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How to stay healthy during pregnancy

How to stay healthy during pregnancy






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    How to stay healthy during pregnancy How to stay healthy during pregnancy Document Transcript

    • How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy Posted by Mohamed Amin bin KamsaniPregnancy is a time when taking care of your self is the most important thing in the world. Not only becauseyour taking care of yourself but most importantly by taking care of your baby inside you. Staying healthyduring pregnancy is very essential so it is very important to know necessary information about the manyways to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. Let’s check some of the ways on how to stay healthyduring pregnancy:During the span of your pregnancy, make sure you visit your doctor regularly. Your doctor will check yourweight and blood pressure while also ensuring that the development of your baby is doing well. To closelymonitor your pregnancy, you will have prenatal tests including blood, urine, cervical tests and possibly atleast one ultrasound. Pregnancy can be very crucial so it is necessary to be very cautious always. Visitingyour doctor frequently can help a lot to have a smooth pregnancy all the way.All of us need nutrition in our body to stay healthy and fit. What more for pregnant women? Of course it isvery important that a pregnant woman should have enough vitamins and nutrients to keep her and her babyvery healthy. Always make sure you eat the right food. Usually your doctor would tell you the appropriate
    • food to eat and avoid those that can be harmful to your baby. Eat nutritious foods that will help your baby’sgrowth and development. Maintain a well balanced diet that includes lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads and low fat dairy product. By eating and choosing healthy foods will give you and your baby agood health.Taking supplements and vitamins is also very important when you’re pregnant. Your doctor will prescribeyou prenatal vitamins to be sure both you and your growing baby are getting enough supplements. You alsohave to increase your calcium consumption because your growing baby’s demands are high. Take low fatdairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, cereals and dark green vegetables. It is also important todrink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day during pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s blood volume increasesrapidly during pregnancy and drinking plenty of water a day can help prevent problems such as dehydrationand constipation. Drinking of water cleanses your body and makes your skin healthy and glowing.Exercise during pregnancy has also shown to be beneficial. It can help prevent excess weight gain, reducepregnancy problems like back pain and swelling. It also improves sleep and energy. Moderate intensityexercise such as walking and swimming are great choices for pregnant women. Pregnant women should avoidhigh intensity exercises and other activities that pose a risk of falling and abdominal injury.Pregnancy is a very important event that every woman is expecting that’s why it is so important for apregnant woman to be aware of all the changes happening to her body during this stage. Health should begiven the most priority because the health of your baby is at stake here. Follow all the health tips andensure your health and proper development of your baby. By doing this, you will also avoid suchcomplications later on.Either going to the gym or working out at home a few times a week is enough to make a difference. Using atreadmill such as a Ironman treadmill is a great piece of equipment, as is the Star Trac treadmill. You’ll beable to set your own intensity level, to suit your own particular needs.The above information can also be obtained from http://mohamedamin.vemma.com and make yourpurchase direct. You can also email me at sinm2sq@yahoo.com.sg