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Log template assignment 2

  1. 1. 1REFLECTIVE PRACTICE GUIDANCE LOGSDATE:Monday March 5th2012Guidance Strategy Used: Direct Guidance,redirect guidance, and positive verbal guidanceOBSERVATION(Observe, identify the problem, examine the context of the problem)On Monday March 5th2012 a child named Pauline who was 17 months old was climbing on a bluechair. I felt as if maybe the child was climbing a chair because she wanted attention.Couple weeks before I noticed that Pauline would follow her peer because Pauline would see her peerstanding on the chair and then Pauline would follow her peer onto the chair and they would bothstand on it.DECISION(Choose a guidance strategy from this course that fits with the problem. Clearly state why thechosen strategy is appropriate for this child/situation)I did physical guidance by physically removing the child to an appropriate area. At first I triedredirecting the child by talking about a doll and asking her if she wanted to play baby, she played withthe baby for five minutes and then returned back to climbing the blue chair.ECEP 211Log template 11F
  2. 2. 2ACTIONS(Clearly discuss your actions, the child’s response and the results of the guidance strategy)When I tried to redirect the child at first before physically removing her, my redirecting strategy didnot work because when I tried to engage the child in playing with the dolls she took to the idea forfive minutes and then went back to climbing the blue chair. After I tried positive verbal guidance bytelling the child that she will fall and hurt herself, if she climbed the blue chair so I asked her nicely toget down from the blue chair please. When I asked nicely to get down the child just shook her headand said“No”. The child actually did fall and hit her forehead on the book shelf beside the blue chair. So after Ihad tophysically remove the child she did not like it, she just screamed and ran back to the chair. Aftertrying it was snack time and the ECE called the child for a snack and snack time redirected the childaway from the chair.
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  4. 4. 4Reflect(Specify what went well. Are there some things that you need to change? Why?STRENGTHSThe strategies I used were direct and redirecting guidance both of which did not work well. Theredirecting worked for a short while and then the child returned to climbing the blue chair. After I triedmaking changes and transition from direct guidance to redirect guidance by telling the child that if shedoesn’t stop climbing she can fall and hurt herself which didn’t work either. What I did notice is thatwhen I had physically removed the child, she ran back to the couch and got a bit upset leading her tothrow herself on the ground then got back up and went to the chair and laughed while l looked at her.The child was expressing a feisty temperament: The child stubbornly resisted change when I wantedto her to stop climbing the couch.NEEDSNext time I would look at what the child needs which is that the child wanted attention. Instead oftrying to redirect the child I could physically engaged myself into playing with the child for example Icould have put music on to dance with the child and engage her that way.
  5. 5. 5ChangesA change I would make is to handle the situation a little different by redirecting the child alittle more by engaging the child in a play a little longer. Because I redirected the child beforewith the doll but then I had left her to play with the doll, instead of doing so next time Iwould sit with the child and keep her interested in the play.-It was close to lunch time so for next time I would give the child a choice on if she wants tosit and have lunch or play instead of climbing a chair.Dear Supervising Teacher: Please read and review each guidance log. For each log, pleaseselect the appropriate box below.O This log is based on your observations of the student’s actual in practice.O This log is somewhat accurate.O This log is not accurate. Please explain:________________________________Agency Name: _______________________________________Agency Phone number: ________________________________ECE name and signature: _______________________________ Date: __________Thank you.
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