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Xmss ict lesson template phansiuling2010

  1. 1. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning SUBJECT AREA: GRADE LEVEL: 1HCL Name of Teacher: Phan Siu Ling LESSON TITLE:《星空下的约会》 TIME ALLOTTED:2 小时 LESSON DESCRIPTION: (Write a concise description of what occurs in this lesson.) In this lesson, the students…. 课型:口语技能训练 *身份:电台 DJ 或主播。 *任务: 1 通过感性的声音,和听众分享一个有所启发性的故事。 2 故事诉说完毕,会有主播与听众互动的时间。 教学目标: *学生能够在生活中,张开触角,发现感人的元素,并说出故事带来的启发性。 *学生能够以主播的身份,以流畅的声音和感情,向听众说故事,并与听众交流和互动。 *学生能够通过 goggle app,给予主播反馈与建议。 CLASSROOM LAYOUT AND GROUPING OF STUDENTS: (Where will the learning take place? How will the room be organized with the computers? How will the students be grouped (class group, individuals, pairs, small groups, etc…) 建议:进行《星空下的约会》,可以在特别的课室进行如 XINNOVATE,则效果更佳。同时,也建议到电脑室去做问卷调查。 INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: (Identification of the specific learning outcomes expected to happen based on Competency Standards.) a b c d Creativity & Innovation □ □ □ □ Communication & Collaboration □ □ Research and Fluency □ □ □ □ Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making □ □ □ □ Digital Citizenship □ □ Technology Operations and Concepts □ □
  2. 2. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning MATERIALS, RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY: 1. Materials and Resources for this Lesson (special devices) Technology Components for this Lesson *Vacaroo :录音工具(http://vocaroo.com/) *Google App 1 Site:制作学习网页 2 Form:问卷调查 3 Slideshare: 2. Web Site for this Lesson *http://sites.google.com/a/xinminss.edu.sg/chickensoup/ (与潘主播有约) *http://sites.google.com/a/xinminss.edu.sg/chickensoup/home/hongqijian105 (与洪主播有约) 3. Computer Software for this Lesson STUDENT’S PRESENT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND KNOWLEDGE: ( Do the students have the adequate knowledge to complete the lesson successfully? What pre-requisite skills must the students have to complete the lesson content? Include technology skills.) *学生能够在生活中,张开触角,发现感人的元素,并说出故事带来的启发性。 *学生能够以主播的身份,以流畅的声音和感情,向听众说故事,并与听众交流和互动。 *学生懂得利用 Vacaroo 来进行录音。 *学生懂得利用 Google App 来进行网页设计和利用 form 来作问卷调查。 *学生懂得利用 form 来收集资料。
  3. 3. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES: 1. Motivation: Explain the importance of the lesson to motivate the student. Relate lesson to previous lesson or real-life situation. 与潘老师在星空下的约会,一起享受心灵的鸡汤 *潘老师和学生分享林浩的故事,说明这个故事带给她的启发。 2. Activities: (The sequential activities to happen in this lesson. It describes the teaching method to employ in learning the lesson.) 学生 DJ 与老师和同学们在星空下的约会,享受心灵的鸡汤 3. Closure: Summary of the lesson and future lesson. 教师总结这堂课,布置作业 *教师总结学生在两方面的表现。1.DJ 的角色 2.他说的故事是否具有启发性? *教室布置作业:1 请学生上网,到 goggle app 去点评当天 DJ 的表现,优缺点? 2此外,学生也要在网上写出对DJ所分享的故事的看法。
  4. 4. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Additional activities to expand the lesson 2. Remediation activities for the student needing more instruction and practices 3. Assignments ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: How will you measure the student’s success? Formally or informally? Formal evaluation of student work requires that a grade is taken while informal might be monitoring of work, or class discussion. This section should contain a description of the assessment process, the criteria for achievement, and performance levels. The criteria should directly align to objectives and instruction. Describe your plan for providing feedback to your students. 通过以下两个评估的方式: 1.老师评估:分数比重如下 分数比重:总分 40 分 1 内容 Content (5 分) 2 故事的启发性 Inspirational value(10 分) 3 语言表达 Language and Expression(语音 5 分/语调 5 分)(共 10 分) 4 呈现的声量 Clarity & Volume(5 分) 5 互动 Interaction with audience(5 分) 6 创意 Creativity and Ability to evoke interest(5 分) 2.同学彼此评估:通过 Google Apple 的 form 的问卷调查,给予同学当主播的良性建议,并说出对故事 带给他的 启发。 请参考网页 : http://sites.google.com/a/xinminss.edu.sg/chickensoup/evaluationform
  5. 5. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning STUDENT PRODUCTS: What artifact(s) or products will result from the lesson? (such as a report, newsletter, diagram, slideshow, drawing, etc.) 学生会设计自己主播的网页及上网做问卷调查给予主播反馈。