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  • 1. IT1710 Presentation SmartphoneCheung Chung Yin 11018909Hung Man Fong 11009608Sin Paak Ying 11003677
  • 2. Today’s outline Contents Project Manpower Conclusion Objective of webWorkflow distribution pages
  • 3. Project Work Flow1. PlanningBrainstorming ideas of the topic (Mindmeister) and theobjective 2. Collection of data (a) library database- EBSCOHost’s Academic Search Premier) (b) Online search engine- YouTube (c) Online survey- Qualtrics 3. Designing and Producing  The content, the layout and the target audience of web pages (Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver) 4. Bias checking
  • 4. Planning-objective Business Education Living Entertainment
  • 5. Planning-objective• To investigate the way people use smartphone• To investigate how popular educational apps are• To investigate the influence and the benefits of using educational apps
  • 6. Collection of data Library Internet Survey• Journal/magazin • Video • Online Survey: e • Search engine: Qualtrics• Database: YouTube • Information: EBSCOHost’s - 9 questions Academic - 39 response Search Premier - The characteristics of people using educational apps in smartphone
  • 7. Designing and Producing Introductio• Structure n Mind map Survey Opening (Flash Survey Main Page results animation) Question 1 Slideshow Question 2 Analysis Question 3 Video Question 4 Reference Question 5
  • 8. Designing and Producing• Introduction• Mind map• Survey• Survey results• Slideshow• Analysis• Video• Reference
  • 9. Designing and Producing
  • 10. Designing and Producing
  • 11. Manpower distribution Task/responsible by Co Co Mandy Sin Paak Brainstorming ideas
  • 12. Conclusion• Possible improvements• Strengths and weaknesses• Difficulties and limitations• Educational apps are useful• Lack of promotion• It’s better to increase the variety of the educational apps
  • 13. End