Management information system


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MIS for a service sector industry- Nightlife in this case

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  • 1. Providing exceptional service to patrons on a consistent basis makes a positive lasting impression that creates repeat--and increased--business. 
  • The first 3 questions can be answered by keeping a track of all the past mishappenings i.e. 1)whether they were theft/violence/injusries or fires ?2) Where did they occur i.e. which part of the club ?3) Could they be controlled ?4) What were the main reasons for the mishappening ?
  • For week days less food and drinks will be sold as compared to week-ends.For ingredients mention about wine saying that wine needs to be stocked and so they have to be bought in advance.
  • Example no liquor license can be obtained for an establishment which is located at a 1000 m radius with a school or college, there should be an “on” and “off” room for liquor or that no sale of liquor below 25 degree UP
  • Management information system

    1. 1. Management Information System
    2. 2. The industryOwning a nightclub can be a very socially rewarding experience for outgoing, entertainment- minded people. However, it takes more than a fully stocked bar and knowing how to party to create a successful and profitable nightclub.
    3. 3. Security Department Food and BeverageDepartment CLUB Systems Department Public Relations Department
    4. 4. PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT• To maintain good relations with the customers• To maintain the reputation of the enterprise• To organize events on days such as New Year, Friendship’s day etc
    5. 5. How can MIS help in these ?• Who all come to nightclubs ?• When do they come and how frequently ?• How can more of such people be informed about the club ?• What offers and events are inducing for party- lovers ?
    6. 6. Data is to be collected about: Events :• Days when people love to party (example new years).• Average rates charged by competitive clubs those days• Expectations from the events
    7. 7.  Advertisement :• Media to which customers are exposed to (example : word-of-mouth, radio, banners, internet etc)• Celebrities they identify with• Average price people are willing to pay Consumer’s profile :• Age• Sex• Taste and Preferences• Occupation• Income level
    8. 8. SECURITY DEPARTMENT1. To avoid theft, violence injury and fatigue.2. To avoid fire.3. To avoid any fights, theft or sexual harassment that may result from intoxicated customers.
    9. 9. How can MIS help in these ?• How many bouncers are to be appointed?• Where should they be appointed ?• When should they be appointed i.e. what are the peak periods of such mis-happenings ?• What are the local fire ordinances ?• Where should the emergency exit gates be ?• How should the emergency exits be highlighted ?• What should be the maximum occupancy level ?
    10. 10. Data to be collectedOf the past mishappening:• What type of mishappening occurred ? Was it a theft/ violence/ fire/ sexual harassment?• When and where did it occur ?• What was the reason behind it ?• Could it be controlled ?
    11. 11.  Security Staff:• The physical fitness of the staff• Cost of each security personnel• The requirement of a personnel per 10 persons.
    12. 12. FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT1. To provide quality food and beverages.2. To avoid delays in making and serving orders.3. To obtain the liquor license and comply with the terms required in obtaining them.
    13. 13. How can MIS help in these ?• Which ingredients are required and in what quantity ?• When are they required ?• How much can be stored in the given storage space ?• How many chefs and waitress are to be appointed according to the orders arriving ?• How to obtain liquor license ?
    14. 14. Data to be collected about:Ingredients :• What are the ingredients needed ?• The quantity of the food required for each type of day whether weekdays or weekends.• The number of days for which these ingredients can be stocked• How much can be stocked in the given area.
    15. 15.  Liquor license :• What are the clauses to be met with for obtaining liquor license?• What are the charges of obtaining the liquor license : direct and indirect charges. Staff appointment :• Requirement of staff in terms of quantity• The requirement in terms of quality• the cost of hiring a staff member
    16. 16. SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT1. To place lights (disco and spot) for adequate visibility and complying with design2. To play music suitable to the crowd’s preferences and ensure that local rules are complied with.3. To avoid a sudden black out and to make provision for electric failures.
    17. 17. How can MIS help in these ?• Which lights are required by the enterprise ?• What are the music systems required ?• How many staff members are required to monitor these ?• How to comply with the local rules (example relating to volume ) ?• What music is to be played ?• How can system failures be avoided ?
    18. 18. Data is to collected about: Lights :• The type of lights available in the market• The cost of each light• The minimum number of lights required for ensuring visibility Staff :• The qualification and training of staff to operate these lights• The number of staff required
    19. 19.  Music :• The genre preferred by the average crowd• A list of latest and old songs and artists• The maximum decibel level allowed System Failures :• The power requirements to ensure all systems work• The cost of power• Alternatives for power generation in case of failure of one.
    20. 20. Thank you