Beating communications complexity.FINANCIAL SERVICES
“Only a couple of our branches have a dedicated receptionist, so                           our ability with ShoreTel to se...
OverviewWhile cost-reduction remains a priority in the financial services industry, globalization,convergence and consolid...
The ShoreTel distributed architecture                                                                                     ...
Keep your balance sheet in the green:The ShoreTel UC system incorporates a strong set of operational efficiencies designed...
Take the credit for enhanced business performance                                             ShoreTel’s UC system is desi...
“ShoreTel’s ease of use and advanced functionality means we are saving an estimated 117 staff hours a month. That translat...
Benefits                                                      ShoreTel keeps the total cost of ownership well in the black...
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ShoreTel Brochure Financial


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Financial institutions of all types are under constant pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations, to bring down costs, and to provide the best in customer service. ShoreTel\'s all-in-one solution addresses these needs head-on, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction

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ShoreTel Brochure Financial

  1. 1. Beating communications complexity.FINANCIAL SERVICES
  2. 2. “Only a couple of our branches have a dedicated receptionist, so our ability with ShoreTel to set up a branch operator workgroup and leverage people across all our locations is a big benefit.” — Sheila Genske, IT Trainer and Telecommunications Specialist Community Bank & Trust ShoreTel in financial services • Scalability: The ShoreTel UC system scales seamlessly from 10 to tens of thousands of users, so financial services organizations can easily grow and add more branches and offices. • Availability and reliability: The ShoreTel UC system offers more than 99.999 percent availability—a mission-critical feature in a financial transaction environment. Business continuity is ensured with a distributed software architecture incorporating a switch- based hardware platform that helps eliminate any single point of failure. • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel’s UC solutions are based on a distributed architecture that is ideal for multisite financial branches because it appears and functions as a single, unified system that is easy to manage and use through ShoreTel Director, an intuitive, Web-based interface.2 | BEATING COMPLEXITY: Financial Services
  3. 3. OverviewWhile cost-reduction remains a priority in the financial services industry, globalization,convergence and consolidation are creating new market shifts, increasing the pressureon financial organizations to stand out from the crowd. Increased competition frominnovative rivals, expectations of cutting-edge service from customers, and pressure toincrease shareholder value, mean financial organizations of all sizes now have to do morethan simply process transactions faster.ShoreTel is a leading provider of brilliantly simple Unified Communications (UC) solutionsand is helping the financial services industry address these challenges through a powerful,all-in-one solution that helps eliminate complexity and lower the total cost of ownership.Customers today expect high levels of service that go far beyond the traditional visit tothe local bricks and mortar branch office. From the constantly connected road warrior whoneeds mobile account access, to the consumer who needs a one-time service such as lifeinsurance, a UC system can help financial organizations improve customer service by:• Making staff more accessible. Most regional financial organizations don’t staff each location with every type of specialist. With ShoreTel’s UC system, customers can reach a loan specialist or investment advisor and receive up-to-the-minute advice, regardless of location.• Enabling four-digit dialing to communicate as a single organization, even across branches or offices. When callers are transferred, they feel like they are interacting with a single organization. Four-digit dialing also boosts employee productivity by streamlining inter-branch connectivity.• Always answering. Some branches prefer to configure their communications to create stand-alone branches, consistent with the way their business is organized. When a customer calls a branch, it rings on all designated phones and the first available person picks up the call.• Offering new ways to communicate effectively with customers. ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center solutions enable financial services institutions of all sizes to centralize customer inquiries at a call center, or easily establish a call center in a new location.Financial institutions that rely on ShoreTel• Retail banks• Investment banks• Credit unions• Insurance firms• Investment and brokerage firms 3
  4. 4. The ShoreTel distributed architecture ShoreTel Director PSTN /ITSP HEADQUARTERS INTERNATIONAL BRANCH Headquarters Server (System Adminstration, voicemail, ShoreTel ShoreTel Communicator & auto attendant, work groups) Communicator & RoamAnywhere [Physical or Virtual] RoamAnywhere Analog Device ShoreTel Voice Switches ShoreTel Contact Communicator Distributed Voice Center Server (voicemail & auto attendant) ShoreTel [Physical or Virtual] ShoreTel Appliances (Collaboration, Communicator VPN Concentrator, Contact Center & Mobility Router) ShoreTel ShoreTel IP Phone IP Phone ShoreTel Voice Switches IP WAN ShoreTel Communicator & ShoreTel RoamAnywhere ShoreTel Voice Switch Communicator & ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Communicator ShoreTel Legacy VPN Phone Voicemail OFFICE Legacy ANYWHERE Phones Legacy PBX PSTN / ITSP REGIONAL OFFICE PSTN SINGL E E-IMAGE ARCHITECTUR ShoreTel Centralized communications pays huge dividends • Intelligence is distributed across a single-image architecture so financial organizations with multiple branches can consolidate on one, easy-to-manage system. • Centralized inboxes for all electronic communications, including email, voicemail, video and instant messaging let employees to manage communications efficiently from either their desktops or telephones. • Call answering and routing features, such as interactive voice response applications, sophisticated queuing options and powerful messaging features, can be consolidated across branches and offices to optimize responsiveness and employee productivity.4 | BEATING COMPLEXITY: Financial Services
  5. 5. Keep your balance sheet in the green:The ShoreTel UC system incorporates a strong set of operational efficiencies designedto help financial organizations significantly lower operational costs. The first and mostapparent benefit to financial organizations is the elimination of toll costs. ShoreTel’s least-cost routing capabilities reduce long distance toll charges by sending voice calls over theexisting data network, and you can share voice trunks between locations to reduce thenumber of phone lines you’re leasing. These savings alone can quickly offset the cost ofShoreTel’s UC solution, and then travel directly to the bottom line.ShoreTel Converged Conferencing helps you save on costly teleconferencing services byproviding your employees with voice and Web conferencing through Microsoft Outlook.This enables users to collaborate more readily, work from anywhere, reduce travel costsand meet customer demands quickly.In traditional telephony systems, the geographic dispersion of regional branches canresult in complex and costly basic administration. However, ShoreTel solutions cutcomplexity by simplifying system management on one easy-to-use interface. Financialorganizations can readily bring management in-house and take control of personnelmoves, adds and changes, rather than pay a third party service provider..Stay on the safe side with ShoreTelProtecting customers’ personal financial information is critical in today’s global threatenvironment. Just one single security breach can have catastrophic consequences. Withfederal laws constantly pushing new privacy measures, your communications system mustbe secure.ShoreTel’s UC system provides the level of security financial organizations need to helpprevent eavesdropping and other data theft in sensitive environments. A high-performancealgorithm encrypts and deciphers the RTP media stream in real time, enabling securevoice conversations to take place with no noticeable latency. Built-in features like SSLcommunications, passwords, locked calls, and one-time access codes provide additionalsecurity to help ensure confidential information is not obtained by unauthorized users, andto help you ensure regulatory compliance. In addition, the ability of ShoreTel’s UC system to track phone calls, export and distributeoriginal voicemail messages and keep a running history of calls into each number provides asimple tool for helping you meet regulations specific to your organization. 5
  6. 6. Take the credit for enhanced business performance ShoreTel’s UC system is designed to easily integrate with legacy systems and enable a phased rollout. This is an important benefit for financial organizations planning to adopt a UC strategy across multiple branches, or organizations faced with moving offices. Cutovers can be performed quickly and with minimal disruption, dramatically reducing the risks typically associated with implementing a new UC system. In addition, ShoreTel’s UC system is easy to integrate with tailored business applications—both off-the-shelf and custom packages. By simply connecting ShoreTel to a customer relationship management (CRM) database, caller information will immediately populate the screen when a customer dials in, allowing employees to respond faster and more effectively. Plus, innovative customer services can easily be added to the system, such as enabling customers to access their account information directly. This level of flexibility supports advanced technologies, so organizations can stay ahead in the marketplace, and employees are more productive—right at the point of each call. “The failover of ShoreTel’s UC system has already been a great benefit. We encountered a unique situation when deploying ShoreTel’s UC system—Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana. Because of ShoreTel, it was easy to shift the phone service to the other offices. Calls were automatically routed to other offices and we could still service customers in Mississippi and Louisiana.” — DONNA JONYNAS, Chief Information Officer Safeway Insurance Business continuity without breaking the bank The ShoreTel UC system offers more than 99.999 percent availability—a mission-critical feature in a financial transaction environment. The distributed software architecture incorporates a switch-based hardware platform that helps eliminate any single point of failure. ShoreTel Voice Switches are highly reliable, with no moving parts (except for a fan), redundant Ethernet ports and a real-time operating system. In the event of a power outage at one site, phones automatically failover to another voice switch, providing your organization with complete redundancy. Also, call control is distributed, so redundancy is delivered cost effectively with N+1 and additional redundancy can be configured by simply adding voice switches.6 | BEATING COMPLEXITY: Financial Services
  7. 7. “ShoreTel’s ease of use and advanced functionality means we are saving an estimated 117 staff hours a month. That translates to more time our staff can spend focusing on new initiatives and technology related projects.” — Tony Hildesheim, Vice President of IT Washington State Employees Credit Union Join the smart money Financial organizations around the world rely on the power of ShoreTel UC solutions as they expand service offerings and grow their customer base. ShoreTel is a leading provider of UC solutions for financial organizations, with in-depth experience addressing your distinct business and technology needs through: • Application integration: ShoreTel offers comprehensive integration with enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite and, and can be easily integrated with leading banking applications by providers such as Fiserv, Jack Henry and Metavante. • Professional Services: ShoreTel’s Professional Services team provides a full range of services to help ensure organizations optimize the ShoreTel UC system. • Commitment to customer satisfaction: ShoreTel leads the industry in customer service, having been named Best Overall VoIP Provider by Nemertes Research for six years in a row. Our focus on ensuring world-class customer satisfaction and knowledge of the financial services industry also means that we are well-resourced to work with financial institutions of all sizes. 7
  8. 8. Benefits ShoreTel keeps the total cost of ownership well in the black Thanks to its scalability, reliability, and ease of use and management, the ShoreTel system often helps financial institutions reach a full return on investment (ROI) in less than a year. Here’s how it happens: • Seamless scalability and easy integration dramatically reduce the time and cost required to process moves, adds, and changes. • With extreme reliability and N+1 redundancy, financial organizations can dramatically reduce the costs associated with unplanned failures or downtime. • Centralized, simplified management helps decrease administrative overhead, while ease of use reduces the need for helpdesk calls. • ShoreTel also lets you cut extraneous charges. For example, financial organizations with multiple branches and offices can eliminate long distance toll charges by sending voice calls over the existing data network. They can also share voice trunks between locations and reduce the number of leased phone lines. And they can save on costly teleconferencing services with ShoreTel’s conference bridge. • Finally, ShoreTel’s easy-to-use interfaces and unified applications help ramp up productivity and jumpstart response times—so employees can make more valuable contributions throughout the work day while staying aligned with organizational goals. About ShoreTel ShoreTel is the provider of brilliantly simple Unified Communication (UC) solutions based on its award-winning IP business phone system. We offer organizations of all sizes integrated, voice, video, data, and mobile communications on an open, distributed IP architecture that helps significantly reduce the complexity and costs typically associated with other solutions. The feature-rich ShoreTel UC system offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, in part because it is easy to deploy, manage, scale and use. Increasingly, companies around the world are finding a competitive edge by replacing business-as-usual with new thinking, and choosing ShoreTel to handle their integrated business communication. ShoreTel is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices and partners worldwide. For more information, visit WORLD HEADQUARTERS 960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA. +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. +1 (408) 331-3333 Fax EMEA +800 408 33133 Freephone +44 (1628) 826300 Tel. ASIA PACIFIC +61 (0)2 9959 8000 Tel.Copyright © 2011 ShoreTel. All rights reserved. The ShoreTel logo and ShoreTel are registered trademarks of ShoreTel, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other copyrights and trademarks hereinare the property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Part #850-1263-01/5.11