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Demojam 2012

Demojam 2012

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION• Literally translating, UID means “Unique Identification”. It could have different meaning for different users. In connection to India, it is a volunteer identity. It will be issued to all Indians whether they are the citizens or not.• Aadhaar is the brand name of this identification number. It is a 12-digit unique number, which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for all residents. It is expected that Aadhaar will be able to eliminate duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases in a cost-effective manner.• Though it sounds as any other number, it will have direct benefits in terms of banking and communication technologies. Individuals will be able to establish unique identities with banks and communication companies.
  • 2. Need for Aadhaar• It is one singular and unique identity that will be recognized and accepted across the country and across all service providers.• Aadhaar (Unique identification number) will increase trust between public and private agencies and residents.• Aadhaar will empower poor underprivileged residents.
  • 3. Purpose of the Demo• Reduction of time and effort in official form filling.• Going paperless by online generation of bills and documents.• Keeping track record of a person (criminal related etc).• Eradication of corruption to a good extent.
  • 4. • UID will be a single stop for all the data related transactions of an individual.• The transactions handled by an individual will be transparent.• Since all the data can be fetched from the database by giving the UID, it will be helpful in reduction of time and effort in filling govt. forms• Many transactions can be handled without the need of hard copy of the receipt/document.• Any legal case, a person is involved in, will be present in the UID database.
  • 5. METHODOLOGY Bill Payment
  • 6. CENSUS
  • 7. Driving related issues and other crimes
  • 8. UID used in Insurance
  • 9. Passport application
  • 11. CONCLUSION• Our application acts as a one stop solution for all the data related to an individual.• With India having a huge population, Aadhaar app could be an effective solution to solve many day to day transactions effectively.• Ease and effective management of a huge amount of data.• Future Extension: Capturing UID through phone and fetching the relevant data from the application.
  • 12. Our Team• Kumud Singh – NTT DATA• Somnath Manna – IBM• Arun Bala - Infosys• Anup Desai – SAP Labs• Abhisek Patnaik – SAP Labs• Pankaj Sandanshi – SAP Labs• Gaurav Agarwal – SAP Labs• Reshma Rao – SAP Labs
  • 13. THANK YOU