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Knowledge management presentation on Global Success Stories of HR processes in NCR
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Knowledge management presentation on Global Success Stories of HR processes in NCR


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  • 2. Introduction - About the Project - About NCR Corporation - About Employee Engagement
  • 3. Objective NCR Corporation is a wide spread organization present worldwide in many different countries and providing employment to many employees from these countries. Keeping the employees engaged is really a challenge for the HR team. Every year in the 2nd quarter the HR team sends out the employee survey forms, which are filled by the employees online and also the hard copies in a few cases. The HR team then analyses the data thus received to measure the employee engagement level and thus plan their next set of activities and comes up with new employee engagement practices as per the need of their employees. In this process many of the practices are being advised and executed, and it is very important that they are being properly communicated back to the employees, in order to get constantly high employee engagement level from them. Approach and Methodology In order to communicate to the employees all these Employee Engagement practices of their location as well as of the other locations in an effective way, the idea of making a short video came up during the brain storming sessions, which will then be circulated to all the NCR employees across the globe, and in creation of which inputs will be taken from all the HR team members and the leaders who designed the required employee engagement practices.
  • 4. Sources of Knowledge HR Team Video Creation NCR Employees
  • 5. KM Cycle
  • 6. Creation of Knowledge • From the HR teamTacit • Documents and ReportsExplicit
  • 7. Structure of the organization & Leadership
  • 8. KM System The information regarding what all software tools should be used and what is their budget S.No. ToolName Versions Subscriptionperiod Pricing Weblink 1Powtoons Pro Monthly $59/month 2Goanimate Gopremium Monthly $50/month Forvideoediting S.No. ToolName Versions Subscriptionperiod Pricing Weblink 2VideoPadVideoEditor Master'sEdition NA 49.99 Foraudio S.No. ToolName Versions Subscriptionperiod Pricing Weblink Goldwave AudioEditor 1Year $19 SoftwaresandToolsRequired Foranimations All the knowledge from the implicit and explicit resources were then stored together in a structured way so that they can be put to use in the project, done at times of: - Different practices carried out at different locations (present globally) - How all this should be structured and sequenced so that it can be communicated beautifully and also convey the message Scenes Scene 1 Frame 1 < Attention grabber and make it interesting> Goanimate White screen hand painting it to green Painter painting green on a canvas <from left to right> The green paint converts to Frame 2 Full Green from ppt NCR template NCR <new> logo < a hand writing Engage in a blub of a tree> powtoons Engage logo comes powtoons Frame 3 The Tree with bulbs comes with Engage as one of the bulb: Bulbs <some are existing> <some will be budding> prezi Employee Engagement Acquisition Talent Review Career Development Leadership Development HR systems black and white tree and forest in behind Coloured green trees <Zoom out> NCR <Text> in green <zoom back to e- white one of the Engage> Frame 4 <Zoom out Physical Form of Employee engagement survey form> ready but not exported prezi <Show the survey form> <Employee will fill the form, ticking> net video <Employee will click on Submit> or self made video <emails flying out> go animate or powtoon Frame 5 <Collection of all the filled forms> ready but not exported go animate or powtoon <forms flying in> <into a box> <from the box, comes the envelope named 'Results'> < 1st sheet - Loyalty matrix will pop out from the box> from ppt < 2nd sheet - The charts, depicting the action priorities> <Zoom in - critical improvements, in the sheet> pezi < Zoom out - managers discussing with each other> needs to be refined < one of the manager writing on the board the action plans> < takes it on a paper with him out of the meeting room to the employees> <animated discussion with employees> <heads knodding - acceptance> go animatepowtoon <transitions> Frame 6 2 parts <People busy working> <Calendar flipping> <transitions> <people excited and happy> <people multiplay across the globe> Frame 7 World Map prezi and videos 7 big circles US UK
  • 9. Technology & Knowledge Sharing Culture
  • 10. Use of Knowledge Tacit • Emotions of each and every employee i.e. each and every word in each and every frame has to be chosen very carefully so that it does not affect any employee’s emotions, culture, language, background etc. directly or indirectly • The characters, colors, fonts, sequence of frames etc. chosen in the frames of the video has to be in compliance with all the employees • No matter how great one’s creative idea is, it must be in compliance in accordance with the customer/client’s requirement(s) Explicit • Gathered from the documents and reports, showing what all employee engagement practices are being carried out at various NCR offices
  • 11. The Video  Youtube link:  The video…
  • 12. THANK YOU! Questions Please..