather 570008 stone 570002 linen 570007 steel 540014 grape 540001 blueberry 540016 night 540006 denim 540018 lagoon 540012 alloy 570011 sapphire 570004 glass 570006 steam 570012 emerald 570003 moss 570009 shadow Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369. Please note: Digital representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect. Contact 0800 731 2369.38 39
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