Xmss ict lesson ( susan)


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Xmss ict lesson ( susan)

  1. 1. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning SUBJECT AREA: Mathematics GRADE LEVEL: Sec 3 NA Name of Teacher: Mrs Susan Ng LESSON TITLE: TIME ALLOTTED: Coordinate Geometry : Equations of straight lines 1 hour LESSON DESCRIPTION: (Write a concise description of what occurs in this lesson.) In this lesson, the students will learn how to express the equation of a straight line in the gradient-intercept form ( y = mx + c, where m – gradient and c – y-intercept. ) CLASSROOM LAYOUT AND GROUPING OF STUDENTS: (Where will the learning take place? How will the room be organized with the computers? How will the students be grouped (class group, individuals, pairs, small groups, etc…) Students will work individually in the computer lab. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: (Identification of the specific learning outcomes expected to happen based on Competency Standards.) Students will learn the concept of slope and y-intercept of a straight line through operating in an interactive media environment. Under the competency standards: Creativity and Innovation: a) apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products or processes Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making: b) plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete project Digital Citizenship b) exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning and productivity Technology Operations and Concepts: a) understand and use technology systems a B c D Creativity & Innovation □ □ □ □ Communication & Collaboration □ □ □ □ Research and Fluency □ □ □ □ Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making □ □ □ □ Digital Citizenship □ □ □ □ Technology Operations and Concepts □ □ □ □
  2. 2. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning MATERIALS, RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY: 1. Materials and Resources for this Lesson (special devices) Technology Components for this Lesson Computer with internet access 2. Web Site for this Lesson http://hotmath.com/help/gt/genericalg1/section_2_4.html http://hotmath.com/help/gt/genericalg1/section_2_5.html 3. Computer Software for this Lesson Javascript Flashmedia STUDENT’S PRESENT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE AND KNOWLEDGE: ( Do the students have the adequate knowledge to complete the lesson successfully? What pre-requisite skills must the students have to complete the lesson content? Include technology skills.) Previous Knowledge: Students are able to - read coordinates as well as plot the coordinates on a Cartesian plane. - find the gradient of a straight line given two points on the line Basic internet surfing skills
  3. 3. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES: 1. Motivation: Concept of points, slope and equation of straight line in coordinate Geometry have always been abstract and difficult for the lower ability students. Through the use of interactive math games, students will be able to handle the concepts more confidently. Moreover, the fun element in the math games took away the ‘dryness’ of the concepts. 2. Activities: (The sequential activities to happen in this lesson. It describes the teaching method to employ in learning the lesson.) 10 mins : Recap on concept of gradient and how to calculate it. http://hotmath.com/help/gt/genericalg1/section_2_4.html -direct student to the URL 20 mins : Students will be introduced the linear equation y = mx + c With the help of the Spreadsheet ( Exploring m and c ), the students will complete Worksheet 1. 10 mins : Students to share observations made and deduce the meaning of ‘m’ and ‘c’. 15 mins : Students to consolidate what have been learnt. http://hotmath.com/help/gt/genericalg1/section_2_5.html 3. Closure: 5 mins : Teacher to close lesson by reinforcing that the meaning of m and c in the equation Teacher will also inform class that students will learn how to find equation of a straight line using the point-gradient method in the next lesson. SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Additional activities to expand the lesson 2. Remediation activities for the student needing more instruction and practices 3. Assignments Students will be told to prepare for a Quick Check for the next lessons Students will also be attempting a online Quiz administered through ACE-learning platform. Additional websites for them to consolidate their concepts will also be given: Plotting points with Graph Mole ( 3 levels) http://funbasedlearning.com/algebra/graphing/default.htm Video to reinforce concept of y-intercept http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbmpLDsnzv4&feature=player_embedded
  4. 4. XMSS LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE: Using ICT in Teaching and Learning ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION: How will you measure the student’s success? Formally or informally? Formal evaluation of student work requires that a grade is taken while informal might be monitoring of work, or class discussion. This section should contain a description of the assessment process, the criteria for achievement, and performance levels. The criteria should directly align to objectives and instruction. Describe your plan for providing feedback to your students. A Quick Check on student’s understanding of points, gradient, distance and meaning of m and c will be given before the start of the next lesson (final lesson of the unit) – this will allow the teacher to make assessment on what to reinforce when teaching the last segment. A Quiz will be administered using the ACE-Learning platform to test the mastery level of the students. A formal assessment will be also be given to test students’ understanding of the whole topic. STUDENT PRODUCTS: What artifact(s) or products will result from the lesson? (such as a report, newsletter, diagram, slideshow, drawing, etc.) NA