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    Xmss  ict lesson template (clement) Xmss ict lesson template (clement) Document Transcript

    • XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 SUBJECT AREA: GRADE LEVEL: Secondary 3 Express Name of Teacher: Clement Tan LESSON TITLE: Singapore’s Population Forum TIME ALLOTTED: 1 hour Hand in Hand: LESSON DESCRIPTION: (Write a concise description of what occurs in this lesson.) The students are brought to a computer lab to participate in an online forum to discuss about Singapore’s challenges regarding population growth. They will then embark on a read up on case studies of Scandinavian countries which have successfully increased their birth rates. Then they will do a reflection on the questions assigned to them: 1. “Looking at the trend from 1970s-2008, what problems do u foresee in Singapore's population demographics in 10 years' time if nothing changes?” 2. "How can Singaporeans be encouraged to marry earlier and have babies?" They will post their reflections on a class blog to allow fellow students to read them. CLASSROOM LAYOUT AND GROUPING OF STUDENTS: (Where will the learning take place? How will the room be organized with the computers? How will the students be grouped (class group, individuals, pairs, small groups, etc…) It will be in the computer lab. Students will be doing the assignments in pairs.
    • XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: (Identification of the specific learning outcomes expected to happen based on Competency Standards.) a b c d Creativity & Innovation □ □ □ □ Communication & Collaboration □ □ □ □ Research and Fluency □ □ □ □ Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making □ □ □
    • Digital Citizenship XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 MATERIALS, RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY: 1. Materials and Resources for this Lesson (special devices) Technology Components for this Lesson Computers and internet connection 2. Web Site for this Lesson http://www.singstat.gov.sg/stats/themes/people/popnindicators.pdf http://www.nationmaster.com/country/sn-singapore/Age-_distribution http://www.asiaone.com/Health/NEWS/Story/AlStory20080711-76138.html 3. Computer Software for this Lesson STUDENT’S PRESENT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND KNOWLEDGE: ( Do the students have the adequate knowledge to complete the lesson successfully? What pre-requisite skills must the students have to complete the lesson content? Include technology skills.) The 2 pre-requisites needed are: 1. BE able to do google search 2. Post reflections on blog
    • XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES: 1. Motivation: Explain the importance of the lesson to motivate the student. Relate lesson to previous lesson or real-life situation. 2. Activities: (The sequential activities to happen in this lesson. It describes the teaching method to employ in learning the lesson.) 3. Closure: Summary of the lesson and future lesson. SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Additional activities to expand the lesson 2. Remediation activities for the student needing more instruction and practices 3. Assignments
    • XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: How will you measure the student’s success? Formally or informally? Formal evaluation of student work requires that a grade is taken while informal might be monitoring of work, or class discussion. This section should contain a description of the assessment process, the criteria for achievement, and performance levels. The criteria should directly align to objectives and instruction. Describe your plan for providing feedback to your students. I will measure it by two ways: 1. Lesson discussion: There will be Q & A sessions and discussions going on during the lesson itself, thus student’s participation will be a bonus to his or her success 2. Quality of reflection posed on the blog, whether the reflection showcases the level of in depth thinking of the student
    • XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning 2010 STUDENT PRODUCTS: What artifact(s) or products will result from the lesson? (such as a report, newsletter, diagram, slideshow, drawing, etc.) The blog that consists of the students’ reflections