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  1. 1. DESIGN THINKING ACTION LAB Ideate Submitted By: Shubham Singhal, India
  2. 2. Problem Statement To manage time between studies and work
  3. 3. Step 1: Idea Generation
  4. 4. Most obvious solutions for this problem • Multitask- manage to do both at the same time • Use smartphone to complete the assignments and read in the free time at work • Have a different time for studies and work • Ask for less work in office • Skip a few unimportant lectures in college • Do not much involve in the college activities • Use calendars to keep a track of meetings and assignments in the college • Make a to-do list, preferably on the mobile phone or an easy accessible diary and plan accordingly
  5. 5. What can you add, remove or modify from those initial solutions? Adding: • Delegation of work to subordinates or team mates • Take help from the college professors in the office work • Use the time management frameworks and tools • Prioritize on work • Do only the most important work as per the stakeholder’s career plan • Do SWOT analysis and then proceed accordingly by evaluating the options • Give it as a case study in competitions and let others solve it • Ask a professional consultant for help Modifying: • Discuss with peers on the issues and difficulties being faced along with the faculties of the college • Make a tracker on the progress of the work done to better track and know what is the overall status • Make graphs using pivot tables and do analysis- to know and measure the overall status of the work done
  6. 6. How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem? • Follow your heart • Do what you remember and you know • Do not care about what is left • Do whatever first comes to mind or you see at first • Follow whatever is being told to him • Do not apply much analysis • Ask his parents to do some part of it (or may be even all of it) i.e. ask the boss at the office to do some of the work by himself or give to others • Give excuses for the work not done (submissions) • Be absent – take a leave from office- pretend to be sick and get rid of some of the work
  7. 7. How would you solve the problem if you had an unlimited budget? • Recruit people to do the work and pay them accordingly • Announce it as a competition wherein people will send their solutions and would be rewarded suitably • Have a chartered personal flight between the college and the hostel and the office • Have the office shifted right in the house of the stakeholder • May be take a break from the work to concentrate on studies first • Take a pause or an exit from the course studies, and continue after some time • Take help/tips/guidance from the people who have been there and done that and pay them for their services
  8. 8. How would you solve the problem without spending any money? • Use free tools available online • Take help from colleagues and classmates as a friend • Search for a possible solution online • Use previous knowledge and skills to manage the situation of time crunch • Read blogs (free) online discussing about the same issue
  9. 9. How would you solve this problem if you had control over the laws of nature? • Using teleportation: a person can be present in the office after the college lecture in no time • Using time travel: when in a problem, one can go back in time or in future to better judge the situation- this will help in prioritizing the work in a better way • Multiple presence: one can be present at multiple places simultaneously, thus solving the problem of time between the studies and work • Supernatural intelligence: one can skip the lectures and work instead and the next time he goes to the college, he can know and understand whatever happened in all previous lectures just by looking at the professor and accessing his brain memory • Have a flying car- making transport for him a no problem from the traffic and even a fun thing (as an entertainment), thrilling basically, so when he lands he can be charged up and concentrate • Super abilities: is superefficient and can complete the work at hand in < 1/10 of the time required • Transparency: View and attend all the lectures from the office itself and vice versa • Invisibility: complete the office work in the college, during a boring lecture (lets say) and all this even without getting noticed • Do some unnatural activity so that the college or the office shuts down or the lectures/meetings gets cancelled/postponed • Let some one else do the work for him and he doesn’t get caught- using hypnotizing/face change and voice modulation Note: Total No. of ideas presented: 50+
  10. 10. Step 2 - Idea Selection
  11. 11. Idea Selection • The most practical idea: Use calendars and to do list to keep a track of meetings in the office and assignments in the college and prioritize the work accordingly. • The most disruptive idea: Do what you remember and do not care about what is left- This way some will get completed with good results and some will just not complete or will have low quality • My favorite idea: One can be present at multiple places simultaneously, thus solving the problem of time between the studies and work