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Social Networking.. Boon or Bare?
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Social Networking.. Boon or Bare?



Everyone of us have profiles in different Social Sites.. But is it boon or bare?.. Here is a ppt.. made by me.. hope you like it.. do give your comments..

Everyone of us have profiles in different Social Sites.. But is it boon or bare?.. Here is a ppt.. made by me.. hope you like it.. do give your comments..



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    Social Networking.. Boon or Bare? Social Networking.. Boon or Bare? Presentation Transcript

    • SOCIAL NETWORKING.. BOON OR BANE?By : Amit Kumar Sinha
    • WHAT IS SOCIAL NETWORKINGIt is a platform by which differentkinds of people are groupedtogether.
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING ARCHITECTUREThis is where you tell the world about yourself.. Profiles contain basicinformation, like where you live, etc ..Friends are trusted members of the site that are allowed to postcomments on your profile or send you private messages.Most social networks use groups to help you find people with similarinterests or engage in discussions on certain topics.( con.. )
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING ARCHITECTURE ( con.. )Blogging through a social network is perfect for keeping peopleinformed on what you are up to.A popular way of letting your personality shine through is bygracing your social networking profile with web widgets.
    •  Students spend much time on theminstead of spending valuable their timeon Books. Wherever we are.. Maximum of usalways keep thinking about the nextUpdate or Comment to be posted inour profile which is much harmful. Social Networking sites only imparttrivial knowledge, but in the name ofthat knowledge students waste time onso called gossips instead of doingsomething productive or educative.
    •  Uploading of Irreverent Photos orVideos. Posting Private Information may puta user to high risk. Cyber Crime is increased.
    • WHAT SURVEY SAYS..The survey analyzed the studying habits of middleschool, high school and college students. It wasfound that most students were only able to stayfocused on their studies for about three minutesbefore engaging in some kind of communicationlike texting or mobile phone apps. The studentswho logged into their social networking sitesprofile during studying ended up doing worse ontheir exams than those who did not.
    • A LIVE EXAMPLE : Why Social Networking is Dangerous..A school student, Priya said, “I used to be veryactive on social networking sites. More than 500friends and several activities, consumed my most ofthe time. But after my half yearly examinations resultlowered by 20 per cent I felt it was just due to myover social networking. After deactivating myprofiles on several websites, now my results haveimproved.”
    •  Builds Credibility Connections Create Awareness & engage people. Provides Ability to participate & contribute. Free
    •  Advertise your Company. Create Group & people interested may join. Get answers to different Forums by Experts. Share your private photos with family members. Chat with your friends Anywhere.. Anytime..
    • You can contact me anytime :E-mail : sinha.amit95@gmail.comMobile No. : +91-9984825336