Vemma key points to succeed
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Vemma key points to succeed



Learn about the product Vemma where you can benefit from its hidden ingredients.

Learn about the product Vemma where you can benefit from its hidden ingredients.



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Vemma key points to succeed Vemma key points to succeed Document Transcript

  • Vemma – Impartial Review?If you came here looking for an unbiased and impartial review on something new you came tothe right place. I am not a rep for Vemma nor do I care at all if you join. I am going to give you afact based review of the company’s viability from an objective point of view.Vemma – What is it? What does it do? What is Vemma?Vemmas main ingredient is Mangosteen. It is a rare exotic fruit from Asia that is found only invery difficult and hard to reach areas near shorelines. Mangosteen is known for its extremelyhigh anti-oxidant levels and for it’s all around benefits for the body. Juices like Mangosteen havea proven and documented effect on the body and can help to slow the aging process and developa stronger immunity as well.What Does Vemma Do?Oxidation is the process of things breaking down on a molecular level (like rusting).Unfortunately people fall into the category of things that can ‘break down’ over time, but we canslow that process with products like Vemma. Essentially Vemma is a powerful anti-oxidant juicethat helps you look and feel younger.Don’t forget to do your research on companies that offer these types of drinks now that themarket is becoming saturated with them. So the moral of the story here is to choose companiescarefully and look around. Vemma is NOT the only game in town.Vemma – Key Points to Look For With This Company
  • Key Point One – LeadershipThe first thing you do when you investigate any business opportunity is to first take a look atwho is running the company. Vemma is owned by BK Boreyko and parts of his family. BK hasalso been in business for himself now for around 15 years. His other company is called NewVision. New Vision is one of the pioneering companies of the liquid vitamin and is currentlyoperating worldwide.This successful track record is an essential and crucial part of determining if a company has theright leadership in place.Whenever you hear about a scam in the network marketing business it’s almost always runs bythe same people that mess up business in the conventional business industry…..crooks or peoplethat don’t have a clue. Vemma doesn’t appear to have this problem.Key Point Two – CompensationSure, we are all doing things to get paid (or to keep getting paid) and we need to make dead surethat the company we are joining isn’t running on some ‘gotcha’ comp plan or something sketchy.So it’s a great idea to take a close and sustained look at the compensation plan for its distributors.The Vemma compensation plan is based on a classic binary. The good part is that if you workhard you could get paid well. The reason why I say “could” is because there is a newlydiscovered and potentially fatal flaw in a binary plan. To find out more about this important andcontroversial flaw, watch this video.Being a binary, you have two legs in your business. It is based on 2 folks signing up 2 more andso on. Pretty easy. But simple isn’t always the ultimate sophistication unless it’s in the hands ofpeople that know what they’re doing. It is however a good plan to consider because like 99% ofother plans almost everyone has a vested interest in your success and that’s not a bad thing.I hope you enjoyed my Vemma review.
  • Also, in this type plan it’s good to try and keep both legs about the same length. If they aren’tequal you could run into qualification problems and most of your money could just sit in yourdownline. Binaries were all the rage in the late 90′s and early 2000′s. But now they appear to begoing the way of the phonograph record.Remember, with any network marketing opportunity (Vemma included) you have to work hardand stay committed, focus and take action in order to succeed. In the case of joining a binary, it’scalled ‘Massive Action’.Okay, So is Vemma Worth Joining?With the information provided on Vemma (and hopefully more research), I am going to leavethat decision up to you. However something very important to keep in mind when choosing anybusiness is the methods by which you are going to generate leads for it. If your marketingmethod is going after friends and family then maybe the network marketing industry isn’t rightfor you. This is not to say that your immediate social circle won’t find said product or service
  • attractive, however it is to say that you need a steady stream of new leads every day if you wantto succeed in building a prosperous organization.