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Log template assignment 3
Log template assignment 3
Log template assignment 3
Log template assignment 3
Log template assignment 3
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Log template assignment 3


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  • 1. 1REFLECTIVE PRACTICE GUIDANCE LOGSDATE:Monday April2nd2012Guidance Strategy Used: Direct Guidance,redirect guidance.OBSERVATION(Observe, identify the problem, examine the context of the problem)On Monday April 2nd2012 there was a boy named Paul who was and girl named Alexandra who waswere playing on the alphabet carpet. Alexandra was playing with a shaker and Paul was chewing on astring from a musical toy caterpillar. Paul heard the sound of Alexandra toy so he turned around andtried to crawl over, he then looked at Alexandra and babbled with her. Alexandra reached over to Paulface and grabbed his cheeks then tried grabbing his hair. Paul then did the same he reached to overto Alexandra hair and grabbed it. I was sitting there with the two children so I had to make a decisionto resolve this conflict.DECISION(Choose a guidance strategy from this course that fits with the problem. Clearly state why thechosen strategy is appropriate for this child/situation)The guidance strategy I used was direct guidance by saying to the children “gentle touching” and thatdid not work so I physically removed Paul from beside me where he could reach Alexandra and Iplaced him in front of me by my lower legs. The reason I used this guidance strategy is because of theage of the infants if I say “gentle touching to them they will stop and look at me but then after theywill continue to pull on one another.ECEP 211Log template 11F
  • 2. 2ACTIONS(Clearly discuss your actions, the child’s response and the results of the guidance strategy)The direct guidance strategy that I used was I had to physically reach over to my left and move Paulto the bottom in between my legs where he could sit so he could not reach Alexandra. I gave Paulback the musical toy he was playing with before and that was used as a redirecting strategy. AfterAlexandra wanted the toy as well because she heard the toy so I got a rattle and shook it then sung asong to Alexandra and moved my legs up and down with Alexandra on it, that again was used asredirecting and Alexandra seemed to enjoy this play.
  • 3. 3Reflect(Specify what went well. Are there some things that you need to change? Why?STRENGTHSThe strategies that I used which was direct and redirect guidance had worked but when I hadredirected Paul with the same musical toy he had before. He then crawled over and tried to pull onAlexandra hair but the redirecting it had worked for Paul as he was interested in his toy again but thenAlexandra had gotten interested in the same toy and had stopped playing with the shaker she had.NEEDSNext time I would pay more attention to what Paul wanted for example Paul wanted the same shakerthat Alexandra had and because he couldn’t get it they both started to grab each other and pull eachother hair. I would substitute and give Paul a shaker like Alexandra and try that first rather thanphysically removing him.
  • 4. 4ChangesA change I would make to my guidance strategies would be instead of physically removingPaul I would have tried to redirect him where he was sitting and not move him. The way Iwould go about doing that would be singing to both him and Alexandra in the same place andinvolve them with a book or shaking rattles.Dear Supervising Teacher: Please read and review each guidance log. For each log, pleaseselect the appropriate box below.O This log is based on your observations of the student’s actual in practice.O This log is somewhat accurate.O This log is not accurate. Please explain:________________________________Agency Name: _______________________________________Agency Phone number: ________________________________ECE name and signature: _______________________________ Date: __________Thank you.
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