Sales ~1


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Sales ~1

  1. 1. HR OFFICERS andSALES TEAM 3 Real Life Stories
  2. 2. The First …
  3. 3. Eleven people were dangling below ahelicopter on a rope. There were tenHR people and one Sales guy.Since the rope was not strong enoughto hold all the eleven, they decided thatone of them had to let go to save all theothers.
  4. 4. They could not decide who should bethe volunteer. Finally the sales guysaid he would let go of the ropesince sales guys are used to doeverything for the company. Theyforsake their family, don’t claim all oftheir expenses and do a lot of overtimewithout getting anything in return.
  5. 5. When he finished his movingspeech all the HR peoplebegan to clap…
  6. 6. Moral:Never underestimate thepowers of the Salesmen.
  7. 7. The second …
  8. 8. A group of Salesmen and a group of HRpeople take a train to a conference.Each HR person holds a ticket. But theentire group of salesmen has boughtonly one ticket for a single passenger.The HR people are just shaking theirheads and are secretly pleased that thearrogant sales people will finally getwhat they deserve.
  9. 9. Suddenly one of the sales person callsout: “The conductor is coming!”. Atonce, all the salesmen jump up andsqueeze into one of the toilets. Theconductor checks the tickets of the HRpeople. When he notices that the toiletis occupied he knocks on the door andsays: “Ticket, please!” One of thesalesman slides the single ticket underthe doors and the conductor continuesmerrily on his round.
  10. 10. For the return trip the HR people decideto use the same trick. The buy only oneticket for the entire group but they arebaffled as they realize that the salesteam didn’t buy any tickets at all. Aftera while one of the salesmen announcesagain: “The conductor is coming!”Immediately all the HR people race to atoilet and lock themselves in.
  11. 11. All the salesmen leisurely walk to theother toilet. Before the last salesmanenters the toilet, he knocks on the toiletoccupied by the HR people and says:“Ticket, please!”
  12. 12. And the moral of the story?HR people like to use themethods of salesmen, but theydon’t really understand them.
  13. 13. The third …
  14. 14. Once upon a time three HR peoplewere walking through the woods andsuddenly they were standing in front ofa huge, wild river. But they desperatelyhad to get to the other side. But how,with such a raging torrent? The first HRguy knelt down and prayed to the Lord:“Lord, please give me the strength tocross this river! "
  15. 15. *pppppfffffffuuuuffffffff*The Lord gave him long arms andstrong legs. Now he could swim acrossthe river. It took him about two hoursand he almost drowned several times.BUT: he was successful!
  16. 16. The second HR guy, who observed this,prayed to the Lord and said: “Lord,please give me the strength AND thenecessary tools to cross this river!”
  17. 17. *pppppfffffffuuuuffffffff*The Lord gave him a tub and hemanaged to cross the river despite thefact that the tub almost capsized acouple of times.
  18. 18. The third HR man who observed all thiskneeled down and prayed: “Lord,please give me the strength, the meansand the intelligence to cross this river!”
  19. 19. *pppppfffffffuuuuffffffff*The Lord converted the HR man into anSales guy. He took a quick glance onthe map, walked a few meters upstreamand crossed the bridge.
  20. 20. Send this to all intelligent people in salesteam so that they have something tosmile about;and to the HR people if you think they canstomach the truth!