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  1. 1. There is difference in the textbetween parent and schoolwith the parent text being biggerits there to draw the attention ofthe parent but the school is stilldominant with the bold capitaltext, a more formal style.I feel this photo has been addedin to impress audiences andspecificly the parents. A childlooking smart seen to be workinghard. This makes the parent feelas though putting there childreninto this school was that rightdecision.Another method to impressparents and the reader, bymaking this one of the mainparts of the front page itimmediately reels attentionand the feeling that theschool is economicly greenespecially with the greencolour saying energy smartschools.By putting the smartlydressed female teachers inthe background, the parentwill feel the support is therefor the pupil while still beingable to work hard andindependently. Also in todayssociety there is a higher ratioof female teachers and it isobvious parents feel saferwith female teachers, hencethe gender choice in thebackground.School MagazineAnalysisThis title reads kidspotential at risk whichparents might feel is a bigdeal especially with theword risk it creates apanic/worry. However theydecide to put empthasison how green theirschool is rather than thekids being at risk.
  2. 2. I feel this is a great photo asit gives off impressions ofgender equality andeveryone getting on. Theylook happy which againgives a positive impressionto the reader who is morethan likely going to be aparent of the child who goesto the school or one thatmight be wanting their childto join.Very formal text, also verybold which makes animmediate statement. Thechoice of font gives offquite an upper class,intellectual look.Great choice of colourwith the backgroundimage, matches therelease date of themagazine, fall 2012,autumn is stronglyassociated with thesecolour schemes.School MagazineAnalysis
  3. 3. School Magazine -DraftColour Scheme: Blue, Black andGreyProgramme: GIMPImage is going to take up thewhole background with the focuson myself – I have one of me andanother student in the IT suit.The main headline is going to beon a open evening for newstudents.The logo is the school logo.
  4. 4. School Magazine -Final
  5. 5. School MagazineContents - DraftColour Scheme: Blue and GreyProgramme: GIMP Editing Software
  6. 6. School MagazineContents - Final
  7. 7. Music Magazine InfluencesNME - Sales FiguresSales figures (as of 2011) - Figures havebeen falling year on year, after being one ofthe biggest selling magazines of its genreswhen it started its now at an all time low ofjust under 30,000. During the 70s it wasBritians biggest selling magazine.A report conducted by the Audit Bureau ofCirculations (ABC) showed the magazinescirculation fell 14.3% compared with the sametime last year.After a relaunch in 2010 of the cover, logoand format, sales were expected to increasehowever the magazine is now at an all timelow, however still plays a massive role in theindie genre and the promotion of new music.A possible explanation for this decline wouldbe the increase in online use through meansof internet where a lot of music news isreported and new music released. (YouTube)Another reason could be the economictroubles we have been experiencing recently,there is a lot less disposable income.
  8. 8. Music Magazine InfluencesNME – Advertising Types & RatesRates as of 2008 foradvertising in themagazine.Advertising Online Rates93% of the NMEs readers own a computer while96% have access to the internet. Therefore benefitsof online advertising include:- Cheaper- Speed of response- Can be edited at any time
  9. 9. Music Magazine InfluencesNME – Demographic Profile & StockistsIts quite apparent NME magazine is aimed at a specific agegroup of around 17-30. Although being unisex it is howeverdominated with 73% of readers being male. The magazine isavailable in most newsagents, major supermarkets such asAsda, Tesco and Sainsburys, it is also available online as well as many other leading music sites.The colourful language and format of the magazine is verymature hence why I feel the age group is around young adult,average age is 25, as its old enough to understand the meansfor colourful language yet the majority of readers will not beoffended. Bearing this in mind I would say that predominantlythe audience will be of a single marital status however there arenot too many facts to back this point up, just taking magazinestats into consideration. The audience is too young to bemarried but possibly too busy to be in a relationship as this ismainly aimed towards the generation who are currently ineducation, whether it be college or universityNME is definitely a working-class magazine, in being Britainsoldest and arguably most successful magazine it has to beaimed at a majority which is the working class. The price tag of£2.20 is also very good and affordable which backs this pointup. Also by doing exclusives with artists such as Jake Bugg(seen left) and the likes of Noel Gallagher, artists who comefrom a working class background themselves and thereforemainly a working class fan base this relates to that specificaudience.34% of readers are working full time while 18% are part timeand 26% being full time students which backs up my earlierpoint of a strong student audience.
  10. 10. Music Magazine InfluencesNME – Physcographic infoThe National Readerships surveys social grade, which are used inadvertising and market research are used all used by institutionsconcerned with audience, therefore I must consider the differentgroups which are appropriate to my chosen target audience. Thesesocial grades are largely based on profession and estimated relatedincome. These 6 Socio-Economic Groups are:A-Higher managerial, administrative, professional - 3%B -Intermediate managerial, administrative, professional - 15%C1-Supervisory, clerical, junior managerial, administrative orprofessional - 23%C2 -Skilled manual workers - 28%D-Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers - 18%E -Casual labourers, pensioners or the unemployed - 13%
  11. 11. Music Magazine AnalysisNME – Front CoverProbably the most well known member of theband is in the forefront of the cover while theothers are in the background which couldindicate leads of the band.All the band on the front have long messy hairwhich is a stereotype of the indie music genreso immediately it is apparent that this issue isaimed mainly at the indie audience. The facialexpressions are all looking very serious, whichis suggesting a threatening look about them,they are all looking right into the audience.The NME logo is nationally known brandand will be seen as many times as possible,purposely enforced by the editor. Attention isalways reeled straight into this logo.NME always use this white and red colourscheme as they go together very well, the redespecially is very bright and vibrant bringing allthe text straight into the eye of the audience.
  12. 12. Music Magazine AnalysisNME – Contents Page Immediately grabs attention, with it being acompletely different colour scheme to the restof the title it draws the reader straight in toremind you of NME, almost drilling it into youso you wont forget. A very vibrant red with thewhite outline stands out clearly.A lot of emphasis on the advertising here asthey want audiences to purchase yearlysubscriptions so they can guarantee profit,hence the offer saving yourself over £45.Straight away you can tell this is themain article in that weeks issue, it isthe focus of the contents page andprobably what they focused thatspecific issue around. Not only do youget the large photo but also anintroduction, teaser into the article.Massive band index so they can expand whothey target, with NME they are writing aboutmore and more genres. It is specifiably indie asyou can see here with the likes of Kasabianhowever in an issue a few weeks later the focuswas on grime artist Dizzee Rascal, so this showswhat was earlier mentioned on low sales inattempts to target a larger audience.
  13. 13. Music Magazine AnalysisNME – Double page spreadStraight away we see the main focus of the double page spreadis the photo of Liam Gallagher, lead vocalist of the band andone of the biggest artists in the world, its a clever choice ofcolour scheme with the black and white as its telling the readerthat Gallagher is old in the music scene and has been there formany years, portraying his experience in the industry.We also see him carrying on the 60s - 80s indie mod look withthe long sideburns, straight fringe which is a hairstyle closelyassociated with mod culture and in particular Manchester, whichmost people are aware he comes from originally. The polo shirtagain is closely associated with this culture, especially with thebrand being fred perry it is an iconic style of the 1980s. Thephoto is typical of the Liam Gallagher and in particularhis prime with Oasis, as he influenced a lot of peopleslives. The black and white old fashioned look creates anostalgic feel and supports the ‘mod’ style.This couldsuggest that the target audience will be white british asthis is what many of the mod supporters were and howthe subculture originally developed therefore they canrelate to the article as Liam Gallagher is representingthem.Another point of the image is his facial expression, he islooking away from the camera taking his focus awayfrom the audience, giving the enigma that hes notphased or bothered with the audience, or anyone for thatmatter. Liam has always given off that rock stereotype asthough he doesnt really care about anything, will speakhis mind as this photo epitomizes that.The use of a highlighted pull quote reels audienceattention in so they will read that before the actualarticle, then want to read on after. The quote we seebelow is very intriguing into this other world addselements of mystery that people want to find out aboutIts mainly aimed at the readers who just flick throughrather than always reading the whole thing.There is also a lot of dead space around the article,however this is purposely done to add emphasis to theBeady Eye headline. Again reeling audience attention.
  14. 14. Music Magazine AnalysisWoofah – Front CoverWoofah is a music magazine based on the Reggae, Grime andDubstep genre. It is one of only few in those specific genres and isonly based within the UK. Although a pretty basic front cover it is veryclever, as you can see there is a strapline underneath the titledisplaying the genres earlier mentioned, the reason for this is thatthese genres have a niche audience, it is not mainstream and peoplerely on the likes of Grime and Dubstep information through means ofsocial media, blogs and word of mouth rather than magazines, TV,radio etc like other genres.The background image is also very clever, the character is lookingstraight into the camera with wide pupils as though were seeingdouble of him. The dubstep genre in particular has a strongassociation with drug use and especially MDMA, this may well be areference to this.It is a simplistic approach as far as magazine covers go, there Is animmediate headline of UNTOLD which audiences will be interestedin as though its never been spoken before. The texts down thebottom are also simple just a list of artists and tracks. However thissimple approach is so effective and it leaves a lot of dead space sothe reader can focus mainly on the image which takes up most of thecover, its a very trippy picture.
  15. 15. Music Magazine AnalysisWoofah – Contents PageWoofah isnt a very big or known magazine at allas it looks at underground music with a smalleraudience to the mainstream genres. Its veryhard to find any details online compared to thelikes of Q and Kerrang as its not advertisedwell or brought out as often as the others,therefore Ive had to take this image myself of thecontents page.The whole magazine takes a very formalapproach and the contents page underlies themessage from the cover, loads of dead spacewith emphasis on the title. Its been proven thatwhite space signifies space for more creativity aswell as drawing immediate attention and focus.Also studies suggest there is normally a positiveattitude towards white space as creates a cleanand relaxing visual effect, exactly what Woofahdo here.I feel with Woofah its all about whether you wantto read on or not, not trying all they can to reelyou in. As you can see with the major magazinestheyre always wanting more and more but with amagazine with such a niche audience and onlybeing stocked in a few places its all about justbuying it out of pure admiration of those specificgenres.
  16. 16. Music Magazine AnalysisWoofah – Double Page SpreadThis a double page spread of Woofah magazine;there is no kicker on this double page spreadinstead the left hand side is dominated by thispicture of the artist Tony Thorpe, the image itself is aclose up of Tony’s face, he has been placed on thethird which leaves a lot of negative space. In thispicture Tony also has direct address to the audience.Tony’s mise en scene in this image is quiteconventional ; his glasses are the only thing thatreally stands out. The negative space behind tonyreveals this danger of electricution sign, whichconnotes this sense of uknowning to the audienceas you dont really know why he is glaringmenacingly at the camera..As you look down the page you see the title ‘Mood Swings’, the kerning on this title is quite compacted this is done by pushingtogether the first 3 letters of the word ‘swing’ together and leaving a gap between the last 3 letters, which in turn brings the readersattention closer to the artists face. The title also relates to the picture of Tony, because Tony’s menacing look at the camera can beinterpreted as him having a ‘Mood Swing’, which may make the audience want to know why.The stanfirst of text towards the bottom of the page is very close to the footer, which goes against conventions of normalmagazines, in addition to this there is no kicker, which goes against conventions once again. On the right side of the double pagespread is the main body of text, which has been written in this san serif font. The alley spacing between each column on the righthand side is quite structured, with even spacing between each paragraph of text; overall this connotes a sense of continuity. Thehouse style for the whole magazine is black and white, whereas the Mixmag magazine I analysed has full colour. The publication ofthis magazine in black and white shows that the publishing company Woofah may not have the money to publish in full colourwhereas Mixmag has the funding to do so
  17. 17. Music Magazine AnalysisLogo - ResearchThe logo is very simple yet effective,block, bold capitals to draw attention tothe logo while the simplistic approachmakes it easily memorable. Its veryclever in the letters used NMEryhmes as if to sound like an acronumof enemy, there are connotations of ananti press. With this method it shortensthe title so its easy to fit onto themagazine as many times asappropriate.This is the logo for Q magazine which is very popular worldwideand looks into all genres of music. The logo as you can see hisagain is simple, which is key to it remembered by the reader. Alsoa simple design so I feel that simplicity has to be key with my logo.Q has also become so iconic as a magazine that they can covermost of the logo and people still recognise it easily, which they doa lot of their covers so they can make the picture the main focus.
  18. 18. Music Magazine AnalysisPhotos - ResearchFor photos Woofah magazine will be my main influence, aspreviously mentioned it was one of only few that specialise inareas such as Dubstep and Grime. The magazine relates to methe most and I feel the photos they use fit the genre perfectly and Iwill be looking to do similar things, it will require lots of editing andeffort but if they come out as well as some of the ones in Woofahthen I will be very happy. The effects use look very good and thereare a lot of photos associated with rave culture which I am alsointerested to follow
  19. 19. Music Magazine AnalysisFinal photosIve edited a lot of myphotos to a similar lookto this one. You can seethe decks and lightinglinks well into thedubstep genre and thisall are associated withdance culture.
  20. 20. Music Magazine AnalysisLogo - DraftThese are the designsI have narrowed itdown to.
  21. 21. Music Magazine AnalysisDouble page spread - DraftHere is my basic design formy double page spread whichwill be an interview with adubstep artist.I will be the main focus of thedouble page spread and thetext will be wrapped aroundthe sides and bottom, aroundmyself.The text will be white on adark background and editedusing GIMP.
  22. 22. Music Magazine AnalysisDouble page spread - Final
  23. 23. Music Magazine AnalysisContents Page - DraftPretty simple design for my contentspage, I looked at Woofahs design tocategorize mine. The main event ofthe magazine, the double pagespread is highlighted in bold with therest of the magazine having a smallintroduction into each article.I have taken my own style in someways though by deciding to back outthe contents page with informationrather than lots of dead space. It willbe black writing on a plain whitebackground.
  24. 24. Music MagazineContents Page - Final
  25. 25. Music MagazineFront Cover - Draft
  26. 26. Music MagazineFront Cover - Final
  27. 27. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real mediaIn what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real mediaproducts? ·products? ·How does your media product represent particular social groups?How does your media product represent particular social groups?What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Who would be the audience for your media product? ·Who would be the audience for your media product? ·How did you attract/address your audience?How did you attract/address your audience?What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to theLooking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to thefull product?full product?
  28. 28. Music MagazineAudience survey
  29. 29. This first bit of the title gives off a mysterious feel andthe font is very indifferent. The bold TRAUMAXunderneath suggests power and authority as its also inmassive writing,this immediately shows who the articleis about with the headline above showing what it isabout him.I went for the white font as it is the most easilyvisible and looks really good on the darkbackground as it establishes focus on the textaswell as the image still regaining focus in themiddle where there is no text. The whitematches the background really well.The background as said before establishesfocus as the main part of the spread, thefirst thing you look at so it needs to be avery effective image which I feel it is. Itmainly focuses on the group I am with, the 4boys in the middle while still being visible ofwhats going on behind us.My magazine states at the start thatall photographs and editing of themagazine was done by myself sothere was no need for a byline.Music MagazineAnalysing the DPS
  30. 30. The photo represent the monsters crewmentioned in the article. This particular photooffers great variety to the others as it showslong shot which represents me and my crewtogether and what we do in our leisure time. Italso represents my target audience and itshows teenagers in the picture and possibleothers who do this sport.Here you can just about see myself down thefront. Its a natural over the shoulder shot which isrepresenting the artist as he is the foreground ofthe photo with the edited glowstick adding effect.A good medium long shot photo of merepresenting the inspector dubplate companywhich fits my genre of magazine perfectlytherefore a good choice. Again this photo showswhat age group our magazine is aimed at withteenager being in the foregroundMusic MagazineEvalution – Who am I representing?
  31. 31. The structure of my contents page is plain white withtext introducing the topics that will be discussed in mymagazine.Its a black and white theme however I decided to usethe blue of Traumax so it stands out to the readerstraight away as he is the focus of my magazine andin the main article (Double Page Spread.) This linksto the front cover that was mainly an all blue theme.I wouldnt say any contents pages ofother magazines influenced however Ilooked at magazines such as NME andchoose to go for a more basic designthats easy to understand and gets thepoints across easily.Here on the left we see the NMEcontents which provides a list of sub-headings which helps the readernavigate around the magazine and findthe information theyre most interestedin faster which Ive done similarly to atthe bottom while focusing on two mainarticles again similar to that of the NMEcontents which provides one mainarticle.Music MagazineEvalution – Contents Page
  32. 32. This reels in audiences as it shows thisis a good magazine as its been votednumber 1 for its genre.The shadow effect I feel is verycreative and fits the colour schemereally well with the blue and white onthe jumper.I think if I got the opportunity I gotchange this font to one to match thetitle or Traumax more.This image I feel is a perfect fit for thedubstep genre as you have myself, DJ-ing as a dubstep artist would do.Music MagazineEvalution – Front Cover Analysis