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Meeting the needs of children and families 2

Meeting the needs of children and families 2






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  • Every child is different and the symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome depends on how the child was shaken. Many children with SBS show signs of Cognitive delays, delays in motor skills and speech delays. There are more serious complications in having SBS such as having a damaged spinal cord, bone fractures or even death in some cases. Newborns to one year are often at greater risk to suffer from SBS because their heads are larger than their body which makes it harder for the body to support the head when being shook. Also, their skulls are soft and still developing and blood vessels that run through the brain can rupture. In recent Canadian studies it is shown that 19% of babies had died from SBS, 59% has neurological, visual impairment problems and only 22% appear to be well when they are discharged after being checked by a Doctor for SBS.
  • The crying of a child can sometimes lead to a lot of frustration and being exhausted in parents/caregivers. This in turn leads to some of the caregivers or parents to react in violent ways when they cannot get a baby to stop crying. The website above gives parents ways of relieving stress and encouraging parents and caregivers to not do this because many people when they are shaking a child don’t realize the damage they can do. There are tips given on the website about techniques parents can use to try and calm their babies down. Some of those techniques are rubbing their back, gentle rocking, giving them a pacifier, singing/talking, taking them for a ride in the car or walk . Sometimes the child can go days before the parents actually notice that something is wrong with their child. The website lets people know the legal consequences if someone has done this specific form of abuse.
  • Full Scenario about Adele.-Adele is a 3 year old girl that acquired brain injury. When Adele was 15 months old her babysitter got angry at her crying and shook her, leaving her with Shaken Baby Syndrome. Adele’s mom lost custody of Adele for a period of time and went into rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. Adele’s mom is now clean and sober and has recently regained custody of Adele. They have moved to the Toronto area for a fresh start. Adele’s mom is a full time student at Centennial College and has asked for advice about services in the Toronto area. Adele has difficulty with gross and fine motor skills and shows some speech and cognitive delays.
  • Gross Motor Skills Inside the classroom: Things I can do to help Adele is to reduce the clutter in the classroom by having shelves, tables and materials spaced out around the classroom and at children’s level. The walk ways should be clear and free for children to walk therefore this can benefit all the children not just Adele. I will have materials that are easily accessible to all the children. In the classroom I can conducr group activities such as freeze dance to have interaction with other children. Gross Motor Skills outdoor play:I will have lots of gross motor skill materials available such as bikes that have a handle at the back for a teacher to help the child peddle and steer. Also balls and hockey sticks where all the children can have access to these items. With the bike that will give me time alone with Adele to help her and scaffold her to control and learn to ride a bike. Before the children go off and start their outdoor play as a group we can do stretches and warm ups.Also provide extra help for Adele in meeting her gross motor skills, so working with her alone and helping her climb the playground or using the materials I set out for outdoor plays. Go on nature walks.I will have group interaction games such as duck duck goose or hide in go seek. Fine motor skills inside the classroom: I will stabilize toys by putting placemats on tables. Toys used on the ground I will have bins and trays available to put small toys in that can also rollsuch as beads, cars and blocks. To enlarge items such as writing materials I can use a sponge or playdoh to use to grasp. I can also have printed letters that can help Adele and other children trace over the letters and have a one on one with helping her do hand over hand prompt or even a modeling prompt. With beads I will have pipe cleaners to string the beads to make it easier. With puzzles and blocks I will have knobs glued onto them so that it’s easier to pick up and place in the appropriate spot. Reading materials I will have a variety of non sensory books and sensory books with easy to turn pages.
  • Cognitive and Speech DelaysI will have circle time everyday at a specific time asking questions about the weather and go around the circle asking the children what they did on the weekend, also giving the right to pass. I will have time to read a book one on one to Adele and the children before bedtime. To have more one on one time with Adele I will have cards with the alphabet letters on them which I will use it as a visual prompt. For example,I will hold up the letter A and tell her that it’s the first letter of her name. Then I will say “can you say A”. I will do these sessions everyday for 10 minutes at the same time.  
  • Discovering Abilities have a variety of areas that they cover such as Gross and fine motor skills. As well as fine motor intervention and sensory processing assessment.To improve gross motor skills they work on co-ordination and balance (throwing, catching a ball, running, balancing on a foot and many more).They offer an employee benefit package that provides coverage for services required. You do not have to pay out of your own pocket but you must look into your insurance provider to inquire the information about the coverage.Fee for initial occupational therapy assessment is $120Occupational therapy assessment is $100They have consultations that help address difficulties at home and at school. When you make a consultation for the first time it’s free. Treatment sessions are 45 minutes and 5-15 minutes of discussion with parents.They encourage self help skills such as feeding, getting dressed and toileting.The information learned about children to establish and support evidence based practice. Provision of in school consultations to parents/teachersThey offer services to everyone but they would prefer people who have a full time or part time job. They are flexible in work hours and with additional options needed.They have services offered week days, weekends and preliminary after school.They will come to you with no charge.They have information about their staff, their educational backgroundThey have no group services.They are members of Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists of Canadian Association They do not do referrals Contact information-ot@discoveringabilities.comTel: 416 587 3921 They provide services in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Markham, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York and the Durham Region.
  • Hands and Skills for Children offer ways of improving gross and fine motor skills. They also offer self help skills, workshops for parents, gymnastics skills to help focus on exercises and gross motor skills. To help with fine motor skills they have a program called printing program this program includes many areas such as writing skills, tracing, drawing, typing and cursive writing. They have parental workshops teaching parents ways to help their children with the developmental areas they need help in.They strive to find the root cause of a delay in motor skills development. To determine how much help your child needs in the motor skill development they do an assessment and a Occupational Therapist will establish a fun program for your child to improve their motor skills. This agency provides many other skills they are level 1 certified in trained Therapists. The website has information listed about the history of every therapist and what they specialize in. They have group sessions- Group sessions are $400 for 8 sessionsIndividual sessions-Fine Motor Skills assessment $185 and it includes assessment, summary report and review results with parents.Individual sessions are 45-minute in duration For outside time of the center parents must pay and the costs include travel time. They have many community resources available, there are lots of places you can be referred to for help. Every form you need whether it’s to register or ask for a referral its right on the website, you can fill it out and send it. There is no additional resources available it will be announced soon. There contact information is 647-236-4263,email is lizette@handskillsforchildren.com and they are located at 658 Danforth Suite 412 Toronto, ON M4J 5B9Main intersection: Pape & Danforth.
  • Their special focus on speech delay is that they work on verbs, adverbs, nouns, syntax and tenses. They say that many children struggle with speech delay because they have trouble placing their tongues in the right spot and using their voice box correctly. Their therapy is learned through fun and play, they use technology such as computers, and iPads so that children can get a more rewarding experience and its more helpful with the speech development.Speech Therapy offer a variety of services that they focus on such as stuttering, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Speech Delay, Language Delay, Acquired Brain Injury, Children’s Literacy, ABA therapy, LSVT therapy and psychology. They describe each area and they define the Delays.They have developmental milestones starting from 12 months to 5 years old.There is something called a Medicard it makes financing options easy with fixed monthly payment plans, ranging from 6 months to 5 years old.Their programs are covered by most private and corporate insurance plans. One on One sessions are 45-60 minutes.Summer classes are offered in Richmond Hill from ages 4 to 5, it is a Pre-Literacy group with lots of reading opportunities and fun ways of interacting with others.They offer customized payment plans that work for family budgets. They have referred partners such as The Kids Clinic, Sunshine Learning Center, Brain Injury Association of Toronto, and Brain Injury Association of York.They give information about their staff and why they enjoy being a Speech Pathologist.Free parent workshops where it’s a hands on approach to learning new ways to help improve their child’s speech.They have locations in Toronto, Mississauga, and Whitby. They operate weekdays and weekends.Contact Information-Toronto 1896 Avenue Rd., Suite 201Toronto, ONM6M 2K9Tel: 905.886.5941Fax: 905.886.2362info@speechtherapycentres.com
  • Picturehttp://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=660&q=what+does+a+child+look+like+that+has+shaken+baby+syndrome&oq=what+does+a+child+look+like+that+has+shaken+baby+syndrome&gs_l=img.3...45827.54459.0.54584. on Shaken Baby Syndrome ://www.cdc.gov/concussion/pdf/preventing_sbs_508-a.pdfhttp://www.cpha.ca/uploads/policy/sbs_e.pdfPicturehttp://discoveringabilities.com/index.html

Meeting the needs of children and families 2 Meeting the needs of children and families 2 Presentation Transcript

  •  Injury to brain caused by being shaken repeatedly causingswelling of the brain, detached retina and internal bleeding. SBS IS A FORM OF CHILD ABUSE Signs of a baby with Shaken BabySyndrome can vary. Here are just a fewsymptoms: Vomiting, Breathing Difficulties seizures uncontrollable crying Pale blue skin, Lethargic eyes and many more signs.
  •  The number one reason that a child can get SBS is because oftheir parents and caregivers having stress in their lives. There are organizations that provides Parents and Caregiversof ways they can cope with stress of having a baby. Here is an organization://www.cdc.gov/concussion/pdf/preventing_sbs_508-a.pdf This website gives information about causes, signs andsymptoms of SBS. Also consequences of what can happen to a child if shaken.
  • •Adele is 3 years old that acquired brain injury.•When she was 15 months old she got Shaken BabySyndrome.•Adele’s mom lost custody due to alcohol and drug abuse.Her mom recently regained custody and they moved to theToronto area for a fresh start.•Her mom is a full time student at Centennial College andhas asked about services in the Toronto area.•Adele has trouble with gross and fine motor skills, she alsodisplays some speech and cognitive delays.
  •  Labelled items with pictures on shelves and bins. Circle time Use Visual Prompts
  •  Variety of Occupational Therapy. Individual Treatments and home programming. Offer employee benefit packages-fee Supports ages 2-16 years of age. Flexible hours of services. Services are offered week days and weekends. http://discoveringabilities.com/index.html
  •  Occupational Therapy- Private Practice. They offer support for fine/gross motor skills also many otherself help skills. They refer parents to Speech and Language Pathologists. Offer services at center, home and in school. You can pay as you go by cash or check. You have to pay forindividual time outside of center. Supports ages 0-18 years of age. http://www.handskillsforchildren.com/
  •  Focus on a variety of different developmental areas. They offer speech therapy to ages 12 months to 5 years. Fixed monthly pay schedules. One on one, pair sessions and group sessions. Summer Classes http://www.speechtherapycentres.com/
  •  Agencies http://discoveringabilities.com/services.html http://www.handskillsforchildren.com/ http://www.speechtherapycentres.com/ Information from Chris’s Scenerio#13 Adele